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Quarterly Magazine from United States

- First and last issue: 2002-
- Christian filmmakers making Christian films.
- ''Various articles on filmmaking, writing, getting started in Christian filmmaking, how certain SFX (special effects) shots were accomplished, etc.''
- Editor: John Martin.
- Online issues only from #38.
- Website: christianfilmworksmag.com/

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23 December 2016

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Issue 52
Fall 2016

Issue 51
Summer 2015

Issue 50
Spring 2015

Issue 49
Fall 2014

Issue 48
Summer 2014

Issue 47
Spring 2014

Issue 46
Winter 2014

Issue 45
Fall 2013

Issue 44
Summer 2013

Issue 43
Spring 2013

Issue 42
Winter 2013

Issue 41
Fall 2012

Issue 40
Summer 2012

Issue 39
Spring 2012

Issue 38
Winter 2012

Issue 37
Spring 2011
Final printed issue.

Special #1: THE CALLING
Special issue #1 featuring behind the scenes on THE CALLING.

Issue 36
Dec./January/February 2011
Films that deal with lust, porn and the redemption that follows.


Issue 35
September/October/November 2010
Read how Tendershoot films produced two Biblical movies, ESTHER and Samson. Also in this issue are our regular columns: "Makin it Happen" and "Classic Christian Movies". All this and more.

Issue 34
June/July/August 2010
A special music themed issue containing articles on the following movies: SUNDAY SCHOOL MUSICAL, THE MUSIC BOX and SONG MAN. Also in this issue are our regular columns: "Makin it Happen" and "Classic Christian Movies".

Issue 33
March/April/May 2010

Issue 32
Dec./January/February 2010

Issue 31
September/October/November 2009
"The Vision"
"Club God" 

Issue 30
June/July/August 2009
Civil War issue:
"Warriors of Honor"
"Loving the Enemy"
"The Call of Courage"
"Christ in the Camp" 

Issue 29
March/April/May 2009
"Wait Your Turn"
"The Stopping Place"
"Dancing With Angels"

Issue 28
Dec./January/February 2009
"M 10.28"
"The Challenge of filming a documentary in Chins"

Issue 27
September/October/November 2008
Meet Jimmy Broyden
The films of Jeremy Waterbury
"God Help Me"
Broken Yoke music video: CANNONBALL

Issue 26
June/July/August 2008
"Stuck in the Past"
"The Impatient Exorcist"
"The Pursuit"
Gulf Coast Association of Christian filmmakers 

Issue 25
March/April/May 2008
Some of the best kept secrets are Christian short films on YouTube:
"My Private War"
"Making Choices"
"Loving the Enemy" 

Issue 24
Dec./January/February 2008
Films based on Jack Chick comic tracts

Issue 23
September/October/November 2007
Special sports issue:
"Crunch Time"
"Hometown Legend"
"Lay it Down"
"Facing the Giants"

Issue 22
June/July/August 2007
"Beating the Bunny"
"Squad 77"
"A Hope in Hell"

Issue 21
March/April/May 2007
"Sarah's Hope"
"Behind the Walls"
"Holy Mountain"

Issue 20
Dec./January/February 2007
Sci-Fi Special:
"Raiders of Time"
"Time Changer"
"Missionaries to the Stars"

Issue 19
September/October/November 2006
"The Perfect Stranger"
"That's a Real Deal"
"Every Young Man's Battle"
"ASG: The Documentary"

Issue 18
June/July/August 2006
"Christ in the Camp"
"The Narrow Road"
"Just a Desert Boy"

Issue 17
March/April/May 2006
Easter Special:

"Tales From the Madhouse"
"The New Passover"
The Sobbing Stone" 

Issue 16
Dec./January/February 2006
"Wee Three Kings"
"Objects of Wrath"

Issue 15
September/October/November 2005
Super heroes and action films:
"The Christian Avengers"
"The Cardinal"
"The Ministers"

Issue 14
June/July/August 2005
Comedy special:
"Pastor Greg"
"Get Real TV"
The Gospel Blimp"

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