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- Special (sonderband) "sex" issues and other publications (booklets/books) from the German Cinema.
- "Sex im Kino/Erotik im Kino" started off as magazine-sized. From 1988 they were book-sized and then effectively annuals of erotic films. 1992 is probably the last one.
- "Sexstars" is magazine-sized.
- "Gottinnen des erotischen Films" & "Kino der Luste" had two editions and a magazine version.
- "Die Geschichte des erotischen Films" had two editions.
- Some of these film-books came out in more than one edition, sometimes adding new material, sometimes removing old material, in particular when they got into hot water with the censors. What complicates matters is that for some there were "best of" versions that came out as mags.
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- Published by Kino Verlag

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