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Sci-Fi Monthly Magazine from United States
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- First and last issue: 1994-2004
- Top class edition with a very nice layout.
- Publisher: Steve Harris, Sendai Media Group
- 84-100 coloured A4 pages.
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Issue 76
Winter 2004
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2nd cover
Batman Begins - Christian Bale spreads his wings as a young dark knight
Blade Returns - Trinity's a charm for Wesley Snipes and Jessica Biel
The secrets are out on the Fantastic Four
Elektra - Jennifer Garner spins out of the shadows
Constantine - Keanu Reeves hellblazes a new franchise

Issue 75
Spring 2004
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2nd cover
Letters - Readers mourn the loss of Angel ,, and pine for Green lantern movie
Intelligence: Sneak a peak at the new Batsmobile ...Universal's Mummy ride.. visit the haunted hospital of Boo!
Video/dvd reviews - Star Trek: voyager, Lord of the rings 3 (The return of the king), Bubba ho-tep,
Music reviews - Danny Elfman swings with the Spider-man 2 movie
Masters of horror - John Carpenter's celebrity column (musings on horror)
Books - Depriver's author tackles the movie biz - A primer on the work of Peter F. Hamilton.
Comic review - Identity Crisis (DC Comics)
Game reviews - Samurai Jack's got game with the Shadow of Aku, Driv3R, Van Helsing game
Summer films - Van Helsing (4 pages), Spider man 2 (4 pages), Alien vs. Predator (4 pages), The Chronicles of Riddick (4 pages), The Day after tomorrow (2 pages), Shrek 2 (2 pages), Sky Captain and the World of tomorrow (2 pages), I, robot (2 pages), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2 pages)(w/pictures and quotes)

Issue 74
Dec./January 2004
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2nd cover

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