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Magazine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 2002
- ''An intelligent look at films and various genres with a focus on art house, independent and foreign films as well as mainstream Hollywood.''
- ''Highlighting all the productions, projects and events that are happening within the local film community of Kent and the South-East.''
- A quarterly publication (available at independent cinemas and retail outlets across Kent.)
- Website: www.close-upfilm.com

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Issue 1
December 2002
Roman Polanski's 'The Pianist', review and interviews with its stars, Adrien Brody and Maureen Lipman, and Executive Producer,Timothy Burrill, who has also collaborated with the director on 'Macbeth' and 'Tess'.
John Malkovich talks about his debut as director on 'The Dancer Upstairs', and actor Javier Bardem speaks about working with the man, and why he was attracted to his role.
Stephen Frears and his cast, including Audrey Tautou and Chiwetel Ejiofor, talk about 'Dirty Pretty Things'.
Why is David Cronenberg obsessed with spiders and flies? With the release of Spider, a timely retrospective of his work.
Alan Denham, Chair of the Screenwriter's Workship, gives practical advice on the art and commerce of Screenwriting, plus details of Screen South's 'Dreamcatcher' programme, to identify new local writing talent.
New Film Makers In Kent talk about their work, including Nathan Crouch, whose previous work (including the romantic comedy short 'Love & Choc Ices') has attracted the talents of Brian Tufano and Stephen Frears for his next short, 'Teeth'; and Dan Bass & Andy Palmer, otherwise known as Chalkstack (www.chalkstack.com), who talk about their latest experimental short,'Blah'.
Tim Evans, a former pupil of St Edmunds, Canterbury, speaks about his Ballygowan Irish Film Festival Winner, 'Tiredness Can Kill', and his new feature, 'Loving Your Company'.
A look at the Cinemas across the region.
An overview of the Raindance Film Festival.

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