aka "Continental Film and Video Review"
Reflecting Today's Cinema
Adult Monthly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1952
- "UK-based 'international' film magazine which purported to be a somewhat serious film journal devoted to foreign films, but which in its later years focused rather more on pruriently on the scantily-clad and often nude young actresses which peopled films of the era."
- There was also published a US-priced edition which was exactly the same as the UK-counterpart except that it was dated a month later and was priced at 35 or 50 cents rather than 1/6.
- Published by Eurap Publishing Co. Ltd

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Issue 122
December 1962

Issue 121
November 1962
cover picture Rossellini's Vanina starring Sandra Milo, Laurent terzieff & Martine Carol
Packed with pictures & reviews of the films & stars of the day. Other films and stars in this issue include
Vivre Sa Vie Anna Karina
Eva Jeanne Moreau
The Communicants By Ingar Bergman
Disorder Antonella Laualdi & Jean Sorel....Mamma Roma Anna Magnani
La Cuccagna Donnatella Turri
La Voglia Matta Catherine Spaak
Imperial Venus Gina Lollobrigida & Stephen Boyd
Mafioso Norma Benguel
The Leopard Claudia Cardinale
Farewell To Hong Kong Henri Serre & Antonella Lualdi
Vice And Virtue 2 page spread by the great director Vadim starring Annie Girardot, Catherine Deneuve, Phillipe Lemaire
The Crow And The Fox Anna Karina
Calendar girls are Silvia Sorrente & Evi Marandi
WAR & Peace Sergi Bondarchuck
.Ivans Childhood V. Malavina
Articles on Directors Robert Enrico & Jean-Claude Bonnardot
I Seque-Strattidi Altona Sophia Loren & Robert Wagner
A Very Private Affair Briggite Bardot
The Unexpected Jean Valerie, Anouk Aimee & Thomas Millian

Issue 120
October 1962

Issue 119
September 1962

Issue 118
August 1962

Issue 117
July 1962

Issue 116
June 1962

Issue 115
May 1962

Issue 114
April 1962

Issue 113
March 1962
cover photo of Brigitte Bardo from Henri-Georges Clouzot's film, 'La Verite', an inside cover advertisement for the film Thou Shalt Not Kill ('Banned In France! Banned In Italy! Only In Free Thinking Countries Can This Story Be Told!'). In addition to news concerning film production and reviews and previews of new films, this issue also includes an article on 'problem' picture, Last Year At Marienbad; reviews of the Bolognini-Pasolini production Day Of Sin (w/ the 'delicious' Jeanne Valerie), Kon Ichikawato's Fires On The Plain, Thou Shalt Not Kill; 'Self-Denial or Indulgence' in 'The Actor's World'; an article on Polish film and Andrzej Wajda; new French Film; the 'New' Gina Lollobrigida; the 'New' Claudia Cardinale; Italian 'Pagan' Epics; an article on the films of Satyajit Ray; a photo spread on 'Damsels in Distress' (bondage); a cheesecake shot of starlet Sophie Grimaldi; and advertisements for nudie films ('Sunswept', etc.)

Issue 112
February 1962

Issue 111
January 1962

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