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aka "Cine Club"
Monthly Magazine from Uruguay
Ceased publication

- Published by the "Departemento de publicaciones" of the "Cine Club del Uruguay".
- Was called Cine Club from 1952 to 1953.

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Issue 14
August 1967

Issue 13
December 1966
"El Joven Milos Forman", by Luis Elbert, (Pavia Martinkova, Ladislav Jakim, Hana Brejchova), 8 Pages, 1 Monochrome Photo, 11 B&W Photos. "Documentos Y Opiniones", (Alain Resnais, Robert Bresson), 3 Pages, 2 B&W Photos. "Marienbad", by Raul Gadea, 6 Pages, 9 B&W Photos. "Africa, Addio", Jacopetti Y Las Falsificaciones", by Jose Maia Podesta, 4 Pages, 1 B&W Photo; etc.

Issue 12
October 1966

Issue 10
October 1963

Issue 9
April 1963

Issue 8
January 1963

Issue 7

Issue 6
July 1962

Issue 3

Issue 1-2

Issue 17
July 1953
'-Front Cover: Scene From the Film "El Gabinete Del Dr. Caligari"
-Contents: "Tercera DimensiOn: Ensenanza De Un Nuevo Ensayo", 6 Pages. "En La Experiencia Con Los Films Primitivos. La Magia Del CinematOgrafo Escapa De Las Clasificaciones Conocidas", 2 Pages. "Archivo; Dos Primitivos De Una epoca De TransiciOn", (Alvise Sanudo), 8 Pages, 8 B&W Photos. "Un Profeta Del Arte Cinematografico", (Jean Epstein), 2 Pages, 1 B&W Photo

Issue 16
December 1952

Issue 15
November 1952
Contents: "Cine Independiente Y Experimental En Venecia", 7 Pages, 4 B&W Photos. "Historia, El Neo-Realismo Italiano", (Luchino Visconti, Rossellini, Vittorio De Sica), 5 Pages, 5 B&W Photos. "Algunos Caracteres Del Reciente Cine Italiano", (Luchino Visconti, Renato Castellani, Ana Magnani, Vittorio De Sica), 7 Pages, 5 B&W Photos. "Realizadores, Mario Camerini"

Issue 14
October 1952

Issue 13
June 1952

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