Classic Monsters, Horror Quarterly Magazine from Los Angeles ,United States
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- First and last issue: 1990-2005
- Dedicated to forgotten films
- From Lugosi to Godzilla.
- Editor: Michael Copner
- Sceduled as a quarterly publication. 92 black and white A4 pages.
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Issue 20
Hercules and Beyond by Mario Saltarelli.
Vanishing Point Revisited by Ronald Dale Garmon.
Harry Langdon: The Rest of the Story by Rudy Minger.
Boris Karloff and the Horror Ban by Tom Weaver.
New Wave Godzilla Interviews by David Milner.
It's Moe! by Lee Harris.
Buster! by Tony Mostrom.
Pat Priest: Marilyn Munster's Memoirs by Ed G. Lousararian.
Film, Video and DVD Reviews: The Blood Exorcism of Coffin Joe, At the Earth's Core, The Black Scorpion, Body Fever, Burnin' Love, Crashing Hollywood, Goliath and the Barbarians, Kindar the Invulnerable, Spider Baby.

Back cover

Issue 19
Backcover (see left) appears like a continuation of the original Spacemen magazine.

King Kong.
Ann Robinson.
Kay Parker.

Issue 18
Steve Reeves Interview by George Helmer.
The Ape Man Revisited by Buddy Barnett.
Asian Invasion: Jackie Chan by Tim Keitel.
Mexican Vampire Films by Brian Moran.
New Wave Godzilla by David Milner.
Ghost and Mr. Chicken by Steve Cox.
When Karloff was King by Michael Copner.
DeMille's Hollywood by Katherine Orrison.
Film, Video and DVD Reviews: Boom in the Moon, The Oblong Box, The Black Cat, What About Jane?, Castle of the Creeping Flesh, King of the Zombies, Space Monster, The Reptile, Zombies on Broadway, Teenage Tupelo, Tanya's Island, Whale God, The Rocketeer.

Issue 17
Sordid Stories of Annabel Chong by Jay Allen Sanford.
Anna May Wong by Buddy Barnett.
Deadlines from Korloffornia by Forrest J Ackerman.
Not Your Average Joe: Joe Dallesandro Interviewed by Michael Ferguson.
Godzilla Interviews by David Milner.
Titus Moody Interview by Michael Copner.
Horrors Unseen: Insanity and the Invisible Man by Frank Dello Stritto.
Film, Video and DVD Reviews: Bruce Lee: The Man The Myth, Hercules Against Rome, TNT Jackson, War of the Colossal Beast, Campfire Tales, Invasion of the Animal People, Delirium, The Phantom Planet.

Issue 16
The Munsters Return by Michael Copner.
On the Set of The New Munsters by Marta Dobrovitz.
Sleaze Sinema Number 2 by Todd Tjersland.
Al Adamson Tributes by Lee Harris & Fred Olen Ray.
John Agar, The Extra Mile Actor by Ed G. Lousararian.
Bela's Baby Leading Lady by Katherine Orrison.
The Samurai Film: A Neglected Genre Part Four by Chris D.
Film, Video and DVD Reviews: Voodoo Man, Cracked Nuts, I Drink Your Blood, Journey to the Seventh Planet, Hercules Against the Moon Men, Horror Holocaust, The Amazing Colossal Man, Doctor Blood's Coffin, Slugs, The Mad Monster, The Astounding She Monster.

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