Classic Monsters, Horror Quarterly Magazine from Los Angeles ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1990-2005
- Dedicated to forgotten films
- From Lugosi to Godzilla.
- Editor: Michael Copner
- Sceduled as a quarterly publication. 92 black and white A4 pages.
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Issue 28
20 Million Miles to Earth by Wayne L. Hatley.
Bram Who? by Gordon R. Guy.
I Eat Your Skin by Bryan Senn.
Gilligan's Island by Rudy Minger.
Lugosi's Maiden Voyage to America by Frank Dello Stritto and Gary Don Rhodes.
George Reeves and Speeding Bullet!
Film and Video Reviews: Samson in the Wax Museum, Branded to Kill, Gargoyle Girls, Sore Losers, I'll See You in Hell, A Bullet for Sandoval, Days of Wrath, From Dusk Till Dawn II: Texas Blood Money, The Coven, deSade, Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes.

Issue 27
Film & Video Reviews: Slapstick Encyclopedia Vol 7, Colossus The Forbin Project, Silent Running, Attack of the Supermonsters, T-Men, Final Cut, Adrenalin Fear the Rush, Things 3: Old Things, Prenilunio, Braindrainer, Beach Blanket Bango, Butterflies, Amazon Warrior, Things II, Ed Wood's Adult Classics, Lost in Space, The Strange Case of Doctor Rx.
Eran Trece: A Fox film of 1931.
Toho's Frankenstein films.
The Dracula that never ends.
Helen Chandler: Mina in Dracula 1931.
Showboat: The reissue of the 1936 version.
Frank J. Dello Stritto: Interview with a Cult Movies writer.
The Lugosi curse: Evolution of the Vampire Myth, 1927 to 1956.
Katherine Orrisson-Labby (wife of Sherman Labby-storyboard artist) writes about the Dangerous Days of Blade Runner.
Vampira on her life.
Also Stuff to Read, Obituaries, Lon Chaney, Titus Moody, underground and more.

Back cover

Issue 26
Backcover (see left) appears like a continuation of the original Spacemen magazine.

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man by John Soister.
Fleshing Out Andy Warhol's Frankenstein by Michael Ferguson.
Ray Walston Meets Bela Lugosi by Tom Weaver.
Hollywood Myths by Rudy Minger. Showmanship!
Film and Video Reviews: The Terror, Necromania, Vegas Nights, Cyber Bandits, Hideous, Six-String Samurai, Screen Kill, Mandingo, Drum, Empire of the Ants.

Issue 25
Ed Bernds Remembers the Three Stooges by Buddy Barnett and Coco Kiyonaga.
Japanese Erotica by Gino Colbert.
Vampires in Vegas by Mike Weatherford.
Sara Karloff Interviewed by David Hagan.
A Fistful of Interview: Sergio Leone's Biographer Speaks Interview by Cenk Kiral.
Abbott and Candido: The Untold Story by Joe Wallison.
The Duke Goes East: A Look at The Barbarian and the Geisha by Sachi Yamada.
Film and Video Reviews: The Return of Chandu, Plague of the Zombies, The Embalmer, The Sign of the Zombies, Race With the Devil, Blue Sunshine, Urban Legend, Teenagers Battle the Thing, Frostbiter, Mark of Dracula, Island Claws, Humanoids From the Deep, Afros, Macks and Zodiacs, Spooks Run Wild, Journey to the Beginning of Time, Ghost in the Shell.

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