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- First and last issue: 1990-2005
- Dedicated to forgotten films
- From Lugosi to Godzilla.
- Editor: Michael Copner
- Sceduled as a quarterly publication. 92 black and white A4 pages.
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Issue 40
Winter 2004
The Brody Bunch: Unforgettably Overdone, Incredibly Gruesome & Memorably Moving Death Scenes in Movies by Joe Wawrzyniak.
Verne Langdon: Off the Chain! by Michael Copner and Coco Kiyonaga.
Dracula's Coffin: The Story of Bela Lugosi's Steamer Trunk by Frank Dello Stritto.
James Warren Live! Interview by Michael Copner.
Death Collector: The Greatest Low-Budget Sci-Fi Film Nobody has Seen/Heard About/Discovered/Celebrated by Mike Malloy.
Are the Mad Scientists, Maniacs, and Madmen of Yesterday the Ancestors of Today's Terrorists? by Jan Alan Henderson.
The Naked Ape: Playboy & Universal's Lost Movie by Ken Brooks.
New Light on Dark Eyes of London Part Two by Andi Brooks and Frank Dello Stritto.
When Sci-Fi was in the Pink: An Interview with Sidney Pink by David Hayes.
Film, Video, and DVD Reviews: Return of the Vampire, The Rats are Coming The Werewolves are Here!, Ghost Ship, The Doll Squad, Rockabilly Vampire, The Ghoul.

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