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- ''An eclectic look into the bizarre world of dark film''.
- ''Exploitation from European and Asian gore-porn to British and Spanish tales of gothic castles and evil broodings. From terrifying to fun, William Castle's antics to the heroic evil-doings of Paul Naschy, American politics ala Romero's The Crazies to the dangerous erotic obsessions of Jean Rollin's and Jess Franco's, the originals, the masters, the bandwagon, opportunists are all here.''
- Co-Founders: Mark Engle & Michael Mackie.
- Website: cultcutsfilms.com

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Issue 4

Issue 3

Issue 2
Interviews with Dante Tomaselli, Paul Bunnell, Ted V. Mikels (pt. 2), Tom Savini and Stuart Gordon.
Articles on Doris Wishman, Animal Attack Films and Horror Documentaries.
Reviews: HORROR, The Bloodstained Shadow, Frailty, The Image, The Time Machine, Dr. Jekyll Vs The Werewolf, Guinea Pig films, Incubus, That Little Monster, MST3K, Requiem For A Vampire, Fascination, Short Night Of Glass Dolls, Dracula Vs Frankenstein, Ripper! Letters From Hell, Mari-Cookie & The Killer Tarantula, Virus, All The Colors Of The Dark, Battle Royale, Alucarda, Ice From The Sun, Terror Toons, Octopus 2, The Libertine, Desecration, Who Saw Her Die?, Slashers, Miranda, Stakes, Cryptz, Ragged Doll, The Crawling Brain, Short Cut Road, Townies, The Phantom Lover, Lucky, The Devil Bat, Bowery At Midnight, Zombie Doom and Time Enough: Alien Conspiracy.

Issue 1
Interviews with Ted V. Mikels, Brian Yuzna and Mike Prosser.
Articles on ILSA: She Wolf of the SS, Grind House films and The Japanese Ring series.
Reviews: Dagon, Lethal Force, Witchouse 3, Painted Skin, Naughty Stewardesses, Dark Asylum, Bloodsucking Freaks, Deeply Disturbed, Ebola Syndrome, Untold Story, Cleopatra's Second Husband, Boneyard, NOTLD, Dead & Rotting, The Hearse, The Key, Nang Nak, Arachnid, Crater Lake Monster, Epoch, Vigilante, Ax 'Em, Skinned Alive, Hell Asylum, Deadful Melody, Harvesters, Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, Session 9, Re-Animator and The Juniper Tree.

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