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Sci-Fi, Fantasy Bimonthly Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 2007-2009
- The new science fiction and fantasy-related magazine from the UK.
- Covers: Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lost, Harry Potter, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, James Bond.
- 'Interviews with the top authors, actors and directors, reviews of the latest SF & F releases across every conceivable media, round-ups and overviews of the best SF telly, plus tons of news and opinion'.
- 148 pages.
- Published by Blackfish Publishing
- Website: www.blackfishpublishing.com

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12 June 2014
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Issue 21
October/November 2009
Fans of the undead should rejoice - vampires are quite the in thing at the moment, and we've gone full-bore for TV's latest sensation, the tremendous True Blood. In fact, we interview darn near every member of the main cast, plus show creator Alan Ball himself, and there's reviews of both the first and second seasons of the show, just in time for season one appearing on Channel 4 on 4 October. Fang-tastic! (Sorry.)
We also go into cryogenic suspension and board the spaceship Elysian, as we intrepidly head behind the scenes on new SF shocker Pandorum, and talk to stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster; interview the sprawling cast of new Stargate spin-off Stargate Universe; and plonk none other than Terry Gilliam in the big chair for this issue's big Death Ray Interview.
Following that lot, we review Gilliam's own Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, District 9, Dorian Gray, G.I. Joe, Cold Souls, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a million other films, DVDs, books, comics and games.
And if all of that wasn't enough to sate your otherworldly appetites, there's a look at the Devil in science fiction in the Ten Minute Guide, interviews with Jamie Bamber, Eliza Dushku and her Dollhouse partner-in-crime Dichen Lachman in the New Gods, appreciations of Gormenghast and Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Man, and a temporal trip back in the Time Trap to 1977, the year that Star Wars, 2000 AD and Close Encounters of the Third Kind were unleashed on the world.

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