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Adult Monthly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1985-2007
- A lot of naked women and the b-movie industry.
- Started as a fanzine and in 1985 took its present format.
- Excellent source for b-movie actresses that are not exactly top models but they are a lot sexier.
- Edited and published by Hugh Gallagher.
- A quarterly publication for mature readers only. A4, colour, 66 pages.
- Published by Draculina Publishing
- Website: www.draculina.com

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29 April 2017

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Posterbook # 1

Issue 51
Interviews with cult director John Waters, adult star Nikki Hillton, B-queen Stephanie Beaton, artist/director Everette Hartsoe, and actress Ryli Morgan in her final revealing photo shoot! Behind the scenes with Joe Anton and the bondage models of Anton Productions! Draculina's Naked Past featuring our most revealing interview with the Queen of B's Debbie Rochon, along with some seldom and never seen photos from her early days!

Issue 50
This issue features interviews with cult director FRED OLEN RAY (HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS), the queen of the scream queens BRINKE STEVENS (NIGHTMARE SISTERS), producer/director/writer GARY J. LEVISON (HELLROLLER). Plus, 20 years of Draculina revealed as we celebrate this 50th issue looking back on the past! Includes an interview with publisher Hugh Gallagher, tons of rare photos, and some inside news never revealed in previous issues! Also, Martina Fox photo layout, mixing horror and porn with our exclusive onset coverage of THE NEW NEIGHBORS, and a revealing insight with a first movie going all wrong in Curse of the APOCALYPSE!

Issue 49
This issue features interview with the stars of HOUSE OF WAX Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert. Also, interview with cult director Don (ILSA THE SHE WOLF OF THE SS) Edmonds and B-movie star Lynn (I DRINK YOUR BLOOD) Lowry. Also, the hottest women totting arsenal - ActionGirls.com, superheroines in peril with SooperHero.com! Not enough? How about the hot women of Wicked Talent! Plus Death Scan (ACTRESS APOCALYPSE, MALEVOLENCE, FROG-G-G!, OPERATION MIDNIGHT CLIMAX, ORGASM TORTURE IN SATAN'S RAPE CLINIC, THE DEVIL'S BLOODY PLAY THINGS, PRISON A-GO-GO), Ladies in the Biz and more!

Issue 48
A packed issue featuring interviews with Troma head Lloyd Kaufman, Unscrewed host Laura Swisher, the new Bettie Page - Paige Richards, and the women of The Hidden Agenda. Also featuring Anastasia Heonis (aka Acid Pop Tart), the girls of Toe Tag Pictures, sneak peek at THE WITCH'S SABBATH, plus Death Scan (reviews of THE HAZING, LUST FOR DRACULA, MONSTER MAN, SUBURBAN NIGHTMARE, BITE ME), Ladies in the Biz and much more!

Issue 47
B-movie star Mary Woronov (Rock n' Roll High School, Eating Raoul).
Scream queen Tiffany Shepis,
Interviews and lots of pics of Janet Tracy Keijser, Stephanie Leighs, Catherine Brewton and Isabelle Stephen.

Issue 46
Interview with Randolph Scott, director of Womb Raider, starring Lauryn Hayes. Includes many stills and behind-the-scenes photos.
The ladies of Vampire Sisters: Syn DeVil, Darla Albornoz, Jeannie Michelle Jameson and Leanna Chamish.
Beauty Athena Demos (The Practice).
Linda O'Neill, Jane Scarlett, Mary Carey and the versatile bombshell Jami Deadly.
Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon, Ashlie Rhey, Darian Caine and Ryli Morgan.

Issue 45
Interviews with Marilyn Chambers (Behind The Green Door, Angel Of H.E.A.T.), model/actress Angelie Almendare, new star Holly Sari from soon-to-be-released Unaware, LoriDawn Messuri (Malibu Nights, Wasteland Justice), classic pinup model Dita Von Teese, video dominatrix Enchantress Gia, Gaelle Comparat (Hot Wax Zombies), Llith Stabs (Severe Injuries) plus the history of WAVE Productions! Also, news, convention listings and Death Scan!

Issue 44
The Art & Women of fantasy artist Dave Nestler.
Cannibal Taboo with Mike Tristano interview.
4th Floor Pictures Serial Killer!
Interviews with Lisa Todd (Battle Beast), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Zenova Braeden (Witchcraft XII), Syn Devil (Erotic Survivor 2), Lorin Taylor (Battle Beast), heavy metal musician The Great Kat.
Plus Ladies in the Biz, Sexy China Dolls and interview with Satanist Peter H. Gilmore.

Issue 43
The Women of Tinto Brass!
Femalian's Venesa Talor.
Blondezilla's Rachael Robbins.
Queen of the Underground Lydia Lunch.
Wild Maidens with Brinke Stevens.
Debbie Rochon exposes her latest horror films.
Were Grrl.
Sexy China Dolls with Sin!

Issue 42
Iinterview with adult star that was presumed dead - Hyapatia Lee!
Interview with rock star/actress Cherie Currie.
Bikini Drive-In star Ashlie Rhey.
Gothic Sluts and Blue Blood creator Amelia G.
Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed.
German actress Carina Palmer.
Asian review section Sexy China Dolls.

Issue 41
Interviews with photographer Justice Howard and actresses: Marina Morgan, Allanah Rhodes, Darian Caine, Esmerelda and Ryli Morgan.
Plus The Haunting Of Slaughter Studios, Shadow Of The Demon, Sorority House Vampires, The Nuns, Dead-On Video, the Genitortures, Transvestite Invasion.

Issue 40
Donna Spangler and the Space Girls Of Beverly Hills!
Interviews with Kelli Maroney, Phina Ourche, Jasi Lanier, Kim Dawson, Nicole Moore And Kevin Collins from One Shot Productions.
Plus, interview with the director of Fantom Kiler - Roman Nowicki.

Issue 39
The bizarre world of Countess Bathoria with a fantastic photo layout!
Interviews and pictorials with Chrissy Mountjoy, Pamela Sutch and Brinke Stevens.
Behind the scenes with To Dance With Death and Body Shop.
Hollywood Tragedies with Maria Ortiz and Maria Pechukas.
The Woeful Tale of the Unsung Photo Assistant.

Issue 38
The Dorothy Stratten story.
Interview & pictorials with Glori-Anne Gilbert, Darian Caine, Teri Weigel, Barbara Joyce and Nancy Feliciano!
Plus The Girls From Harm, Devils, Dragons And Vampires.

Issue 37
When Darkness Falls'' interview with photographer/artist Tony Mauro.
Interviews with B-starlets Misty Mundae, Penny Lynn, Persephone and Stephanie Beaton.
A look at Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires: The Curse Of Ed Wood, Erotic Blair Witch, In The Hood, Dirty Cop 2 and The Girls Of Debbie Does Damnation.

Issue 36
Hollywood Tragedies: Dana Plato.
Plus, Sydney Shannon, Hookers In A Haunted House, Kembra Pfahler, Factory 2000, Lorissa McComas, Dirty Cop 2, Nold 30th: Scott Vladimir Licina, Do You Like Women?, Mifed.

Issue 35
Hollywood Tragedy: Dominique Dunne.
Interviews with Tammy Parks, Rachel Cabra and Mike Tristano!
Coverage of Titanic 2000, Nude-A-Poppin', Low Down Dirty Cop, Killer Sex Queens From Outerspace and Riddled With Bullets!
Plus Models & Monsters, Death Scan and a new Draculina pictorial.

Issue 34
Shauna Grant: Shattered Innocence.
Wendy O. Williams.
Blade: Interview with Wesley Snipes.
Something wicked this way comes: A celluloid update by Debbie Rochon.
Sarenna Lee: Interview and many photos.
Wave: Interview with Gary Whitson.
Zombie Cult Massacre: The new gore-laden thriller being shot and produced by L.D. Filmworks of Cincinnati.
Bitto Albertini: Interview with this Italian director (Emanuelle Nera etc.)
Carmilla: A Season in Hell.

Issue 33
Mathilda May: 'Space vampire' in Tobe Hooper's Lifeforce.
Jose Larraz's Vampyres: Tim Greaves returns to the film that holds a special place in his heart.
Blood on their lips: Lesbian vampire movies.
Sonya: A nocturnal creature has return.
Sasha Graham: Interview with the star of Guilty Pleasures, Creaturealm and Tainted Blood.
Virgin Blood: A sexy vampire thriller with Gothic locations, blood, breasts and pretty girls in plaid skirts.
Tina Krause: An interview with the star of In The Hood.
Shadow Tracker: The feature debut of New York filmmaker Joe Begnardi.
Annie Sprinkle: A conversation with a true Renaissance Woman.
Bruno Vani: An interview with the Italian director.
Mario Pinzauti: Another interview.

Issue 32
Linda Blair: A look at her carreer from Exorcist to Fatal Bond (1992).
Screaming For Sanity: On the set report.
Dracula vs Frankenstein: Filming the new Jess Franco classics.
Don 'The Dragon' Wilson: Interview with the star of Black Belt and Inferno.
Vampire Lust: Sexy photos from Mario Cimadevilla's gore video.
El Frenetico & Go-Girl: Interviews with Frances Lee, Madoka Raine and director Pat Bishow.
Gina Lamarca: The ride of Penthouse.
Reviews: Screaming for Sanity, Dying to Meet You-Serial Killers a Love Story, Ashes and Flames, She Is A Spy Too.
The saga of Guns of El Chupacabra and the art of Zen Filmmaking.
1997 MIFED: A report.
Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella): The man, the legend.
Jennifer Lace: Vampiric beauty.

Issue 31
FONT COLOR='#ff0000'>Claudia Jennings: Queen of the Bs.
Ward Boult: Sexual, bizarre, gross and shocking photography.
Stephanie Beaton: Article and interview.
Tender Flesh: Following Jess Franco's film.
Hellblock 13: Paul Talbot on making the movie.
Roxanne Micheals talks about her caeer.
Reviews: The Vicious Sweet, Vampire Journals, Dinosaur Valley Girls, Halloween: Night of the Creepoids, Santa Claws.
The Wax Mask: A report on Sergio Stivaletti's film.
Rino Di Silvestro: An interview with the director of La Lupa Mannara (Werewof Woman).

Issue 30
Kenny Miller: Star of movies like I Was a Teenage Werewolf and Surf Party.
Kathy Kay Kurtz: The new lead actress in Tim Ritter's latest gore excursion Screaming For Sanity.
Melisa Wildman: Interview with another star of Screaming For Sanity.
Renato Polselli: The most talented erotic and hard core Italian director cinema has ever had.
Dean Stratford: An interview that brings you back to the nostalgic Italian cinema of the 70s.
Cynthia Rothrock talks about her caeer as the great sensation in the martial arts scene and her new film China O'Brien.
Reviews: Night, Polymorph, Toad Warrior, Five Dead On The Crimson Canvas, Mommy2: Mommy's Day, Invasion For Flesh And Blood, Bride Of Frank.
Bubbles Galore: A new Canadian feature film.
Tender Flesh: Jess Franco's latest addition to his horror-erotic ouvre of fantastic films.
Angel Hart, Amber Lynn, Dyanna Lauren: What happened to the 'Girl Next Door'. Interview with three leaders of the adult industry.

Issue 29
Margaux Hemingway: Fame and Misfortune
Asian-American Actresses: China Chen, Serena Sato, Thuy Trang and more
Savannah: Fallen Angel
Making of Ransom, (not the one you imagine)
Amber Newman, Interview and photos
MIFED, International Film Market for cinema, Milano, October 1996

Issue 28
Draculina comes to LIFE!
Lorissa McComas interview, pictorial & centerfold.
Plus: Terry Moore, Sasha Graham, Uschi Digart, making of Evil Ambitions, Redneck Revenge, Sick-O-Pathics, Vamires Lust trading cards.

Issue 27
Debbie Rochon: Talks about her life and career.
Lina Romay: Magical moments frozen in time.
The girls of Falcon video: Joan Gerardi, Nancy Feliciano, Dyan Kane, Michele Ashton.
Jewel Shepard: If I'm so famous...
Candace Camille Bender: From MTV music videos to genre films.
Sergio Begonzelli: An interview with the father of Italian eroticism.
Edward Hansen: "The Jerry Lewis of modern sex comedies".

Issue 26
Monique Parent, Theresa Lynn, Kristi Ducati, Dolores Fuller, Melanie Good, Stark Raven.
Behind the scenes with Killer Barbys, Fatal Frames, Vamps, and Vampire Centerfolds.
Plus, Mifed, Draculina Model Focus, Death Scan.

Issue 25
Making of Witchbait
Vampire Conspiracy.
Maria Ortiz.
Hilary Shepard.
Rachael Gardner.
Brinke Stevens!
Plus, Antonio Margheriti, Sidney Berger, Death Scan.

Issue 24

Issue 23

Issue 22

Fear Book 3

Issue 21
Monique Gabrielle.
Hitler Tapes.
Kathy Willets.
Dardano Sacchetti.
Richard Kern.
Nancy Felciano.
Nude Rampage.

Issue 20
Michelle Bauer pictorial.
Barbara Crampton.
Umberto Lenzi.
William Links.
Red Lips.
Moon Child.
XIV Fantafestival.
Ginger Allen.

Issue 19
Debra Lamb.
Linnea Quigley.
Joel Reed.
Giannetto De Rossi.
Tim Ritter.
Holly Ryder.

Issue 18
Brinke Stevens.
Gore Whore.
Depraved and Deadly Run.
Scott Shaw.
Matthew Smith.

Fear Book 2

Issue 17
Jim Wynorski.
Cathy Tavel.
Todd Sheets.
William Margold.
Debbie D.
Amando De Ossorio.
Porno Hack.

Issue 16
Melissa Moore.
Rod Matsui.
Jorg Buttgereit.
Sam Sherman.
Small White House.
Jess Franco.
Confessions of a Gang Member.
Beauty and the East.

Issue 15

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