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Fanzine from Canada
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2001
- Examines the ''little-seen and under-appreciated in cult, experimental, international, independent and Canadian cinema.''
- Published quarterly by Greg Woods.
- 60 pages, A5 format (first 8 issues). 32 A4 pages from issue 9.
- Website: www.screening-room.ca

Last updated:
13 May 2013
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CONTENTS: 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 (There are undated issues)GALLERIES: 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 All (There are undated issues)

Issue 25

Issue 24

Issue 23

In this one-shot issue, author Rob Craig examines over 50 science fiction-horror films released in the pivotal year of 1957. This promises to be an engaging read as Rob offers valuable analyses of films big and small, champions the lesser-known works, knocks over some sacred cows, and fits them into the big picture (culturally and socially) of the time in which they were made. The titles reviewed include Not of this Earth, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Amazing Colossal Man, and many many others.
60 pages;

Issue 22
Fall 2009
Cheap Horror Movies And Why We Love Them

Issue 21
Fall 2008
In this special issue, we remember all of the great programming that used to be on television in the wee hours, before being replaced by infomercials. From movie hosts to quirky programming, this is a nostalgic look at a part of pop culture. (A Tribute To Late Night Television)

Issue 20
A celebration of filmmakers who have continued to resist Hollywood gloss, and make innovative films on the fringes, including Craig Baldwin, Lizzie Borden and more.

Issue 19
Fall 2007
In this special issue, a record number of contributors offer reminisces and cultural histories of the ways in which the VHS videotape has taken part in our lives.(VHS RIP)

Issue 18
After a turbulent year on the independent film scene, with theatre closures and the movie experience becoming ever more impersonal, Discoveries sets out to rekindle that wide-eyed "look what I found" feeling, now almost impossible in the age of information overload.

While this issue covers familiar terrain of independent and offbeat films, we approach things with a bit of a more socio-cultural bent. During this treasure hunt, we show why these films stand out from the rest of the pack of personal filmmaking. Click on the cover to check the contents.

Issue 17
40 pages tabloid sized This issue, ESR devotes itself completely to rock and roll movies, and does its best to cover most of the highlights in the past 50 years. Alan Freed movies, from ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK to GO JOHNNY GO THE BEATLES: FIRST AMERICAN VISIT HARD DAYS NIGHT RIP OFFS: Dave Clark, Gerry Marsden and more get in on the action and make their own matinee movies! VELVET UNDERGROUND AND NICO: the long-lost Warhol classic PRIVILEGE: Peter Watkins' snarky satire The Rolling Stones go under the knife in ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS and GIMME SHELTER The obscure rockumentary MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN The King in ELVIS THAT'S THE WAY IT IS PINK FLOYD IN POMPEII The Band in FESTIVAL EXPRESS and THE LAST WALTZ WATTSTAX, with Isaac Hayes and Tina Turner See what happened to flower power with RAINBOW BRIDGE and THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED Punk happened with BLANK GENERATION, THE PUNK ROCK MOVIE and LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FABULOUS STAINS Reggae movies get an overview from THE HARDER THEY COME to STEPPING RAZOR RED X Laurie Anderson in HOME OF THE BRAVE Head bangers are nice guys after all in DECLINE OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION II: THE METAL YEARS Rock stars as superheroes: KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM and WILD ZERO Bob Dylan, Brian Eno and Neil Young make their own movies! The conspiracy behind KURT AND COURTNEY The well kept secret of JANDEK ON CORWOOD The use of British invasion music in RUSHMORE ...and finally a look at rock and roll in the films of Jim Jarmusch.

Issue 16
GREY MATTERS A case for and against grey market DVD?s. NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND The collage films of Bruce Conner (COSMIC RAY, REPORT). APOCALYPSE THEN How cinema tried to make America to stop worrying and love the bomb. A look at educational films like DUCK AND COVER that offer wrong-headed advice about surviving a nuclear attack. DVD REVIEW MIDSECTION Reviews of two dozen interesting recent releases as well as some choice titles found in the good old grey market. 49TH PARALLEL The early films of David Cronenberg. (STEREO, CRIMES OF THE FUTURE) BELL BOTTOM BIJOU Altman's masterpiece CALIFORNIA SPLIT. MIDNITE MOVIES Turkish rip-offs of American movies. (TURKISH STAR TREK, TURKISH STAR WARS, TURKISH SUPERMAN) TAIL SLATE Larry Buchanan, RIP.

Issue 15
1984: WHO KILLED HOLLYWOOD Rob Craig's rant about the death of personal cinema. To date this is probably the most controversial thing printed in these pages. When I first read it, I gasped, but couldn't deny a lot of truths inside this full-fledged attack. OTHER PEOPLE'S HOME MOVIES The home movie esthetic from the underground to the video age. ONCE UPON A SHORT TIME IN THE WEST Why repertory cinemas just don't cut it anymore. MIDNITE MOVIES Skot Deeming takes a look at Tetsuo the Ironman. PRINT FILM A lot of summer reading.

Issue 14
VIETNAM FTA, The Visitors, Americana, Hearts and Minds, Tracks, Go Tell the Spartans, The Boys in Company C, Who'll Stop the Rain, More American Graffiti THE PARANORMAL MACHINE Chariots of the Gods, The Outer Space Connection, In Search Of Noah's Ark, Journey Into the Beyond, Mysteries from Beyond Earth, Beyond and Back, The Force Beyond, Mysteries of the Gods THE PARANOIA MACHINE The Candidate, Executive Action, The Werewolf of Washington, The Parallax View, The Conversation, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The China Syndrome NEO-NOIR Dirty Harry, Night Moves, Farewell My Lovely, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The Late Show, The Big Fix ROBERT DOWNEY Pound, Greaser's Palace, Moment to Moment DISCOVERIES IN THE DARK The forgotten counterculture masterpiece DUSTY AND SWEETS McGEE EMILE de ANTONIO Millhouse, Underground ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST The Ballad of Cable Hogue, Little Big Man, Soldier Blue, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Bad Company, Hannie Caulder, Ulzana's Raid, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Dirty Little Billy, The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, Kid Blue, High Plains Drifter, The Shootist, Cattle Annie and Little Britches, Tom Horn

Issue 13
It seemed only fitting that the thirteenth issue would devote itself entirely to the dark realm of the enduringly popular category of film noir. Skot Deeming, David Faris, Simon St. Laurent and Greg Woods do a series of articles which explore the chronology of noir. From its roots in German Expressionism to the classic American period (roughly 1940 to 1959), and then showing its influence beyond with the works of Jean-Pierre Melville, and various independent productions, ESR #13 offers another look at the well-studied field of noir, without highlighting the usual titles. After an introductory piece correlating the German Expressionism movement to American film noir, there is an article on the dark mini-budget noirs of Anthony Mann (STRANGE IMPERSONATION; DESPARATE; RAILROADED; RAW DEAL; T-MEN; HE WALKED BY NIGHT). Then the lenghty midsection devoted to the classic period offers reviews of B-noirs, or lesser-remembered A pictures, with an accentuation on their visual attributes as opposed to their scripted themes. Here you will find explorations of : STRANGER ON THE THIRD FLOOR (1940), PHANTOM LADY (1944), DETOUR (1945), BLACK ANGEL (1946), BORN TO KILL (1947), CROSSFIRE (1947), DEAD RECKONING (1947), FEAR IN THE NIGHT (1947), THE LONG NIGHT (1947), THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1948), THE NAKED CITY (1948), THE PITFALL (1948), FOLLOW ME QUIETLY (1949), GUN CRAZY (1949), PANIC IN THE STREETS (1950), TRY AND GET ME! (1950), KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL (1952), THE NARROW MARGIN (1952), PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET (1953), THE BLUE GARDENIA (1953), JAIL BAIT (1954), PUSHOVER (1954), THE BIG COMBO (1955), KILLERS KISS (1955), KISS ME DEADLY (1955), THE CRIMSON KIMONO (1959) 'words on the bottom' studies four noir pictures by the great Jean-Pierre Melville: BOB LE FLAMBEUR (1955); LE DOULOS (1963); LE SAMOURAI (1967); UN FLIC (1972) Our continuing series, 'Ray Dennis Steckler and You' fittingly arrives at the chapter in this gonzo genius' career when he made perhaps his most subdued pictures, the noir homage, BODY FEVER (1969). In '49th Parallel', we examine John Paizs' cracked parody, CRIMEWAVE (1985). 'Notes from the Underground' explores Jon Jost's fascinating no-budget postmodern experiment, ANGEL CITY (1976). And finally, we conclude with 'Print Film', offering reviews of essential books of film noir: Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir (Eddie Muller); Dark City Dames: The Wicked Women of Film Noir (Eddie Muller); Death on the Cheap: The Lost B Movies of Film Noir (Arthur Lyons); and Somewhere In the Night: Film Noir and the American City (Nicholas Christopher)

Issue 12

Issue 11
JAY SCOTT TEN YEARS LATER Remembering the finest film writer who ever lived words on the bottom Roman Polanski's short films MIDNITE MOVIES At last, BLUE SUNSHINE is on DVD RAY DENNIS STECKLER AND YOU Part Four of our serial continues with GOOF ON THE LOOSE and THE LEMON GROVE KIDS DISCOVERIES IN THE DARK The rarest of the rare checks out two banned short films- THE MAKING OF MONSTERS; SUPERSTAR: THE KAREN CARPENTER STORY NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND Robert Kramer's STARTING PLACE -plus our usual columns- SHORT TAKES PRINT FILM TAIL SLATE

Issue 10
Summer 2003
The great decade of American Cinema-- the 1970's BBS And Their Pals: A Safe Place (1971; Henry Jaglom), The Hired Hand (1971; Peter Fonda), Drive, He Said (1971; Jack Nicholson), The Last Movie (1971; Dennis Hopper), The King Of Marvin Gardens (1972; Bob Rafelson).
Counterculture: Zabriskie Point (1970; Michelangelo Antonioni), Hi Mom (1970; Brian DePalma), The Panic In Needle Park (1971; Jerry Schatzberg), Born To Win (1971; Ivan Passer), Cisco Pike (1971; B.W.L. Norton), Cocksucker Blues (1972; Robert Frank).
The Nostalgia Machine: The Grissom Gang (1971; Robert Aldrich), What's Up Doc (1972; Peter Bogdanovich), Play It Again Sam (1972; Herbert Ross), The Lords Of Flatbush (1974; Stephen Verona, Martin Davidson), The Black Bird (1975; David Giler), Silent Movie (1976; Mel Brooks), American Hot Wax (1978; Floyd Mutrux).
Turning Genre On Its Ear: DOC (1971; Frank Perry), Zachariah (1971; George Englund), Minnie And Moskowitz (1971; John Cassavetes), The Long Goodbye (1973; Robert Altman), Bugsy Malone (1976; Alan Parker).
Black Cinema: Watermelon Man (1970; Melvin Van Peebles), Across 110th Street (1972; Barry Shear), Uptown Staturday Night (1974; Sidney Poitier), Claudine (1974; John Berry), Car Wash (1976; Michael Schultz), Leadbelly (1976; Gordon Parks). Plus: Pam Grier!!
Screw The System: Taking Off (1971; Milos Forman), Little Murders (1971; Alan Arkin), Get To Know Your Rabbit (1972; Brian Depalma), Steelyard Blues (1973; Alan Myerson), Blue Collar (1978; Paul Schrader).
And The Road Leads To Nowhere: Two Lane Blacktop (1971; Monte Hellman), Vansihing Point (1971; Richard C. Sarafian), Aloha Bobby And Rose (1975; Floyd Mutrux).
The Underground: Trash (1970; Paul Morrissey), The Devil's Cleavage (1973; George Kuchar), Thundercrack (1975; Curt Mcdowell), Andy Warhol's Bad (1977; Jed Johnson).
Veterans: Fat City (1972; John Huston), Hustle (1975; Robert Aldrich).
Excess: At Long Last Love (1975; Peter Bogdanovich), Sorcerer (1977; William Friedkin), New York New York (1977; Martin Scorsese), 1941 (1979; Steven Spielberg), Popeye (1980; Robert Altman).
Discoveries In The Dark: Robert Altman's Long-Lost Images.
Print Film: Two key books about the 1970's in American Cinema: American Film Now, by James Monaco; Easy Riders and Raging Bulls, by Peter Biskind.

Issue 9
Spring 2003
A tribute to the late great avant-garde legend Stan Brakhage (1933 - 2003), creator of 300-plus diverse, non-linear, visually dense works (often made frame by frame). Brakhage began in the trance film movement (Reflections In Black), and also made many works which examine aspects of the life cycle (Loving, Dog Star Man, The Act Of Seeing With One's Own Eyes) . He also made camera-less works (Mothlight, Coupling), in which images were glued or painted right onto the emulsion itself.
Avant-garde legends: The films of Jonas Mekas.
49th Parallel: From Balifilm to Picture Of Light, Peter Mettler defies categorization. He is one of the most unique filmmakers in Canada or abroad.
Words on the Bottom: The great Yugoslavian film Who's Singing Over There? This dark, surreal comedy was a huge hit in its own land, yet is still not commercially available in North America.
Discoveries in the Dark: In the 1970's, the great Nicholas Ray (best known for Rebel Without A Cause) was a film professor, and We Can't Go Home Again, a quasi-experimental series of sketches, was the culmination of his work with his students. Screened in Cannes at 1973, and then re-edited for years afterwards, this largely unseen piece emerges as Nick Ray's most personal film.
Print Film: I Was Interrupted, by Nicholas Ray (Susan Ray, Ed.); Movie Journal: The Rise of a New American Cinema, by Jonas Mekas.
Short Takes: capsule reviews of: The Amazing Mr. X (1948; Bernard Vorhaus), Backs Turned (1957; Mario Arrabal), Beyond Therapy (1987; Robert Altman), Code Name Alpha (1968; Ernst Hofbauer), Four Times That Night (1969; Mario Bava), The Gong Show Movie (1980; Chuck Barris), Gumby: Robot Rumpus (1957; Art Clokey), Iguana (1988; Monte Hellman), J-Men Forever (1979; Richard Patterson), Mystery Of The Leaping Fish (1916; John Emerson), Pete Kelly's Blues (1955; Jack Webb), Roy Colt And Winchester Jack (1970; Mario Bava), Somebody To Love (1994; Alexandre Rockwell), Street Of No Return (1989; Samuel Fuller), West Of Zanzibar (1928; Tod Browning), What Price Hollywood? (1932; George Cukor).

Issue 8
Winter 2003
What the term 'Independent' really means, and how it fits in with life, the universe and everything.
Non-Linear Motion: Over two dozen capsule reviews of experimental films and also an article on the works of Jack Chambers.
49th Parallel: The section reserved for Canadian films, examines Michael Snow's recent feature, *Corpus Calossum.
Discoveries In the Dark: The arty experimental featurette HWY, by Jim Morrison.
Words on the Bottom: The final half of the piece on Luis Bunuel's 'director for hire' years in Mexico, and how he managed to sneak his surrealist subversion into seeming commercial material.
Midnite Movies: The 3D softcore epic, The Stewardesses.
Plus the usual book reviews and a whole bunch of miscellaneous movie reviews.

Issue 7
Fall 2002
Between The Lines: Remembering this undersung classic from the 1970's renaissance!
Stardust Memories: Re-evaluating Woody Allen's masterpiece.
Midnite Movies: Remembering the late Doris Wishman. Featuring analyses of Blaze Starr Goes Nudist, Nude On The Moon, Bad Girls Go To Hell, The Amazing Transplant, Keyholes Are For Peeping, The Immoral Three, Deadly Weapons)
Non-Linear Motion: Nick Zedd's Cinema of Transgression (including such classics as They Eat Scum, The Wild World Of Lydia Lunch and Police State).
49th Parallel: Paul Lynch's debut film, The Hard Part Begins
Words On The Bottom: Part One of a study of Luis Bunuel's curious Mexican 'director for hire' films. This issue features: El Gran Calavera, Susana, Los Olvidados, Mexican Bus Ride, El Bruto.
Saturday Afternoon: Remembering the Bijou with a Halloween look at matinee horrors: The Invisible Ray, House Of Frankenstein, The Mummy's Ghost, The Leopard Man And The Seventh Victim.
Short Takes: Featuring capsule reviews of...: Aaron Loves Angela (1975; Gordon Parks Jr.), Avenging Disco Godfather (1979; Rudy Ray Moore), Coffee House Rendezvous (1968; Ted Steeg), The Great Moment (1944; Preston Sturges), Single Room Unfurnished (1968; Matt Cimber), Through The Olive Trees (1994; Abbas Kiarostami).

Issue 6
Summer 2002
The Second Annual Drive-In Issue! Missile To The Moon (1959): In this hilarious remake of Cat Women On The Moon, some space travellers find a group of lonely women living on our lunar landscape with other creepy crawlies.
Frankenstein's Daughter (1959): John Ashley to the rescue in this beloved cardboard thriller which updates Mary Shelley to the 1950's.
Daddy-O (1959): Why are JD's always played by 29 year-olds?
The Dynamite Brothers (1974): Kung fu and blaxploitation team up in this enjoyable romp from the Al Adamson-Sam Sherman enterprise.
Hercules In The Haunted World (1961): Reg Park plays the famed muscleman in this innovative entry from the great Mario Bava.
A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die (1968): Cool spaghetti western with Alex Cord hiding from bounty hunters!
Tomb Of Ligeia (1965): Vincent Price goes nuts in Roger Corman's final entry in the Poe series.
Starhops (1978): A trio of saucy girls try to save their fledgling drive-in restaurant.
The Human Duplicators (1965): Richard 'Jaws' Kiel is a lovesick alien with a diabolical plan.
Hollywood Blvd. (1976): The Player... Roger Corman style.
The Ambushers (1967): Never mind Austin Powers... Matt Helm is It!!
Psych-Out (1968): Jack Nicholson plays in a bad rock band in this counterculture classic.
The Horror Of Party Beach (1964): Radioactive fish monsters wreak havoc in Kennedy-era Americana.
Pit Stop (1969): Gritty hot rod saga co-starring SID HAIG!!
Head (1968): The subversive masterpiece starring The Monkees.
Plague Of The Zombies (1966): The living dead walk the countryside in this Hammer entry.
The Disorderly Orderly (1964): Jerry Lewis turns a hospital upside down.
The Brainiac (1961): The beloved Mexican horror film featuringa monster with a certain diet...
Shack Out On 101 (1955): Lee Marvin is SLOB in this camp classic of Red Scare propaganda.
The Violent Years (1956): Bad girls run amuck in this feminist masterpiece penned by the great Ed Wood!
Chrome And Hot Leather (1971): Army vets take on William Smith's biker gang!
Van Nuys Blvd. (1979): The last summer of our youth.

Issue 5
Spring 2002
Metropolis: The 75th anniversary of this fantasy classic.
Non Linear Motion: Skot Deeming examines the video work of Sadie Benning.
Midnite Movies: Rob Craig's introduction to his study on the seven sci-fi horror films of Larry Buchanan.
Lawrence Tierney R.I.P.: Leo Walsh's Lester Bangs-ish tribute to the tough-guy actor.
Words On The Bottom: Leo Walsh deconstructs Walerian Borowczyk.
49th Parallel: The films of Ron Mann.
Saturday Afternoon: Our new section on Saturday matinee programmers debuts with the Blondie series, the classic serial The Adventures Of Captain Marvel and Roy Rogers in The Far Frontier.
Discoveries In The Dark: The restored film, Dementia (Aka- Daughter Of Horror).
Ray Dennis Steckler And You: Part two of the serialized study on the B-movie icon, examines The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies and Rat Phink A Boo Boo.
Site-Ings: www.kgordonmurray.com.
Print Film: reviewed by Greg Woods and Skot Deeming: Hollywood Trail Boss, By Burt Kennedy; Cinema Sewer Issues 2 to 8, By Robin Bougie; My Last Sigh, By Luis Bunuel; Schlock-O-Rama: The Films of Al Adamson, by David Konow.
The Analog Video Enthusiast: Capsule reviews of: The Blank Generation (1979; Ulli Lommel), Boycott (1985; Moshen Makhamlbaf), The Brain Eaters (1958; Bruno Vesota), Exile (1994; Paul Cox), Female Jungle (1956; Bruno Vesota), Madonna: Truth Or Dare (1991; Alex Keshishan), Track Of The Ants (1993; Rafael Marziano Tinoco), The White Orchid (1954; Reginald LeBorg).

Issue 4
Winter 2002
Wacked-Out Christmas Movies: Reviews of the Mexican version of Santa Claus, The Junky's Christmas, and, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.
Non Linear Motion: The flights of cinema fancy by James Broughton (The Bed, Mother's Day, The Pleasure Garden, etc.)
Ray Dennis Steckler And You: Part one of a serialized study of the beloved B-movie director, and how his work can be inspiring for the independent filmmaker. In this segment, we correlate that with his beginnings, and his maiden feature as a director, Wild Guitar.
Top 15 Canadian Movies From 1986 To 2001.
Discoveries In The Dark: The seldom-seen counterculture comedy, There's Always Vanilla, directed by George (Night Of The Living Dead) Romero.
Print Film: The Critics Were Wrong, by Ardis Sillick & Michael McCormick; The Director's Vision, by Geoff Andrew.
Site-Ings: A new feature on film-related websites examines Troy Howarth's site on Mario Bava.
The Analog Video Enthusiast: Capsule reviews of: BROADWAY Jungle (1955; Phil Tucker), Don't Torture A Duckling (1972; Lucio Fulci), Un Flic (1972; Jean-Pierre Melville), Fried Shoes And Cooked Diamonds (1978; Costanzo Allione), Inferno (1980; Dario Argento), The Mystery Of Oberwald (1980; Michelangelo Antonioni), Point Of Order (1964; Emile De Antonio), Tormented (1960; Bert I. Gordon), Lady Frankenstein (1971; Mel Welles).

Issue 3
Fall 2001
The Nostalgic Cinema: Remembering The Nostalgic Cinema, which delighted Toronto with its diverse selction of silent films, hollywood classics, and, well, 'nostalgic' lesser-known movies which are an insomniac's delight.
Words On The Bottom: The remarkable cinema of Chantal Akerman (News From Home, Window Shopping, et al).
49th Parallel: The forgotten Canadian classic, Skip Tracer.
High School Confidential: Back-to-school nostalgia, remembering this JD classic.
Non Linear Motion: The Living Theatre with the documentary, Signals Through The Flames and Jonas Mekas' film adaptation of THE BRIG. Discoveries In The Dark: The early films of Stanley Kubrick that the visionary did not want people to see: Day Of The Fight, The Flying Padre, The Seafarers, and of course, Fear And Desire.
Midnite Movies: The long-overdue video release of the under-appreciated film, Blood From The Mummy's Tomb- perfect for your Halloween Fright Night.
The Back Pages: More Halloween treats for your VCR.

Issue 2
Summer 2001
The First Annual Summer Drive-In Issue!
Nostalgic analyses of films that are tailor-made for the screen in the field: Teenage Thunder, Tarantula, Beach Blanket Bingo, The Trip, The Glory Stompers, Mister Rock And Roll, Journey To The Centre Of Time.
Midnite Movies: The three notoriously bad directorial efforts of Coleman Francis (Beast Of Yucca Flats, The Skydivers, Red Zone Cuba).
Discoveries In The Dark: Billy Wilder's first film as a director: the little-known Mauvaise Graine.

Issue 1
Spring 2001
The Cat's Pajamas: Remembering the all-night movie show on Buffalo's TV-2.
Words On The Bottom: The films of Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki, (Shadows In Paradise, Ariel, Drifting Clouds).
Midnite Movies: The career of cult icon Arch Hall Jr (Wild Guitar, The Sadist, Eegah!).
49th Parallel: The peculiar Canadian road movie, Candy Mountain.
Non Linear Motion: Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures- seeing what the police raids were all about.
The Analog Video Enthusiast: offers capsule reviews of: Celine And Judy Go Boating (1974: Jacques Rivette), The Doll Squad (1973; Ted V. Mikels), Dream Of Light (1992; Victor Erice), Eternity And A Day (1998; Theo Angelopoulous), The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1962; Mario Bava), Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire (1969; Riccardo Freda), Trajica Ceremonia En Villa Alexander (1972; Riccardo Freda), Trekkies (1998; Roger Nygard).
Print Film: Midnight Movies, by J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum; The Phantom Empire, by Geoffrey O'Brien.
The Back Pages: Good old VHS clearance sales.

Issue 0
Special Issue 2003
The Cinema Of Larry Buchanan
Anyone who grew up watching the Creature Features on the late late show undoubtedly encountered at least one of the seven no-buck science fiction-horror films that Larry Buchanan had directed for AIP, which were sold to television. Their titles are the stuff of legend: The Eye Creatures, Zontar The Thing From Venus, and of course, Mars Needs Women. Everyone endearingly refers to them as classic 'bad' movies, but in this massive study, Rob Craig bravely deconstructs that stigma and re-evaluates these works. Convincingly attaching theories of feminism, military concerns, suburbia, civil rights and even pop art to these poverty-row pieces, under Rob's pen these films now emerge as integral pieces of and about the 1960's.
This special issue features detailed analyses of each of these seven films: The Eye Creatures, Curse Of The Swamp Creature, Zontar The Thing From Venus, Creature Of Destruction, In The Year 2889, Mars Needs Women and It's Alive.

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