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Fanzine from Canada
Ceased publication

- First issue: 2001
- Examines the ''little-seen and under-appreciated in cult, experimental, international, independent and Canadian cinema.''
- Published quarterly by Greg Woods.
- 60 pages, A5 format (first 8 issues). 32 A4 pages from issue 9.
- Website: www.screening-room.ca

Last updated:
13 May 2013
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CONTENTS: 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 All (There are undated issues)GALLERIES: 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 All (There are undated issues)

Issue 7
Fall 2002
Between The Lines: Remembering this undersung classic from the 1970's renaissance!
Stardust Memories: Re-evaluating Woody Allen's masterpiece.
Midnite Movies: Remembering the late Doris Wishman. Featuring analyses of Blaze Starr Goes Nudist, Nude On The Moon, Bad Girls Go To Hell, The Amazing Transplant, Keyholes Are For Peeping, The Immoral Three, Deadly Weapons)
Non-Linear Motion: Nick Zedd's Cinema of Transgression (including such classics as They Eat Scum, The Wild World Of Lydia Lunch and Police State).
49th Parallel: Paul Lynch's debut film, The Hard Part Begins
Words On The Bottom: Part One of a study of Luis Bunuel's curious Mexican 'director for hire' films. This issue features: El Gran Calavera, Susana, Los Olvidados, Mexican Bus Ride, El Bruto.
Saturday Afternoon: Remembering the Bijou with a Halloween look at matinee horrors: The Invisible Ray, House Of Frankenstein, The Mummy's Ghost, The Leopard Man And The Seventh Victim.
Short Takes: Featuring capsule reviews of...: Aaron Loves Angela (1975; Gordon Parks Jr.), Avenging Disco Godfather (1979; Rudy Ray Moore), Coffee House Rendezvous (1968; Ted Steeg), The Great Moment (1944; Preston Sturges), Single Room Unfurnished (1968; Matt Cimber), Through The Olive Trees (1994; Abbas Kiarostami).

Issue 6
Summer 2002
The Second Annual Drive-In Issue! Missile To The Moon (1959): In this hilarious remake of Cat Women On The Moon, some space travellers find a group of lonely women living on our lunar landscape with other creepy crawlies.
Frankenstein's Daughter (1959): John Ashley to the rescue in this beloved cardboard thriller which updates Mary Shelley to the 1950's.
Daddy-O (1959): Why are JD's always played by 29 year-olds?
The Dynamite Brothers (1974): Kung fu and blaxploitation team up in this enjoyable romp from the Al Adamson-Sam Sherman enterprise.
Hercules In The Haunted World (1961): Reg Park plays the famed muscleman in this innovative entry from the great Mario Bava.
A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die (1968): Cool spaghetti western with Alex Cord hiding from bounty hunters!
Tomb Of Ligeia (1965): Vincent Price goes nuts in Roger Corman's final entry in the Poe series.
Starhops (1978): A trio of saucy girls try to save their fledgling drive-in restaurant.
The Human Duplicators (1965): Richard 'Jaws' Kiel is a lovesick alien with a diabolical plan.
Hollywood Blvd. (1976): The Player... Roger Corman style.
The Ambushers (1967): Never mind Austin Powers... Matt Helm is It!!
Psych-Out (1968): Jack Nicholson plays in a bad rock band in this counterculture classic.
The Horror Of Party Beach (1964): Radioactive fish monsters wreak havoc in Kennedy-era Americana.
Pit Stop (1969): Gritty hot rod saga co-starring SID HAIG!!
Head (1968): The subversive masterpiece starring The Monkees.
Plague Of The Zombies (1966): The living dead walk the countryside in this Hammer entry.
The Disorderly Orderly (1964): Jerry Lewis turns a hospital upside down.
The Brainiac (1961): The beloved Mexican horror film featuringa monster with a certain diet...
Shack Out On 101 (1955): Lee Marvin is SLOB in this camp classic of Red Scare propaganda.
The Violent Years (1956): Bad girls run amuck in this feminist masterpiece penned by the great Ed Wood!
Chrome And Hot Leather (1971): Army vets take on William Smith's biker gang!
Van Nuys Blvd. (1979): The last summer of our youth.

Issue 5
Spring 2002
Metropolis: The 75th anniversary of this fantasy classic.
Non Linear Motion: Skot Deeming examines the video work of Sadie Benning.
Midnite Movies: Rob Craig's introduction to his study on the seven sci-fi horror films of Larry Buchanan.
Lawrence Tierney R.I.P.: Leo Walsh's Lester Bangs-ish tribute to the tough-guy actor.
Words On The Bottom: Leo Walsh deconstructs Walerian Borowczyk.
49th Parallel: The films of Ron Mann.
Saturday Afternoon: Our new section on Saturday matinee programmers debuts with the Blondie series, the classic serial The Adventures Of Captain Marvel and Roy Rogers in The Far Frontier.
Discoveries In The Dark: The restored film, Dementia (Aka- Daughter Of Horror).
Ray Dennis Steckler And You: Part two of the serialized study on the B-movie icon, examines The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies and Rat Phink A Boo Boo.
Site-Ings: www.kgordonmurray.com.
Print Film: reviewed by Greg Woods and Skot Deeming: Hollywood Trail Boss, By Burt Kennedy; Cinema Sewer Issues 2 to 8, By Robin Bougie; My Last Sigh, By Luis Bunuel; Schlock-O-Rama: The Films of Al Adamson, by David Konow.
The Analog Video Enthusiast: Capsule reviews of: The Blank Generation (1979; Ulli Lommel), Boycott (1985; Moshen Makhamlbaf), The Brain Eaters (1958; Bruno Vesota), Exile (1994; Paul Cox), Female Jungle (1956; Bruno Vesota), Madonna: Truth Or Dare (1991; Alex Keshishan), Track Of The Ants (1993; Rafael Marziano Tinoco), The White Orchid (1954; Reginald LeBorg).

Issue 4
Winter 2002
Wacked-Out Christmas Movies: Reviews of the Mexican version of Santa Claus, The Junky's Christmas, and, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.
Non Linear Motion: The flights of cinema fancy by James Broughton (The Bed, Mother's Day, The Pleasure Garden, etc.)
Ray Dennis Steckler And You: Part one of a serialized study of the beloved B-movie director, and how his work can be inspiring for the independent filmmaker. In this segment, we correlate that with his beginnings, and his maiden feature as a director, Wild Guitar.
Top 15 Canadian Movies From 1986 To 2001.
Discoveries In The Dark: The seldom-seen counterculture comedy, There's Always Vanilla, directed by George (Night Of The Living Dead) Romero.
Print Film: The Critics Were Wrong, by Ardis Sillick & Michael McCormick; The Director's Vision, by Geoff Andrew.
Site-Ings: A new feature on film-related websites examines Troy Howarth's site on Mario Bava.
The Analog Video Enthusiast: Capsule reviews of: BROADWAY Jungle (1955; Phil Tucker), Don't Torture A Duckling (1972; Lucio Fulci), Un Flic (1972; Jean-Pierre Melville), Fried Shoes And Cooked Diamonds (1978; Costanzo Allione), Inferno (1980; Dario Argento), The Mystery Of Oberwald (1980; Michelangelo Antonioni), Point Of Order (1964; Emile De Antonio), Tormented (1960; Bert I. Gordon), Lady Frankenstein (1971; Mel Welles).

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