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Fan! One-off Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1953-1953
- Elsa Maxwell was a well known gossip columnist.

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1 July 2014

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Issue 1
98 pages. Articles include: The Bankhead Story (Tallulah Bankhead): Don't Tangle with Talloo!; The War of the Roses (Billy Rose): After Thirteen Years of Marriage, Billy and Eleanor called it quits. And then started all over again-this time, to ruin each other); Mystery of the Marrying Gabors (Zsa Zsa, Eva, Magda, Jolie) For mama and her three jewels-eleven husbands!; 80 Years of Eternal Youth (Fannie Ward); The King Could Do No Wrong! (Egypt's King Farouk): Farouk, Egypt's bloated ex-monarch, sowed a legendary crop of wild oats before he got bounced out on his royal ear; The Beautiful and Damned (Charlie Chaplin): He Was Easy to Love-hard to hold (none of these ladies was Charlie's match: Peggy Hopkins Joyce, Pola Negri, Lila Lee, Claire Windsor, Mildred Harris , Lita Gray, Paulette Goddard, Joan Barry, Oona Chaplin);The Love Story of 'Big Texas' and Little Egypt (Samia Gamal-Sheppard King III); Marriages: Johnnie Ray/Marilyn Morrison; Jacqueline Billingsley/Alexander I. Rorke, Jr.; Edith Piaf/Jacques Peals; Mary Ellen Berlin/Marvin Barrett; Alice Meade Lowthers/Don Topping; Divorces: Sometimes You Almost Think You're Talking About Hollywood: Horace E. Dodge Jr/Mickey Devine; Clark Gable/Lady Sylvia Ashley; Glenn Davis/Terry Moore; BORED WIVES: Arlene Dahl; Princess Lois Radziwill; PLAYBOY HUSBANDS: Lindsay Howard; Errol Flynn; Life and Death of Playboy (Freddie McEvoy): This is the story of Freddie McEvoy, who used beautiful women as stepping stones across the turbulence of his life, who coasted into society on the tail-end of a bobsled ride, who lived for pleasure-but who died for love; Last of the Debutantes: Fern Tailer/David Gimbel; Eleanor Young ('36); Gloria Baker ('37); Brenda Frazier ('38); From Yogi Rao to Doris Duke: All the Peace that Money Can Buy (Doris Duke); Married by Proxy (Carlos Guinle-Ramsay Ames); He Plays for Keeps (Tommy Manville). His Wives: Florence Huber; Lois Arlene McCoin; Avonne Taylor; Marcelle Edwards; Bonita (Bonnie) Edwards; Wilhelmina (Billy) Boze; Goergina Campbell; Anita Roddy-Eden; Corrine Doley; Death Comes to the Arch-Dowager (Mrs. Florence Vanderbilt Twombly): The Clan She Ruled is Big, Rich-and Always in the Headlines-Great-nephew Jakie Webb, Great-niece Gloria Vanderbilt, Near relatives Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt and son Cornelius Jr; Tom, Tom, the Heiress' Son (Count du DuMonceau de Bergendal); He Live in the Shadows of a Title He Never Wanted(Viscount Astor); Too Many Millions Spoiled the Heirs: Minot (Mickey) Jelke, Merry "Madcap' Fahrney: A Hunger for Love; Duncan McMartin: A Thirst for Thrills; John La Porte Given, Jr: Lay That Pistol Down! ; England's Royal Family: Queen Elizabeth; David, Duke of Windsor; King George VI; Princess Margaret Rose.

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