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- First issue: 1989
- Covers mainstream movies.
- Huge and glamorous magazine like the movies in its pages. Looks great and smells wonderfully thanks to perfume ads. Offers free gifts, like books, tapes and CDs
- 200+ color A4 pages.
- Published by Bauer Media
- Website: www.empireonline.co.uk

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Issue 127
January 2000
New films: The World Is Not Enough, End Of Days, Dogma, Mystery Men, Happy Texas, The Straight Story, The Iron Giant, Anna And The King, Inspector Gadget, October Sky, The Last Yellow, Muppets From Space, Anywhere But Here, Guest House Paradiso, Blue Streak, The Muse, 8 1/2 Women, Hold Back The Night, Legend Of 1900, Cinema Paradiso, Cotton Mary, Alice Et Martin, The Five Sences.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: The Messenger, The Insider, Play It, Girl Interrupted, Blair Witch secrets divulged, Matthew McConaughey's arrest, director Steven Soderburgh's Life In The Movies, Vincent Friell, Lee Majors, Nia Long, Helene Mahieu.
In person: Susan Sarandon, Natalie Portman, Ben Affleck.
Caligula: The biggest mess ever made or a pornographic work of genius? Empire asks eveyone involved (well, nearlly).
Isn't that?: Cameo appearances by some very strange characters.
Sleepy Hollow: On the set with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.
End Of Days: When Arnie met Satan...
Kevin Smith: Indie film's golden boy defends controversial comedy, Dogma.
Review of the year: 20 glorious pages on a sensational year at the movies.
Guest House Paradiso: In a total departure from their usual fare, Ade and Rick run around in bikinis, poison people and hit each other.
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Issue 126
December 1999
New films: Fight Club, The Sixth Sense, Ride With The Devil, EdTV, Random Hearts, The Out-Of-Towners, East Is East, Jacob The Liar, Onegin, The Astronaut's Wife, Music of the Heart, Gregory's Two Girls, Mad Cows, The Rage-Carrie II, The Loss of Sexual Innocence, Brokedown Palace, Fanny And Elvis, The Limey, The Glandestine Marriage, The Other Sister, You 're Dead, A Walk On The Moon, Universal Soldier: The Return, Taxi, Dreaming Of Joseph Lees, John Carpenter's Vampires, The Children of the Marshland, Ratcatcher, The Cup, The Tichborne Claimant, Scrooge, The Story Of O, The Secret Laughter Of Women, Following.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Toy Story 2, American Beauty, Bicentennial Man, The Bone Collector, Three Kings, Easy Rider, Ten Commandments, Chris Bisson, Paul Nicholls.
In person: Diane Lane, Tobey Maguire, Jenna Elfman, Ralph Fiennes.
The Sixth Sense: It's dead scary, it's got Bruce Willis and it's set to be one of the hugest film ever.
Fight Club: Evil influence or social satire? Director David Fincher defends the most controversial film of the year.
Robin Williams: The cuddliest man in film takes on the Holocaust.
00 Heaven! To celebrate the release of Bond No.19, The World Is Not Enough, Empire brings you 14 glorious pages of Bond's most beautiful babes.
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Issue 125
November 1999
New films: The Blair Witch Project, American Pie, Tarzan, Deep Blue Sea, Bowfinger, Runaway Bride, Pushing Tin, Big Daddy, Simply Irresistible, Detroit Rock City, The Big Tease, Holy Smoke, Lucia, Head On, Romance, The Winslow Boy, Run Lola Run, Cat People, Greenwich Mean Time, The Love Letter, The Alarmist, Felicia's Journey, The Last Days, Lucky People Center International, Mifune, After Life, Such A Long Journey, Kes.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Three Kings, Sleepy Hollow, Any Given Sunday, 15 Minutes, Supernova, Birthday Girl, David Bradley, Paul Gleason, Elaine Cassidy, Natasha Little.
In person: Anna Friel, Joey Lauren Adams.
Deep Blue Sea: On set with Samuel L.Jackson,, Reny Harlin, and sharks with big brains and bigger appetites.
The Blair Witch Project: Deep in the woods the movie surprise of the year is stirring.
David Mamet: America's finest screenwriter speaks his mind.
Teen photo special: Hollywood's hottest young 'uns revisit Hitchcock.
American Pie: The guys! The Girls! Meet the cast of the teen sensation of the year.
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Issue 124
October 1999
New films: Eyes Wide Shut, The Haunting, Analyze This, The 13th Warrior, Go, Drop Dead Gorgeous, William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Instinct, Election, The War Zone, LA Without A Map, The General's Daughter, A Kind Of Hush, The Theory Of Flight, Sweet Angel Mine, The Trench, Girl, Stop Making Sence, Beautiful People, Ravenous, Passion In The Desert, Yellow Submarine, A La Place Du Coeur, Final Cut, Buena Vista Social Club.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Bowfinger, Mission: Impossible 2, Anna and the King, Double Jeopardy, The Lord of the Rings, Robert Downe Jr., The Blair Witch Project, Charlotte Lewis, Richard Anderson, Desmond Askew, Caroline Ducey.
In person: Kirsten Dunst, Julie Delpy, Lisa Kudrow.
The Haunting: Jan De Bont talks about his latest frightfest.
Eyes Wide Shut: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Stanley Kubrick in one of the most mysterious shoots in film history.
Tim Roth: American indies' favoured Brit talks about his directorial debut, The War Zone.
Your 100 greatest movies ever!: 1.Star Wars, 2.Jaws, 3.The Empire Strikes Back...
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Issue 123
September 1999
New films: Wild Wild West, The Thomas Crown Affair, Rushmore, South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut. Mickey Blue Eyes, Playing By Heart, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Life, Never Been Kissed, The Hi-Lo Country, Cookie's Fortune, Late August Early September, Another Day In Paradise, Doug's 1st Movie, All About My Mother, Strangers On A Train, Koyaanisqatsi, Place Vendome, Le Notti Di Cabiria, West Beirut, Ca Commence Aujourd' Hui, L'Arche Du Desert.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Gladiator, keeping The Faith, Me, Myself And Irene, Austin Powers 2, Stanley Kubrick, Daniel Day Lewis, Julie Hagerty, Craig Wasson, Jason Schwartzman, Amy Smart.
In person: Rene Russo, Heather Graham.
The Thomas Crown Affair: Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo get steamy in an art theft caper.
Charley Says...: Why were we watching 70s public information films?
Austin Powers 2: Mike Myers and titchy Mini-Me on The Spy Who Shagged Me.
Hollywood marriages: Hitches and glitches: marital disasters LA style.
Wild Wild West: Pardners in crime Will Smith and Barry Sonnenfeld "do" cowboy sci-fi.
George Lucas: Jar Jar, Maul, Episode II - George tells it like it is.
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3rd cover

Issue 122
August 1999
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2nd cover
New films: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Entrapment, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, 10 Things I Hate About You, Virtual Sexuality, Last Night, The Match, All the Little Animals, Goodbye Lover, The Third Man, Le Diner De Cons, Tango, Belly, Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss, Other Voices Other Rooms, Wintersleepers, The Polish Bride.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Episodes II and III, The biggest stars caught by the biggest Cannes cameras, The Lucas Props Archice, Ahmed Best, Pernilla August.
In person: Jake Loyd, Natalie Portman.
The toys: Plastic, collectible, valuable. And cool as ice.
Ray Park: Martial arts guru turned Darth Maul.
Liam Neeson: Historical character actor turns to The Force - and into Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn.
Fan obsessives: Inside the lives and bedrooms of the phantom Force collectors.
Ewan McGregor: Leader of the Britpack turned young Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master-to-be.
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Issue 121
July 1999
New films: The Matrix, The Mummy, Cruel Intentions, Celebrity, Bride of Chucky, Simon Birch, She's All That, The Deep End of the Ocean, Human Traffic, Heart, Vigo-Passion For Life, The Big Hit, The Lost Son, Croupier, Touch of Evil, Without Limits, Citizen Cane, Just the Ticket, Finding North, Get Carter, The Debt Collector, American Perfekt, Virus, Twin Dragons, Among Giants, Deadbeat At Dawn, Rogue Trader, Paperback Hero, Wing Commander, Venus Beauty.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: The Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas, Sleepy Hollow, Notting Hill in real life, Jonathan Ross, World War 2 history rewritten by Yanks, Dead Poets Society, Max Beesley, Rachael Leigh Cook.
In person: Michelle Pfeiffer, Rachel Weisz, Sarah Michelle Gellar.
The Matrix: Keanu Reeves has seen the future - and it's a cyberpunk alternate reality. With guns. Big ones.
Robert Towne: The Hollywood screenwriter extraordinaire - from penning Chinatown to script doctoring on Armageddon.
The Mummy is back from the dead and conjuring up Indiana Jones.
Unmissable: Empire's annual summer preview extravaganza proudly directs you to the 20 films you must see before Christmas.
Grudge matches: The gloves are off for Hollywood feuds that run and run.
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Issue 120
June 1999
New films: Notting Hill, True Crime, Apt Pupil, Best Laid Plans, Forces of Nature, Varsity Blues, Captain Jack, My Favorite Martian, The King And I, At First Sight, Swing, The Italian Job, Get Real, Crush Proof, Besieged, The Idiots, Parting Shots, The Corruptor, Black Cat White Cat, Artemesia, Perfect Blue, Eternity And A Day, The Inheritors, The Misadventures of Margaret, No, Side Streets.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The World Is Not Enough, Wild Wild West, Deep Blue Sea, Dr. No, ET goes BT, William Friedkin, Mia Sara, Paul Mercurio, Scott Caan, Lisa Stansfield.
In person: Ryan Phillippe, Angelina Jolie, James Van Der Beek.
Forces Of Nature: Ben Affleck is plagued by stormy weather, rotten luck and Sandra Bullock on the way to his nuptials.
Michael Winner: The film director who certainly knows his restaurants.
David Cronenberg: From controversy to controversy.
1989-1999: The ten movies of the decade.
Pub turnament: The best actor of the 90s debated over a pint or two dozen.
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Issue 119
May 1999
New films: 8MM, The Waterboy, Blast From The Past, The Faculty, A Civil Action, Plunkett And Macleane, Message In A Bottle, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Orgazmo, Return to Paradise, The Honest Courtesan, Happiness, Tea With Mussolini, High Art, An Ideal Husband, In Dreams, Bedrooms And Hallways, eXistenZ, The Ninth Configuration, The Red Violin, Actresses, Orphans, Dance With Me, The Brylcreem Boys, Earth, Solomon And Gaenor, The Night of the Hunter, Prometheus.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Matrix, The Fight Club, Anywhere But Here, Entrapment, Mickey Blue Eyes, The Exorcist, Night of the Living Dead, Eyes Wide Shut, John Waters, Empire Awards 1999, Terry Moore, Ray Harryhausen, Josh Hartnett, Laura Harris.
In person: Jonny Lee Miller, Minnie Driver, Alicia Silverstone.
Plunkett and Macleane: Jake "Son of Ridley" Scott directs Robert Carlyle in a highwayman romp with Jonn Lee Miller and Liv Tyler.
Bob Hoskins: From gangland to gongland.
Stanley Kubrick: The genius is dead. Long live the genius
The 50 coolest moments in movie history: If only real life could be this way ...
8MM: Cover story: Nicolas Cage as a detective who finds snuff movies are not to be sniffed at.
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Issue 118
April 1999
New films: Payback, Mighty Joe Young, Gods And Monsters, Pleasantville, American History X, Waking Ned, Beloved, Arlington Road, The Rugrats Movie, An Autumn Tale (Conte D' Automne), Southpaw, Central Station, Festen (The Celebration), My Giant, Seul Contre Tous, Aprile, The 39 Steps (1935), American Independence.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Green Mile, Man On The Moon, Mystery Men, Bringing Out The Dead, The Beach, Oskar noms, Sean Penn, Kelly McGillis, Alan Cox, Radha Mitchell, Hope Davis.
In person: Charlize Theron, Edward Norton.
Payback: Mel Gibson wants violent revenge in his darkest ever role.
Waking Ned: Irish lotto comedy with old and dead people in it.
Genreology: Just what kind of film are you watching?
Charlton Heston: From Moses to last man on earth.
Salma Hayek: Cover story: Sultry, steamy, sexy star of The Faculty.
Sex in Hollywood: The Ultimate A-Z. With knobs in.
  Also News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 117
March 1999
Issue #117 - March 1999 New films: A Bug's Life, Patch Adams, You've Got Mail, A Simple Plan, The Thin Red Line, Hideous Kinky, A Night At The Roxbury, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Live Is Beautiful (La Vita E Bella), Madeline, Jack Frost, Perdita Durango, Affliction, Slam, Pecker, Painted Angels, This Year's Love, Out Of The Present, Urban Legend, Titanic Town, Sour Grapes, Switchblade Sisters, I Think I Do.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Planet Of The Apes, Oskars, Harry Knowles, Ally Sheedy, Paul Le Mat, Parker Posey, Ciaran McMenemin.
In person: Anthony Edwards, Jason Patric, Catherine McCormack, Christina Ricci.
Patch Adams: Robin Williams, Monica Potter and director Tom Shadyac consider the healing powers of comedy.
A Simple Plan: Sam Raimi's psychodrama in the snow.
Mobile phones in movies: How they could have ruined those classic moments.
Kate Winslet: Getting the shits in the Sahara.
The Hollywood how to ... Let the movies show you how to get on in life.
John Waters: He's not trying to shock anyone. Honest.
Empire's 100 most...: Your guide to the most of everything in Hollywood
  Also News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 116
February 1999
New films: Psycho, The Siege, Meet Joe Black, Star Trek: Insurrection, Shakespeare in Love, Little Voice, Stepmom, The Mighty, Babe: Pig In The City, Living Out Loud, Very Bad Things, Two Girls And A Guy, The Opposite Sex, Bulworth, Hilary And Jackie, 54, Dobermann, Pi, Sitcom, Glass Trip, To Have And Have Not (1945), The Acid House.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Mummy, End of Days, Permanent Midnight, Onegin, Chris Columbus, Christopher Reeve.
In person: Halle Berry, Joseph Fiennes, Jeanne Tripplehorn.
Brad Pitt: Despite godlike features, untold riches, and Jennifer Aniston for a ladyfriend, he wants to be a serious actor.
Psycho: Vince Vaughn stars in the Gus Van Sant remake/homage.
The uglyometer: Gorgeous stars made to look worse than a dog's breakfast.
Snuff movies: People are just dying to learn the truth.
Geddit? With a vengeance: The 3nd instalment of Empire's movie in-joke compendium.
Patrick Stewart: The man who replaced Shatner goes boldly into the ninth Star Trek movie.
1999 Preview: Over 130 new movies coming at ya!
  Also Gil Gerard, Billy Warlock, Tara Reid, James Frain, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

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