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Issue 139
January 2001
John Waters answers all the questions from Divine and dog shit to bad hair days and Cecil B. Demented.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: Who's gonna win the 2001 Academy Awards? Will Smith takes on Ali; Ioan Gruffund and Alice Evans in 102 Dalmatians; Future films.
New films: The Grinch, Charlie's Angels, Meet the Parents, The 6th Day, Little Nicky, The Family Man, Small Time Crooks, 102 Dalmatians, Cecil B. Demented, Hamlet, Ready to Rumble, The Art of War, Les Destinees Sentimentales, The Original Kings of Comedy, Merlin The Return, The Man Who Cried, Blackboards, Groove, La Fidelite, Urban Legends: Final Cut, The Apartment.
In person: Tea Leoni, Julia Stiles, Ben Stiller.
The Grinch: Jim Carrey and Ron Howard reveal all about the mad green world of The Grinch.
Review of the year: What was this year called 2000 all about? Only the definitive Empire review will set you straight.
George Clooney: Three hit films in one year. One cool customer. Clooney looks back on his career to date. And life with a pig.
Philip Seymour Hoffman.
It's A Wonderful Life: The true story of how a dud become a classic.
Cameron Crowe: Tom Cruise's mate on realising his dream film, Almost Famous.
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Issue 138
December 2000
Joel Schumacher answers all the questions from is there life after death to has he ever worn a dress?
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: Spielberg's favourite swear word; more Episode II pics; make like a Raging Bull; Adam Sandler: genius or goat? Vin Diesel; Twin Peaks cast; Future films.
New films: Wonder Boys, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Bedazzled, Bring It On, The Way Of The Gun, Loser, Duets, The Yards, Flawless, The Exorcist: Director's Cut, Chopper, Purely Belter, Disney's The Kid, The Skulls, Chuck & Buck, Black And White, Singin' In The Rain, East-West, Judy Berlin, Tom's Midnight Garden, Where The Heart Is, Bodywork, Goya In Bordeaux, Harry He Is Here To Help, Into The Arms Of Strangers, Gun Shy, It Was An Accident, Man Utd: Beyond The Promised Land, Suzhou River, The Road Home, The Golden Bowl, Confessions of a Trickbaby, Grey Owl, Siam Sunset, Pourquoi Pas Moi?, Raging Bull.
In person: Carrie-Anne Moss, Jason Biggs.
Elizabeth Hurley: Britain's most eligible leading lady talks exclusively to Empire about sex, sinning and seducing Brendan Fraser in Bedazzled.
Charlie's Angels: Catsuits and catfights. The full story behind one of the most anticipated films of the year.
Wonder Boys: On set with Curtis Hanson, Michael Douglas and their fellow boy wonders.
Natalie Portman: The beauty with a brain talks about Harvard and her plans for the future, and offers an insight into her new movie, Where The Heart Is.
Get Carter: Not the Sly Stallone re-make, but the diamond hard original. Michaels Hodges and Caine talk us through the best British gangster film of all time.
James Caan: The Godfather of cool chats about his turbulent four decades in Hollywood.
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Issue 137
November 2000
Joel Silver answers all the questions from what happens in The Matrix 2 to how often does he lose his temper.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: How far is to far? On the set of Mummy 2. Meet the Road Trippers. Future films.
New films: What Lies Beneath, Road Trip, Dinosaur, Girlfight, Under Suspicion, Coyote Ugly, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Center Stage, Romeo Must Die, The House Of Mirth, Liberty Heights, This is Spinal Tap, I Could Read The Sky, Nasty Neighbours, Rage, Water Drops on Burning Rocks, Memento, The Little Vampire, Sorted, In The Mood For Love, Julien Donkey-Boy, Some Like It Hot (1959).
In person: Elisabeth Shue.
...and beneath lies, the truth: Empire meets Michelle Pfeiffer in venice and chases Harrison Ford around Europe to ask the really tough questions. For starters, what, exactly, lies beneath?
Empire's 69 sexiest movie characters of all time: Attractive actors come and go, but truly sexy character can live forever.
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2: Sequel director Joe Berlinger reveals why he decided to go back into the woods, but leave the shaky camera behind. Plus, meet two of the new campers.
Girlfight: The star and director of this year's big Sundance smash give us a blow-by-blow account of making their 'female Rocky'.
Paul Verhoeven: The always controversial Dutch director of Hollow Man defends his good name in an explosive interview.
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Issue 136
October 2000
Morgan Freeman answers all the questions from which deadly sin tempts him the most to where does he keep his Empire award?
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: How did Brad shape up for Snatch? First Episode II pics, Big Budget Brother, Hollywood rumours, Brittany Murphy loses her cherry. Future films.
New films: O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Snatch, Billy Elliot, Keeping the Faith, Hollow Man, Scary Movie, Me, Myself & Irene, The Cell, Titus, Nurse Betty, Shaft, Love & Sex, Play It to the Bone, The Luzhin Defence, Twin Falls Idaho, Where the Money Is, Miss Julie, The Wind Will Carry Us, Dancer in the Dark, Nightfall/Abendland, Going Off Big Time, L' Humanite, Whatever, Space Cowboys, Elephant Juice, Secrets of the Heart, Gossip, Cherry Falls.
In person: Bjork, Anna Paquin, Jenn Elfman.
Jennifer Lopez: Fresh from conquering the pop charts, La Lopez is back in The Cell. An exclusive audience with the hottest star in Hollywood.
Cinema survey: The worst and the best cinemas in UK.
Famke Jansen and Jon Favreau: The cosy co-stars of Love & Sex talk about... love and sex.
A fistful of dollars: A celebration of the classic Spaghetti Western trilogy, which made Clint Eastwood into a star.
The Coen brothers: The laconic geniuses attempt to be serious.
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Issue 135
September 2000
Pierce Brosnan answers all the questions from being Bond to that stair-shagging sequence in The Thomas Crown Affair.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: Where have all the female stars gone? The hazards of foreign filmmaking. Merchandising wars. More news from Lord of the Rings. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Future films.
New films: X-Men, The Perfect Storm, Gone in 60 Seconds, Shanghai Noon, Rules of Engagement, Timecode, The Road to El Dorado, There's Only One Jimmy Grimble, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Donald Cammell's Wild Side, The Color of Paradise, Some Voices, La Veuve De Saint-Pierre, Ring, Me Myself I, Kadosh, Siberia, Himalaya, The Wedding Tackle, My Dog Skip, Those Who Love Me Can Take The Train, Jesus' Son.
In person: Saffron Burrows, Tommy Lee Jones, Owen Wilson.
X-Men: From the set in Toronto to the night before the premiere in New York, Empire tracks this summer's record-breaking blockbuster.
The Perfect Storm: George Clooney and serial on-screen partner Mark Wahlberg don scraggy beards to climb aboard the storm-tossed ship to blockbuster land.
Raiders of the lost art: How two cinema giants turned their boyhood love of Saturday morning serials into the greatest summer movie ever made.
William Friedkin: The Exorcist wunderkind and '70s survivor on hostility, Oscars and ass-kissing.
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Issue 134
August 2000
New films: Mission: Impossible 2, High Fidelity, American Movie, Stuart Little, The Patriot, Titan A.E., Big Momma's House, Chicken Run, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Breakfast of Champions, Shaft, Love & Basketball, Kikujiro, Flamenco, Beau Travail, Butterfly's Tongue, In Too Deep, Essex Boys, 24 Hours in London, Not One Less, Bats, The Emperor and the Assassin, A Bout De Souffle.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: 30 new Episode II rumors; on the set of Keanu's new flick; the MTV Movie Awards; summer movie scandal; the best animated film you'll never see; new Lord of the Rings pics; Jessica Pare; Top 20 movies in the works.
In person: Mark Wahlberg, Dougray Scott.
Tim Roth answers the questions from getting bloody as Mr. Orange to getting stuck in The War Zone.
John Cusack: High Fidelity's front man spends a day (and night) in London town with Empire in tow.
Cannes people: First-time actors, veteran directors. They 're all here.
The Patriot: Mel Gibson gets out the big guns once more to smote the English and banish their evil from the earth forever.
Mena Suvari: The American Beauty reveals her hidden art skills.
Chicken Run: The story of how some crazy guys from Bristol with a chicken obsession and a ton of Plasticine made a hit movie.
Spend! Spend! Spend!: Wonder how moviestars get shot of their millions? Empire's man in LA did his damnedest to find out.
John Woo: The sultan of shoot-'em-ups on M:I 2, slo-mo and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
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Issue 133
July 2000
New films: U-571, Battlefield Earth, Sweet And Lowdown, For Love Of The Game, Deception, Three To Tango, Eye Of The Beholder, Frequency, Return To Me, The Next Best Thing, Maybe Baby, The Ninth Gate, Gangster No. 1, The Story Of Us, When The Sky Falls, Beyond The Mat, Isn't She Great, Chill Factor, Drive Me Crazy, Simon Magus, The Barber Of Siberia, Brothers, Relative Values, The King Of Paris, Small Time Obsession, Jaya Ganga, Mal, The Best Man.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: What has happened to Kevin Costner?, Who is L.Ron Hubbard?,On set with U-571, The Blockbuster Awards, Connie Nielsen, Tom Hollander, Barbara Crampton, Top 20 movies in the works.
In person: Matthew McConaughey, Joely Richardson, Emmanuelle Seigner.
Stephen Fry answers the questions on real butlers, Julie Andrews, writing novels etc.
Summer preview 2000: M:I 2, The Perfect Storm, High Fidelity, The Patriot, The X-Men, Gone in 60'', Loser, Me Myself And Irene, Snatch.
The green pile: Empire analyses the excess, materialism and, arguably, lunacy of movieland's salary system.
Richard Harris: Britain's biggest movie hellraiser is still here.
The Tartan Army: An exclusive look at the National Portrait Gallery's new excibition in honour of Scottish actors.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A retrospective peak behind-the-scenes of the infamous horror movie.
Woody Allen: He's short. He's neurotic. He's going deaf. But 30 years on, he's still firing at his best.
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Issue 132
June 2000
New films: Gladiator, Pitch Black, The Virgin Suicides, Mission To Mars, Final Destination, Honest, Stir Of Echoes, The Whole Nine Yards, 25 Days, Snow Falling On Cedars, Circus, Nora, Saving Grace, Pokemon, One Day In September, The Girl On The Bridge, La Nouvelle Eve, Hanging Up, Pola X, To Walk With Lions, Man Is A Woman, A Monkey's Tale, Best, The Filth And The Fury, Trick, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, My Life So Far, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Sullivan's Travels, Janine Beard 45WPM, Down to You, The Last September, Boiler Room.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: Why Julia Roberts is worth $20 million; On the set of Snatch; Oscars; BAFTAS; New Lord of the Rings picture; Celebrity drivers do some damage; Amanda Peet; Craig Ferguson; Heather Langenkamp; Top 20 movies in the works.
In person: Ethan Hawke, Sofia Coppola, Kelly Macdonald.
Ewan McGregor answers the questions on Jar Jar, nudity, stalking and a lot more hairy things.
Honest: Three-quarters of All Saints make their film debut this month. But can they cut it on the big screen?
Gladiator: Russell Crowe is prepared to fight all-comers for the title of next action hero as he takes the lead in Ridley Scott's swords, sandals and tigers epic.
Kevin Bacon: It's Bacon year: two films on the way - Stir of Echoes and The Hollow Man - and the band plays on.
Matt Stone & Trey Parker: How do you define comedy? South Park's creators thing they've got the answers.
Memo to Hollywood: The truth! They want it but they can't handle it! The readers say how Hollywood must change.
William Goldman: He's written more scripts than you 've had hot dinners, knows the industry better than anybody and isn't afraid to speak his mind.
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Issue 131
May 2000
New films: Scream 3, Erin Brockovich, The Cider House Rules, Boys Don't Cry, American Psycho, Galaxy Quest, The Million Dollar Hotel, Kevin And Perry Go Large, Cradle Will Rock, Snow Day, Sunshine, Hurly Burly, Love Honour And Obey, Up At The Villa, The Closer You Get, Once Upon A Time In The West, Asterix & Obelix Take On Caesar, Ghost Dog The Way of the Samurai, The Tigger Movie, Sex The Annabel Chong Story, Pippi Longstocking, Brother, L' Ennui, Of Freaks And Men.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: The Perfect Storm, Lord of thr Rings, High Fidelity, Shiner, Virtually reality, Annabel Chong, Tahnee Welch, Michael Berryman, Laura Fraser, Jamie Foxx.
In person: Kristin Scott Thomas, Gary Sinise, Chloe Sevigny.
Kenneth Branagh: The star answers the most unusual and interesting questions from Empire readers.
Psycho killers: Cover story. With the release this month of the slash-happy Scream 3 and American Psycho, has Hollywood gone too far?
Denzel Washington: The Hurricane star reveals his tough new image may not be simply an act.
Galaxy Quest: Laugh long and prosper! Empire on the set of this year's funniest sci-fi spoof.
The Million Dollar Hotel: Exclusive, behind-the-scenes photographs from the hippest film of the year.
The curse of Oscar: At the best of times Hollywood is a very superstitious place.
Kevin And Perry Go Large: On the eve of their big screen debut, telly's Kevin and Perry - Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke - share their cringiest secrets.
Tim Robbins: The multi-talented Robbins on his star turn in Mission To Mars, and being back behind the lens for this month's Cradle Will Rock.
  Also The Art of Star Wars, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 130
April 2000
New films: Three Kings, The Insider, The Hurricane, Girl Interrupted, Being John Malkovich, Joan Of Ark, Man On The Moon, Lake Placid, Magnolia, Ordinary Decent Criminal, Next Friday, Tumbleweeds, Any Given Sunday, What Ever Happened To Harold Smith?, Love's Labour's Lost, The Miracle Maker, Show Me Love, Broken Vessels, A Clockwork Orange, Bleeder, Mansfield Park, Third World, The Last Broadcast, A Matter Of Life And Death, The Long Good Friday, Lola + Bilidikid, House!, In All Innocence, Les Convoyeurs Attendent.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Mission To Mars, The Patriot, All The Pretty Horses, U-571, The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle, Empire Awards 2000, The 72nd Oscars, The $75m. man, Spike Jonze, Michael Legge.
In person: Milla Jovovich, John Malcovich.
Winona Ryder: The true star of this month's Girl, Interrupted reveals the demons that nearly drove her over the edge.
The Insider: Director Michael Mann reveals the inside story on the scandal that disgraced a TV station, rocked an industry and shattered one man's life.
William H. Macy: The star of hot ensemble drama Magnolia talks us through his acting masterclass.
Three Kings: George Clooney, water fights, pneumonia and eight-inch needles. Director David O. Russell tells all about the 'troubled' shoot.
Frank Darabont: The nicest man in the world on Shawshank, sex toys and his latest Stephen King-athon, The Green Mile.
  Also News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 129
March 2000
New films: Toy Story 2, The Green Mile, Topsy-Turvy, House On Haunted Hill, The Beach, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Fantasia 2000, The End Of The Affair, Agnes Browne, A Room For Romeo Brass, Strong Language, Supernova, Fast Food, Blood Guts Bullets And Octane, From The Edge Of The City, Rear Window, Rosetta, The Cherry Orchard, Open Your Eyes, You Only Live Once.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Love's Labour's Lost, Sweet And Lowdown Circus, The Replacements, The Legend Of Bagger Vance. The Oscars, Puff Daddy, Harry Potter, Barry Pepper, Virginie Ledoyen.
In person: Neil Jordan, Matthew Liliard, Julianne Moore.
Toy Story 2: Screenwriter-director John Lasseter talks us through the making of the most eagerly-awaited sequel for years.
The Beach: After one of the most controversual shoots for ages, Danny Boyle - and Leonardo DiCaprio - are back. Here Boyle exclusively reveals the story behind the making of The Beach.
Bonkers contracts: Check out the weirder clauses imposed on Hollywood's stars, past and present.
Man On The Moon: Next month sees the release of Jim Carrey's new movie, Andy Kaufman biopic Man On The Moon. But who the hell was he?
The fall guy: Empire's Mark Dinning finds out exactly what it takes to become a professional stuntman.
Anthony Minghella: The English Patient director on his star-studded follow-up, this month's The Talented Mr. Ripley.
  Also News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 128
February 2000
New films: Sleepy Hollow, American Beauty, The Bone Collector, Double Jeopardy, Bringing Out The Dead, Summer Of Sam, Angela's Ashes, Wonderland, Stigmata, Bicentennial Man, One More Kiss, Strange Planet, Train Of Life, The Wood, Limbo, Simpatico, Time Regained, The Darkest Light, Lovers Of The Arctic Circle, Three Seasons, Scarlet Street, Lies.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Fantasia 2000, Little Nicky, House On Haunted Hill, Stuart Little, Hanging Up, Head Over Heels, The future of movies, Pokemon explained, A Clockwork Orange update, How to spot The Sixth Sense twist, Stigmata unravelled, Tura Satana, Larry Wilcox, Naomi Watts, Wes Bentley.
In person: Alan Parker, Lisa Marie.
The 50 films you must see in 2000: Toy Story 2, Mission Impossible 2, The Beach, Gladiator, Scream 3, The Green Mile, The Messenger, Battlfield Earth, X-Men, The Patriot, Me Myself And Irene...
Kevin Spacey: On the eve of American Beauty's UK release and amidst frenzied Oskar talk, Empire caught up with Kevin Spacey - a new breed of Hollywood hero.
Bringing Out The Dead: On the set of Martin Scorsese's dark paramedic drama.
Angelina Jolie: She's beautiful, talented and at the moment she's just about everywhere - meet the new princess of Hollywood.
Tim burton: The Sleepy Hollow auteur invites us into his weird but wonderful world.
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