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Issue 151
January 2002
First look: New shots from Monsters Inc, Vanilla Sky, Behind Enemy Lines.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: Episode II trailers analysed.
Talent: Adam Garcia and the anti-Amelie, Roxane Mesquida.
Pipeline: An exclusive visit to the set of Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down; plus Soderbergh's Solaris flair.
Review of the year: Including the 50 must-see movies of 2001, Last word on a mediocre year, and the inaugural Snatches Awards for all that was great and good. And not good.
Ben Stiller: The star of Zoolander has no shame. That's why we love him.
The Lord Of Rings special section: Including: The full production story, Interviews with all the cast and Peter Jackson, The SFX secrets behind the movie magic, An exclusive on-set diary, Parts two and three preview, And all manner of Hobbit-related nonsesnse!
The making of... The Wizard Of Oz: It must be Christmas, Dorothy's on the box. Follow the yellow brick road.
Samuel L. Jackson: He's the one that says bad motherfucker.
New films: The 51st State, Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, Serendipity, Bandits, The Princess Diaries, The Deep End, Christmas Carol: The Movie, Rock Star, Mean Machine, Riding In Cars With Boys, Maelstrom, The Believer, Djomeh, The Hired Hand, A Ma Soeur, The Day I Became A Woman, Dog Eat Dog, Meet Me In St. Louis, Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure.
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Issue 150
December 2001
First look: New shots from the Hughes brothers' blood epic From Hell, plus Shallow Hall, Monsters Inc. and stunning images from Ocean's 11 trailer.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: 20 tips for Oscars, Snatches, The Guide, and how to dress like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.
Talent: Katharine Isabelle, E.R.'s Goran Visnjic and the twisted brilliance of Happiness director Todd Solondz.
Pipeline: Set visits to underwater horror Below and Salma Hayek's Frida, plus all the new production news, including a casting rumour round-up.
Last word: Foreign films are fun too! So long as you can find a cinema brave enough to show them.
Billy Connoly: The hirsute Scot answers all your questions.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: On set and behind the scenes, Empire talks to author J.K. Rowling, 12 year-old Daniel Radcliffe, director Chris Columbus and a host of others in a bid to reveal the magician's best kept secrets.
The Others: Starring Nicole Kidman, produced by her ex and directed by a 29 year-old Spanish wunderkind. The Seventh Sense, anyone?
Ghost World: Comic creator Daniel Clowes draws an exclusive picture of life on the set of the Ghost World, the movie version of his cult graphic novel.
Billy Bob Thornton: He may be married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, but as a boy, Billy Bob had designs on somebody very different. A barmy but brilliant interview.
The making of The Evil Dead: Director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell talk demons and Vaseline.
Apocalypse Now: Chopper attack: All the method and madness - and what you see on screen doesn't come close to what happened off camera - behind perhaps the greatest action set-piece in movie history.
Tony Curtis: The Hollywood legend talks frankly about the highs and lows of a career stretching over five decades.
New films: The Others, Heist, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, Ghosts Of Mars, Glitter, Zoolander, Me Without You, Ghost World, Gabriel & Me, Eloge De L' Amour, The Animal, Strictly Sinatra, Storytelling, A Bench In The Park, Disco Pigs, Kandahar, The Navigators, The Piano Teacher, New Year's Day, Esther Kahn, Baby Boy, The Body, Apocalypse Now Redux, My Brother Tom, This Filthy Earth, The Devil's Backbone, Jump Tomorrow.
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Issue 149
November 2001
First look: New shots from Windtalkers, Bandits, Kevin Spacey in The Shipping News, a new animated version of A Christmas Carol and Steven Soderbergh's all-star Ocean's Eleven.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: The full low-down on Apocalypse Now Redux; The Guide; Snatches; Jet Li teatches us kung fu.
Talent: Rat Race co-stars Breckin Meyer and Seth 'Quasi-evil' Green; plus Mrs. Ryan Phillippe, Legally Blonde's Reese Withserspoon.
Pipeline: An exclusive visit to the set of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man; plus Harry Potter toys, the new James Bond car and a glimpse of the first official Lord Of The Rings poster.
Last word: Kim Newman ponders what the failure of Atlantis: The Lost Empire and the success of Shrek means for traditional animation, and Disney in particular.
Mark Hamill: The original Skywalker facing questions about Episode I, OJ Simpson and his Star Wars co-stars.
The ultimate movie poll: From best actress to best poster, best soundtrack to best film. The finest in movie history as voted by the readers.
American Pie 2: There are hundreds of people in this summer's comedy sequel, but Empire just talk to the funny ones: Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs. Plus, Eugene Levy explains the comedy of embarrassment.
Jeremy Northam: The perfect English gentleman may yet become a purpose-built American star. So long as he can still find time to warch the cricket.
America's Sweethearts: A press conference starring huge movie stars talking about a film in which huge movie stars struggle through press conferences...Oh, sod it, it's got Julia Roberts and John Cusack in it.
The making of Taxi Driver: Not many films have inspired both a Levi's commercial and a Presidential assassination attempt.
Ed Norton: He's been called the finest actor of his generation. We meet the man to find out why.
Hall of fame: With Cannes favourite Mulholland Drive marking a return to prime weird form, Empire looks back over the singular career of director David Lynch.
New films: America's Sweethearts, American Pie 2, Legally Blonde, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Pledge, Rat Race, Kiss Of The Dragon, Osmosis Jones, Original Sin, Peaches, Presque Rien, Wild About Harry, The Man Who Wasn't There, Down From The Mountain, Jeepers Creepers, SW9, La Ville Est Tranquille, The Brotherhood Of The Wolf, Driven, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, Large, Eureka, Amelie, Asoka, La Cienaga, Little Otik, Mike Bassett: England Manager, Annie Hall.
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Issue 148
October 2001
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: New shots from Gangs Of New York, Four Feathers, Ali, Spider and The Reckoning; Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster, co-stars in The Fast And The Furious; Audrey Tautou, the breathtaking face of Amelie; set visits to Joaquin Phoenix's war epic, Buffalo Soldiers, and Vinnie Jones' Mean Machine.
Sigourney Weaver answers all the questions from alien orgies and wife-swapping to Ghostbusters 3 and losing out at the Oscars.
A.I. Robot wars: The full lowdown on Steven Spielberg's sci-fi spectacular.
Molly Parker: Find out why the ''innocent 25 year-old'' is the bravest woman working in movies today.
The Fast And The Furious: Director Rob Cohen and star Vin Diesel reveal how they made cars go really fast.
Moulin Rouge: Welcome to Baz Luhrmanns weird and wonderful musical extravaganza! Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor give us all the behind-the-scenes juice, rumours'n'all.
Battle Royale: Before the inevitable controversy kicks in, discover exactly why this biting satire deserves your attention.
Ed Norton: He's been called the finest actor of his generation. We meet the man to find out why.
The making of... Superman: ''You'll believe a man can fly,'' boasted the teaser poster - but living up to that line turned out to be a whole lot tougher than anyone expected.
The method: Brando was famous for it. Monroe was driven mad by it. The origins of a school of acting that was to shape a generation.
Hall of fame: His name is Michael Caine, and with underworld drama Shiner his 58th film, he looks back over a long and very busy career.
New films: A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Planet Of The Apes, Moulin Rouge, The Fast And The Furious, The Score, Crush, Scary Movie 2, Enigma, Battle Royale, Shiner, George Washington, Greenfingers, Pandaemonium, Rush Hour 2, The Center Of The World, The Circle, The Brothers, The Martins, The Forsaken, Women Talking Dirty, Angel Eyes, Le Secret, Ali Zaoua, Bloody Angels, Sweet Smell Of Success.
Oliver Stone explains how, and why, he brought Salvador and Wall Street To DVD.
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Issue 147
September 2001
William H. Macy answers all the questions from was he really shot in an armed robbery to playing a cockroach.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: The death of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote; Casting America's Sweethearts; Paul Bettany and Shannyn Sossamon sass up A Knight's Tale; Cats & Dogs behind the scenes; When the strike is over: special report; Jack Lemmon RIP; visit to Hart's War and new Episode II; Spider-Man.
New films: Jurassic Park III, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Swordfish, A Knight's Tale, Heartbreakers, Cats & Dogs, Lucky Break, Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles, Crazy/Beautiful, Animal Attraction, What's The Worst That Could Happen?, The Parole Officer, Me You Them, The Farewell, Gohatto, Suspicious River, Dr. Dolittle 2, Hedwig And The Angry Inch, A Time For Drunken Horses, Recess: School's Out, What's Cooking?, Josie And The Pussycats, Tears Of The Black Tiger, At The Height Of The Summer, The Truth Game, Help! I'm A Fish.
Planet Of The Apes: Tim Burton defies convention yet again this month to return to the Planet Of The Apes. Empire brings you the full inside story on the $100 million blockbuster (just don't call it a remake), with exclusive interviews with Burton, Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth et al, and unprecedented on-set access. Plus Charlton Heston anchors Empire's full-on retrospective look at the original film that became a classic.
Jennifer Love Hewitt: The scream queen-turned-Heartbreaker tells all about her ticket out of teen.
Final Fantasy: It's more than a computer game adaptation; more than just the next wave of computer animation. Final Fantasy could herald the next era of cinema - but will it also sound the death knell for flesh and blood actors?
Steve Coogan and James Nesbitt: Two of Britain's brightest comedic talents are set to bust out to cinematic stardom in prison-related comedies, The Parole Officer and Lucky Break. Empire goes down for a long stretch with both.
Swordfish: Director Dominic Sena reveals how he created the best explosion of the summer.
A Knight's Tale: Heath Ledger on impending stardom, the paparazzi and singalonga-swordplay.
Robert Altman: Call him Maverick. From Nasville to The Player, the legendary Robert Altman tells how he's been bucking the Hollywood system for years.
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Issue 146
August 2001
Jon Voight answers all the questions from hanging with Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy to lording with Lara in Tomb Raider.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: When critics attack Pearl Harbor; A re-cut version of Episode I; Natalia Verbeke; The real Cannes; A visit to Mel Gibson's new movie.
New films: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Evolution, Town & Country, Dr. T And The Women, Sweet November, High Heels And Low Lifes, The Princess And The Warrior, Together, Urban Ghost Story, Whipped, The Ladies Man, When Love Comes, Solas, The In Crowd, Ed Gein, Intimacy, The Iron Ladies, Pokemon 3: The Movie, Possible Worlds, Room To Rent, Jurassic Park III.
In person: Jason Isaacs.
Tomb Raider: Angelina Jolie, as Lara Croft, in this month's event movie.
Minnie Driver and Mary McCormack: Spend a girls' night in with the transatlantic trouble-makers from High Heels Low Lifes.
Jurassic Park III: Director Joe Johnston and his dinosaur specialists (Stan Winston and ILM) talk us through the challenge of life after Spielberg, while on set the cast talk about life as lunch.
Director's gallery: Intimate portraits of the maverick talents behind some of cinema's most distinctive films. Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, De Palma, Stone, Carpenter, Woo.
The Abyss: Hold your breath as Empire goes deep to tell the extraordinary story of the James Cameron shoot which earned the nickname ''The Abuse''.
Jeffrey Katzenberg: The K from Dreamworks SKG talks about his remarkable career, including his latest animation triumph, Shrek.
  Also News, DVD, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 145
July 2001
David Duchovny answers all the questions from ''will there be an X-Files 2?'' to ''who is his favourite Muppet?''
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: Sex is back; Hobbits in Cannes, Damon Albarn rocks; Melissa Sagemiller rolls; Russell Crowe gnomed; Tom Cruise gets gunged; Steve Buscemi's stabbing: Tarantino-style; The Replacements.
New films: Pearl Harbor, Shrek, The Mummy Returns, Ginger Snaps, Down To Earth, Say It Isn't So, Series 7: The Contenders, Croupier, La Bete, Another Life, 101 Reykjavik, Out Of Depth, Dracula 2001, Get Over It, Late Night Shopping, Autumn In New York, Merci Pour Le Chocolat, Before Night Falls, The Crimson Rivers, Nowhere To Hide, Taxi 2, Very Annie Mary, Bande A Part, See Spot Run, Fiddler On The Roof, El Mar, Like Father, Evolution.
In person: Heather Graham, Franka Potente.
Pearl Harbor: Empire gives you the exclusive lowdown on the bombs, the bullets and the budget of Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay's $135 million sure thing. Including exclusive interviews with stars Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale.
Shrek: Behind the scenes with this year's CGI marvel.
Jean Reno: The enigmatic Gallic star talks Luc Besson, Hollywood and his new film, The Crimson Rivers.
Sisters of no mercy: Ginger Snaps and Series 7 offer heroines with more balls and bite than a tombful of Laras.
Chris Rock: America's second funniest man.
Ghostbusters: Empire reveals the full story fehind the king of comedy blockbusters.
Jack Cardiff: From The Red Shoes to Rambo, a cinematographer's life in pictures.
  Also News, DVD, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 144
June 2001
Christian Bale answers all the questions from ''will he be the next James Bond'' to ''did he enjoy hanky panky with Ewan?''
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: The full story behind Beatty's Town & Country; Tarantino rumors shot down; Robert Rodriguez does kid flick; Tom Cruise sandwich; Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu; Pipeline: the all-new in-production dection, with unseen pics from Spy Game, Resident Evil and Ali.
Oscars 2001: Who won what and why.
New films: Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Tigerland, Along Came A Spider, Blow, The Dish, Amores Perros, Exit Wounds, Spy Kids, The Mummy Returns, Goodbye Charlie Bright, The Taste Of Others, The Terrorist, Le Libertin, Alfie, Antitrust, Boesman And Lena, Valentine.
In person: Colin Farrell, Carla Gugino.
The Mummy Returns: Rachel Weisz, Brendan Fraser, director Stephen Sommers and ILM talk exclusively about the summer's first blockbuster.
The ultimate summer preview: Confused about what to see this summer? After reading Empire's comprehensive guide, you won't be! Includes: Tomb Raider, Pearl Harbor, Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park III and A.I.
Penelope Cruz: An intimate audience with the Spanish stunner who puts the twang in Captain Corelli's Mandolin.
Stand By Me: The real-life curse behind the teen classic.
Working Title: Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner talk Bridget Jones, Four Weddings, Bean and Captain Corelli's Mandolin.
  Also News, DVD, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 143
May 2001
Vinnie Jones answers all the questions from ''did he bond with Charlton Heston'' to male strippers and Smoking Snatch.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: Reality cinema is here; on the set of Schumacher's Phone Booth; Cotton bud cinema; Russell Crowe kidnap drama; BAFTAs round-up; Flora Montgomery; hot new pics from Gangs of New York, Lord of the Rings, A.I.
The Empire Awards 2001: The stars! The speeches! the hobbits! The full lowdown on the best movie bash of the year.
New films: The Mexican, Bridget Jones's Diary, One Night At McCool's, The Hole, The Wedding Planner, Bamboozled, The Tailor Of Panama, 15 Minutes, Mildred Pierce, A Hard Day's Night, Under The Sand, Rugrats In Paris: The Movie, The Invisible Circus, Les Enfants Du Siecle, Bread And Roses, When Brendan Met Trudy, Aimee And Jaguar, The Captive.
In person: Liv Tyler, Claire Forlani.
The Mexican: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and director Gore Verbinski talk exclusively about quirky road trip The Mexican.
Renee Zellweger Takes Empire exclusively through Bridget Jones's Diary.
Your 10 most F.A.Q.: How do you go to a premiere? How do you become a film critic? Life's essential posers answered.
The Contender: Former Empire scribe Rod Lurie talks us through his Oscar-tipped pot-boiler. Snaps by Jeff Bridges.
Josh Hartnett and Rachael Leigh Cook: Sexy young Yanks invade Blighty in Blow Dry.
The Hole: Underground with the hot teens of the Brit chiller.
Peeping Tom: The birth and rebirth of Michael Powell's classic.
Bryan Singer: X-Men director Bryan Singer on mutants, court cases and bad hair.
  Also News, DVD, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 142
April 2001
Matthew Broderick answers all the questions from leaping lizards in Godzilla to locking limbs in You Can Count On Me.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: The Oscar race hots up; On set with Burton's Planet Of The Apes; Thirteen Days' Kennedy brothers; Wes Craven directs Bill Clinton; Hot new pics from Jurassic Park III, A.I., Episode II, Lord Of The Rings; Heidi Klum.
New films: Enemy At The Gates, Thirteen Days, Hannibal, Chocolat, All The Pretty Horses, The Gift, You Can Count On Me, The Contender, Audition, Best In Show, Miss Congeniality, Malena, An Everlasting Piece, The Terminator, Dungeons & Dragons, Save The Last Dance, Proof Of Life, Shower, The Tao Of Sreve, Blow Dry, Last Resort, Men Of Honour, About Adam, Brother, Nationale 7, Elvis: That's The Way It Is Special Edition, 2001: A Space Odyssey, But I'M A Cheerleader, Damnation, The Watcher, Dark Days, Don't Look Now.
In person: Sandra Bullock, Monica Bellucci.
Instand cool: From blow jobs to Italian Jobs, from the macho of McQueen to the wisdom of Woody, Empire brings you the 273 funniest, scariest, sexiest, hippest, downright memorable moments in movie history.
The Gift: On set with Cate Blanchett and Keanu Reeves for Sam Raimi's supernatural chiller.
Proof Of Life: Love, landsides and loud-mouthed directors - all the drama behind the most harrowing shoot of the year.
Enemy At The Gates: On location in Berlin, Empire takes aim at Jude Law and Ed Harris for a sniper spectacular.
2001: A Space Odyssey: Unseen photos and the full story behind Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece.
Robert De Niro: A rare audience with the world's greatest movie actor: Scorsese, Godfather II, his difficult rep - it's all here.
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Issue 141
March 2001
Minnie Driver answers all the questions from Riverdance: The Movie to her most recent appearance in heart-swap romcom Return To Me.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: First look at Harry Potter and Planet Of The Apes; Castaway in Margate; How would a Hollywood actor's strike effect the UK?; Prince William: movie star in the making; Future films.
New films: What Women Want, Shadow of the Vampire, State and Main, Remember the Titans, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Born Romantic, The Claim, Finding Forester, The Emperor's New Groove, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dude Where's My Car?, Liam, Faithless, Digimon The Movie, Second Skin, The Lost Lover, Breakfast At Tiffany's.
In person: Helen Hunt, Sarah Jessica Parker.
My bloody Valentine: A special section celebrating the release of Hannibal, including: An exclusive audience with Hannibal director Ridley Scott; Willem Defoe talks vampires; Are you a psycho? Take the test; Takeshi Kitano: the hardest man in movies; The 10 most shocking movie moments of the last century or so; Anthony Hopkins explains why he returned to his favorite role; Baise-Moi; And buckets more gore.
The Legent of Bagger Vance: Intimate portraits of the talent behind Bagger Vance: Robert Redford, Charlize Theron, Matt Damon and Will Smith.
Born Romantic: On the salsa lovin' set of David Kane's latest London love story.
Breakfast at Tiffany's: The romantic classic is 40 years old this month, but don't worry - she doesn't look a day over 25.
Jerry Bruckheimer: The surviving half of the infamous Simpson-Bruckheimer duo talks about his billion-dollar career.
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Issue 140
February 2001
Ray Winstone answers all the questions from teenage Scum to sun-tanned Sexy Beast.
Front row: Movieland's hottest stories including: Can Tom Hanks make it an Oscar hat trick? Amelia Warner; On set with Madeleine Stowe; Fight like a Crouching Tigger; Future films.
New films: Unbreakable, Traffic, Cast Away, Almost Famous, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Vertical Limit, Quills, Requiem for a Dream, Pay It Forward, Red Planet, Bless the Child, Saltwater, The Criminal, The Low Down, Lost Souls, Crime & Punishment in Suburbia, Salo or The 120 Days Of Sodom, Kiss Me Kate, Beautiful Creatures, Bounce, Dead Babies, The Ring 2, Woman On Top, Pokemon The Movie 2000, Sexy Beast.
In person: Kate Hudson, Steven Mackintosh, Don Cheadle.
Preview 2001: Twenty pages of exclusive interviews and brand new shots of the movies which will rule the next 12 months.
Joaquin Phoenix: An interview with the star of Gladiator and Quills.
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Empire explains the tricks behind the gravity-defying fight scenes in Ang Lee's martial arts masterpiece.
Sexy Beast: On the sun-soaked Spanish set of this cool Brit gangster flick.
Traffic: Michael Douglas, Benicio Del Toro, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Empire talks to all the big players behind Steven Soderbergh's ''$49 million Dogme movie''.
M. Night Shyamalan: An exclusive interview with the director of this month's Unbreakable.
  Also News, DVD, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

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