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Issue 163
January 2003

Issue 162
December 2002
The 10 scariest movie jumps.
Front Row: All the latest movie news and views, including: 2003 preview, Solaris, Jack Black, Lynne Ramsay, Michael Moore's Bowling For Columbine, The Quiet American, Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis, Eminem.
Pipeline: New movie news, including: Terminator 3, The Rules Of Atraction.
Every New Film Reviewed: 28 Days Later, Red Dragon, Changing Lanes, Mr Deeds, Morvern Callar, Anita & Me, Bowling For Columbine, The Quiet American, Rabbit-proof Fence, 8 Women, Manic, The Safety Of Objects, Avalon, Laissez-Passer, Orange County, Sans Soleil, The War Bride, He Loves Me He Loves Me Not, L.I.E., Two Men Went To War, Abouna, Enough, Ted Bundy, Shakti: The Power, City By The Sea, They, Juwanna Mann.
Jason Isaacs: Harry Potter's latest nemesis answers all the questions.
James Bond in Die Another Day: The secrets of 007's enduring success.
The ultimate movie bogeyman: The bloody guide to the ultimate movie killer.
The battle over the Four Feathers: Shekhar Kapur's one-man, two-year war against a swarm of deadly scorpions, a plague of king cobras and one Harvey Weinstein.
Jennifer Aniston in The Good Girl.
Religious horror movies: Be afraid, be very afraid...
Neil LaBute: Possession.
The 45 greatest rock 'n' roll moments in movie history.
Terry Gilliam talks Monty Python, studio interference, the burden of dreams and how Sean Connery saved his ass.
Regulars: Home Entertainment: Videos to Rent, Videos to Buy, DVD to Buy, Soundtracks, Books and Classic Scene: The Seventh Seal.

Issue 161
November 2002

Issue 160
October 2002
Front Row: All the latest movie news and views, including: The sad demise of FilmFour; Why all movies should be set in space; The lovely Erika Christensen.
Pipeline: New movie news, including the full lowdown on Batman vs. Superman.
Harry Potter 2: With the sequel to the second-biggest film of all time just months away, Chris Columbus redefines ''pressure''.
Red Dragon: Hopkins, Norton and Fiennes explain why one last bite of Hannibal was too tempting to turn down.
Movie titles lost in translation: Find out where in the world Fargo went by the name of Mysterious Murder In Snowy Cream.
Signs: Have faith! With a $60 million opening weekend in the States, M. Night Shyamalan seems to have rediscovered his box office touch, without compromising his unique gift. The director and cast talk crop circles, aliens and Mel Gibson's pranks.
UK movie release nightmares: Can't see the latest US indie at your local multiples? Here's why.
The Importance Of Being Earnest: Captured in exclusive on-set photography, the starry cast go on the hunt of Oscar glory.
Sam Mendes: Pure Brit genius as Empire goes one-on-one with the Road To Perdition director.
Chris Nolan: Yet more British genius with the man behind Memento.
Retro: The making of Good Will Hunting: How Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote themselves the part of their young lives.
Raiders of the lost archives: Thirty lost classics, located and rated (Unman, Wittering And Zigo, anyone?)
Hall of Fame: Steve Buscemi: The indie icon looks back over an eclectic career.
Every New Film Reviewed: Road To Perdition, Signs, Insomnia, Windtalkers, The Bourne Identity, Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Swimf@n, All About Lily Chou-Chou, Secret Ballot, Frailty, The Sweetest Thing, Minor Mishaps, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Trouble Every Day, A Walk To Remember, Ma Femme Est Une Actrice, Dog Days, Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams, O, Two Can Play That Game, The Trespasser, Once Upon A Time In The Midlands, The Bunker, The New Guy, The Importance Of Being Earnest.
Regulars: Home Entertainment: Videos to Rent, Videos to Buy, DVD to Buy, Soundtracks, Books and Classic Scene: Beautiful Girls.

Issue 159
September 2002
Front Row: All the latest movie news and views, including: First looks at Die Another Day, xXx and Catch Me If You Can. Plus Ben Affleck's war on terrorism, how The Crocodile Hunter could be award-winning (as if!), and your completed Josh Hartnett questionnaire .
Talent: Bridget Moynahan, Giovanni Ribisi.
Pipeline: Set visits to Red Dragon, Daredevil and Young Adam.
Rupert Everett: Unconditional Love's Everett answers your questions on Madonna, singing and Labradors.
The Two Towers: Join Peter Jackson on the set of the second in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, and find out what's in store for the Fellowship on DVD.
Emily Mortimer: Lovely & Amazing's break-out star proves she's both.
Road To Perdition: Tom Hanks and Paul Newman talk up the first serious Oscar contender of the year.
Digital cinema: Is this really the future?
Reign Of Fire: Dragons! Matthew McConaughy with tattoos! Christian Bale with a beard! What more could you want?
The Guru: Jimi Mistry is sex. It's true.
Eight Legged Freaks: Giant spiders! David Arquette as the hero! Scarlett Johansson as the damsel in distress! What more... oh, we did that already.
Christian Slater: His rise, fall and re-rise.
Retro: The making of Point Break.
The film that changed my life: Thirty stars on just that.
Hall of Fame: Barry Sonnenfeld: The MIB 2 director on his porn career and beyond.
Every New Film Reviewed: Eight Legged Freaks, Men In Black II, The Sum Of All Fears, The Guru, Reign Of Fire, Lovely & Amazing, Unconditional Love, Platform, La Spagnola, Heaven, Lost In La Mancha, Tortilla Soup, Be My Star, Talk To Her, Lantana, Time Of Favor, Rififi, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, Black Knight, Scratch, Amen, Austin Powers In Goldmember, Happy Times, The Quiet American, Stuart Little 2, The Wash.
Regulars: Home Entertainment: Videos to Rent, Videos to Buy, DVD to Buy, Soundtracks, Books and Classic Scene: Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery.

Issue 158
August 2002
Front Row: Featuring exclusive looks at Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and Daredevil. Plus, is FilmFour in trouble? And Daryl Hannah returns.
Talent: The Abduction Club's Matthew Rhys, and Mandy Moore takes A Walk To Remember.
Pipeline: Empire visits Chicago - the film, not the city. Plus: a comprehensive remakes round-up, and the worst poster ever.
Cannes diary: Two interpid Empire reporters on the highs and lows of Cannes - the greatest film festival in the world.
Patrick Stewart: The movies' favourite egghead answers your questions.
Minority Report: Cruise! Spielberg! Together at last! Here is the full story.
Men In Black II: Will Smith and director Barry Sonnenfeld on the return of the MIB.
Buddy Hollywood: An indispensable guide to the chummiest people in Tinseltown.
Scooby-Doo: How the 'net tried to neuter Scooby.
Internet piracy: It's costing studios millions. An Empire investigation.
Beyonce Knowles: Austin Powers' latest shagadelic co-star talks about her destiny, child.
It's only a movie, but...: Cinema's most baffling inconsistencies skewered on the sword of implacable logic.
Retro: The making of Top Gun
Wild and crazy guys: In the 1970s, a new, funnier breed of rat pack arrived. Martin, Chase, Belushi et al spelt sex, drugs and comedy galore. Hollywood hasn't been the same since.
Hall of Fame: Steven Spielberg: An exclusive interview with the world's greatest [?] and Empire reader's favourite director.
Every New Film Reviewed: Minority Report, Scooby-Doo, Nine Queens, Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron, Bad Company, Devdas, Birthday Girl, Novocaine, Le Roi Danse, To Sleep With Anger, Jason X, Sunshine State, Silence We're Rolling, Days And Nights In The Forest, The Abduction Club, Tape, Lighthouse, Vivre Sa Vie, Amadeus: The Director's Cut, Hijack Stories, Before You Go, 23rd March 1931 Shaheed, Dogtown And Z Boys, Chop Suey, ivans xtc., The Girl From Paris, Ultimate X.
Regulars: Home Entertainment: Videos to Rent, Videos to Buy, DVD to Buy, Soundtracks, Books and Classic Scene: Little Shop Of Horrors.

Issue 157
July 2002
Front Row: The '80s soft porn revival, things we're bored with and the Movie Poster World Cup! Plus the first look at Chris Rock in Bad Company and Austin Powers' latest squeeze: Beyonce Knowles.
Talent: Vincent Cassell and The Scorpion King's Kelly Hu.
Pipeline: Production news on Indy IV, Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy and X2.
Last word: Why do all reviews of Attack Of The Clones insist on plot spoilers?
Andie MacDowell: The Crush star answers your queries but declines all proposals.
Arach attack: How Sam Raimi took on the weight of comic book legend, the wrath of fanboys, and the spectre of September 11 to bring Spider-Man to life.
Ed Harris: The most intense man in movies takes on one of the most driven artists of all time. The result? Obsession.
Blockbuster preview: The A-list. The next generation of blockbusters that will rock your world.
Women talking dirty: Unfaithful's Diane Lane and Killing Me Softly's Heather Graham explain what nice girls like them are doing in movies like these.
Retro: The making of Escape To Victory. Pele and Michael Caine in the same team!
Billy Wilder: Director Cameron Crowe pays touching tribute to the man who inspired him.
Hall of Fame: Willem Dafoe: From a warrior's death in Platoon to Spider-Man's arch nemesis, Dafoe grins and bears all.
Every New Film Reviewed: Spider-Man, Monster's Ball, Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones, Rollerball, Not Another Teen Movie, Betty Fisher And Other Stories, Crush, Divided We Fall, Gregoire Moulin, Murder By Numbers, Roberto Succo, Comment J'Ai Tue Mon Pere, High Society, John Q, The Lawless Heart, Kissing Jessica Stein, Unfaithful, Cairo Station, 40 Days And 40 Nights, Everything Put Together, Dragonfly, Dancing At The Blue Iguana, Cabaret, Killing Me Softly, Snow Dogs, Beijing Bicycle, The Musketeer, The Time Machine, Big Fat Liar, Beginner's Luck, Impostor, Hardball, Resident Evil.
Regulars: Home Entertainment: Videos to Rent, Videos to Buy, DVD to Buy, Soundtracks, Books and Classic Scene: Double Indemnity.

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3rd cover

Issue 156
June 2002
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3rd cover
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4th cover
First Look: The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, Minority Report, Unfaithful.
Front Row: The Oscars: the laughs, the tears, the parties, plus Oscar Snatches And The Guide to Gap ads.
Talent: Slacker's Jason Schwartzman and Devon Sawa. Plus Paz Vega from Sex And Lucia.
Pipeline: On set with The Banger Sisters, plus Star Trek: Nemesis, Spidey merchandise and Gangs Of New York.
Star Wars Episode II
Christopher Lee: Episode II's fallen Count takes your questions on nipples, dringing songs and vampire slayer Buffy.
Hayden Christensen: The new Anakin reveals why he is not afraid of the dark side.
The Empire Jedi school: We teach a bunch of Padawans (well Empire readers) how to do Jedi mind tricks. No, really.
Natalie Portman: Star Wars royalty on the dangers of love, showing skin and being an action hero.
Ewan McGregor: Bluescreen, space gin and mullets - the jaunty Jedi is on top form.
Samuel L. Jackson: Face-toface with Mace - meet the coolest dude in the galaxy.
Episode III: The facts - not the fiction - surrounding the saga's last stand.
Retro: The making of The Empire Strikes Back.
The Lucas legacy: How five films changed the world - in easy-to-understand diagram form.
Hall of Fame: Harrison Ford: The world's greatest movie star on Han Solo and much, much more.
Every New Film Reviewed: Panic Room, The Majestic, The Closet, Showtime, Baise-Moi, Hart's War, Biggie And Tupac, Slackers, Dog Soldiers, No Man's Land, The Business Of Strangers, I'm Going Home, Pollock, Mother India, Pather Panchali, Sex And Lucia, The Scorpion King, Dust, Skin Of Man Heart Of Beast, Sur Mes Levres, The Warrior, Thunderparts, Brighton Rock, Dark Blue World, Happy Man, Tosca.
Regulars: Home Entertainment: Videos to Rent, Videos to Buy, DVD to Buy, Soundtracks, Books and Classic Scene: Fight Club.

Issue 155
May 2002
First Look: Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones, Spider Man, MIB II, John Q, 40 Days And 40 Nights, The Time Machine, Showtime, The Majestic, Resident Evil, Minority Report and more.
Front Row: Behind the headlines at the BAFTAs, Snatches and all the usual regulars.
Talent: Four faces for the future: Gael Garcia Bernal, Summer Phoenix, Keira Knightley and Dagmara Domincyzk.
Pipeline: Down under on the set of Scooby Doo, Bryan Singer on X2 and Michael Madsen on the return of Tarantino.
Last word: Why the next 12 months could be the most exciting ever.
Public Access: Jeff Bridges.
Cover Story: Hugh Grant: With About A Boy set to add to his glittering C.V., Empire spends a day in New York with Britain's biggest box office star.
How to build the perfect... action hero: After watching every action movie ever made (nearly), Empire knows all Hollywood's secrets.
24 Hour Party People: Michael Winterbottom and Steve Coogan throw this year's can't-miss party in Manchester.
Kevin Reynolds: The Waterworld director has his revenge with The Count Of Monte Cristo.
Blade II: Wesley Snipes tells us why his vampire hunter is meaner and leaner this time around. Plus, an exclusive look at the director's own sketches.
Row rage: Empire investigates violence in your local multiplex.
Sundance portrait gallery: Cool people. Hot photos.
Retro: The making of E.T.: The marketing of a classic. Plus a visit to ILM as E.T. gets a digital face-lift for his 20th Anniversary reissue.
Hall of Fame: David Fincher: With Panic Room, only his fifth proper film, about to debut, the visual maestro gets an early abduction into Empire's gallery of heroes.
Every New Film Reviewed: About A Boy, K-Pax, Blade II, Kate & Leopold, The Count Of Monte Cristo, Bend It Like Beckham, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: 20th Anniversary Special Edition, Roadkill, Invincible, Offending Angels, The Mystic Masseur, Italian For Beginners, I Am Sam, 20 Hour Party People, Delbaran, The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T, And Your Mother Too, Revelation, Crossroads, Dinner Rush, L'Emploi Du Temps, Pauline And Paulette, Sidewalks Of New York, The Green Ray, Super 8 Stories, Waking Life, Collateral Damage, Hotel, The Pornographer, The One, Queen Of The Damned.
Regulars: Home Entertainment: Videos to Rent, Videos to Buy, DVD to Buy, Soundtracks, Books and Classic Scene: Fight Club.

Issue 154
April 2002
First Look: Exclusive Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones pics and words. Plus Spider-Man, Minority Report, Men In Black II.
Front Row: Who will win the Oscars? Plus Ali G's on-set diary, the horror map of the USA and Reese Witherspoon scratching her butt.
Talent: Slackers' James King (she's a girl, don't you know), and Blade II's vamp, Leonor Varela.
Pipeline: On set with Jackie Chan. Michael Mann on his new flicks. Eric Bana on David Banner. Spider-Man toys. Episode II vs. Closet. Plus pics from the new Adam Sandler.
Last word: Do the Oscars treat commerce and culture with the same dispassionate eye? And why is comedy always left out in the cold?
7th Annual Empire Awards: The winners, presenters and celebs of 2002.
Cover Story: Russell Crowe: Clocking up three days in London and Paris with the world's hottest actor, Empire enters the psyche of the A Beautiful Mind star - his most revealing, honest interview yet.
The Royal Tenenbaums: Meet the cast of Wes Anderson's follow-up to the brilliant Rushmore. Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Anjelica Huston and the head of the family Gene Hackman, talk up working with cinema's quirky wunderkind.
The Sundance Film Festival: Empire traipsed off to the icy climes of Park City, Utah, for the coolest film festival in the world - and we bumped into Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston and Rhus Ifans sleeping on a pavement.
Retro: The making of An American Werewolf In London: ''I see a bad moon rising...'' The making of the greatest comedy horror flick ever. Includes exclusive interview with director John Landis, plus a look at the work of effects supremo Rick Baker.
Hall of Fame: Mel Gibson: The first superstar of Australian cinema talks the classic movies - Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart - plus pub brawls, giving up booze and getting too old for heroes.
Every New Film Reviewed: The Royal Tenenbaums, We Were Soldiers, Hearts In Atlantis, The Shipping News, The Mothman Prophecies, Life As A House, Ice Age, Fatma, Return to Never Land, Behind The Sun, The Experiment, Thirteen Ghosts, Slogans, Bully, The Son's Room, La Comedie De L'Innocence, Warm Water Under A Red Bridge, Ali G Indahouse, The Conversation, Ikingut, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, The Officer's Ward, If....
Regulars: Home Entertainment: Videos to Rent, Videos to Buy, DVD to Buy, Soundtracks, Books and Classic Scene: If...

Issue 153
March 2002
First Look: Blade II, We Were Soldiers, Lilo & Stitich, Chamber of Secrets, Reader Screening Double Bill: A Beautiful Mind & Ali.
Front Row: DVD RIP?: Stars seek payment for DVD extras, Last-Ditch Oscar Tips, Movie Nepotism.
Talent: Amy Smart, Laurence Fox.
Pipeline: Franchise Special: Batman Projects, Indiana Jones IV, Back To The Future IV, James Bond XX, Set Visit: Thunderpants.
Public Access: Christopher Walken.
Cover Story: Ocean's 11: two months with the best cast of 2002.
Monsters Inc.: This ain't no Toy Story!
In The Bedroom: How Todd Field made the best-reviewed film of the year.
Jennifer Connelly: The Beautiful Mind star on Oscar buzz, The Hulk and escaping the clutches of child stardom.
Ali: When Fresh Prince met the Ring King: Will Smith sparring with the champ.
Cate Blanchett: From playing real royalty in Elizabeth to Elf royalty in The Lord Of The Rings, is Australia's finest the best actress in the world today?
Retro: Robocop, The French Connection.
Hall of Fame: Michael Mann: Ali's auteur on crime, Russell Crowe and ice cream.
Every New Film Reviewed: Ali, Ocean's 11, Monsters Inc., From Hell, Training Day, Made, Don't Say A Word, Gosford Park, A Beautiful Mind, Shallow Hal, Charlotte Gray, Bloody Sunday, D-Tox, In The Bedroom, The Lady And The Duke, The Hidden Fortress, Bangkok Dangerous, Cool And Crazy, Late Marriage, Just Visiting, Funny Girl, Muhammad Ali: The Greatest, The affair Of The Necklace, Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner, Metropolis, Promises, The Fluffer, Night Shift.
Regulars: Home Entertainment: Videos to Rent, Videos to Buy, DVD to Buy, Soundtracks, Books and Multimedia Classic Scene, Back to the Future Competitions! Box Office: Who cashed in on last month's movies.

Issue 152
February 2002

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