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Issue 247
January 2010
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Iron Man 2
Looking cool as ice on the cover this month is Iron Man, back once again like the renegade master he is. We have a full set report giving you the inside story on the production, as well as all-new behind-the-scenes shots of Tony Stark and co.

Robin Hood
Get lost in Sherwood with Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe for company, opening out News Etc. section this month. We've got a first look at Maid Marion and the Merry Men (not so merry in this serious, action-packed adaptation), as well as big news from Salt, A Prophet, The Hobbit, The A-Team and Avatar.

Sherlock Holmes
Because you can never have too much Robert Downey Jr. Yes, as well as appearing in Iron Man he's also in Sherlock Holmes, and we got the full story from Holmes, his Doctor Watson - Jude Law - and director Guy Ritchie, as well as femme fatale Rachel McAdams.

Oscars 2010 Special
We bring you a profile of the likely contenders at next March's Academy Awards. There's a strong Brit showing from Clive Owen and Colin Firth, as well as Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, The Road and Up In The Air, to name but a few.

Oscars 2010: The Lovely Bones
Leading off our Oscar special is Peter Jackson's adaptation of the heartbreaking bestseller. As well as some rather gorgeous new stills from the film, we have the full story from the cast and crew for what looks set to be another Jackson success.

Oscars 2010: Morgan Freeman
He has more gravitas than entire national judiciaries, and he's playing a legend in Clint Eastwood's new film Invictus, where Morgan Freeman plays Nelson Mandela. We talked to the man, the myth, the legend to find out all about his latest challenge.

Oscars 2010: Avatar
As the release date of James Cameron's Avatar approaches, we persuaded James Cameron to stop working for a minute and talk about his sci-fi epic, addressing the initial reaction to the first footage and what we can expect from the finished product.

Oscars 2010: Up In The Air
George Clooney's latest film has been garnering Oscar buzz like no one's business, the tale of a depressed executive and his quest for an air miles milestone. We talked to director Jason Reitman and star Anna Kendrick for the full story.

Aaron Johnson
He's not even 20 yet, but Aaron Johnson has already made a name for himself in Hollywood and is set to explode with two very different new films: a serious turn as John Lennon in Nowhere Boy and a rather twisted superhero turn in Kick-Ass.

Bunny and the Bull
We ceded control of four pages of the magazine to the Bunny and the Bull team this issue, inviting them to design and write their own feature in their own inimitable style. You may need to turn the mag sideways or upside down to read this, but it's worth it, we promise.

Review of the Year
It's that time again, as we bring you the best and brightest, the big breakthrough performances, the big trends in filmmaking and Empire's pick of the top ten films of the year. Can you guess what movie landed at number one? Clue: it wasn't Transformers 2.

Jean Pierre Jeunet
In celebration of Mic Macs, the upcoming movie from Jean-Pierre Jeunet, we take a look back over the work of one of the most individual and instantly recognisable filmmakers around, from Delicatessen and Amelie to A Very Long Engagement. Vive la France!

Gene Hackman
He's a living legend, a man who delivered great performances from The French Connection to Mississippi Burning to The Royal Tenenbaums, to name but a few. And while Gene Hackman's largely retired from acting, he took time out to talk to us about his new book and a little about his career.

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Issue 246
December 2009
See all covers here: "Icons Of The Decade"

Issue 245
November 2009
1. Clash of the Titans
Gods, monsters, ladies with snakes for hair, mechanical owls and the star of Avatar and Terminator Salvation: Clash of the Titans has got it all. We were on set of the forthcoming Greek epic multiple times, so here we bring you the lowdown from all the cast and crew, from director Louis Leterrier to Gemma Arterton, here typecast as a goddess, on the grittier, dirtier remake of a nostalgic favourite.
2. New Moon
Free New Moon Posters!
Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yes, calm yourselves ladies: we talked to R-Pattz, K-Stew and Jake-Abs to bring you the lowdown on Twilight sequel New Moon. Oh, there are still lovestruck teenage girls involved, and romantic vampires, but director Chris Weitz and his cast explain why this one is a more guy-friendly movie. And as if that weren't enough, there are giant posters too.
3. The Alien Saga
It's Alien's 30th birthday, and to celebrate the anniversary of the Facehugger's explosive emergence from its egg we bring you the complete story of the saga. An anatomy of the chestburster scene. The lowdown on all the Colonial Marines. A set report from Alien3 that goes some way to explaining what went worng. An exclusive, in-depth interview with Sigourney Weaver. This is the Alien story in full, and will remind you how freakin' great the films are.
4. Diablo Cody
She's hot, she's cool and she understands three-act structure: welcome to the superstar screenwriter of Juno and the upcoming Jennifer's Body. We talked to Diablo Cody about alpha females, giant robots and her new horror movie, and asked why it is that she identifies so strongly with teenagers. Warning: contains tattoos and pictures of hot women.
5. Taking Woodstock
Ang Lee has mastered pretty much every genre there is, and now he's tackling a US cultural watershed with a behind-the-scenes story set at the Woodstock Festival. We bring you the story on his near-breakdown following Lust, Caution's negative reaction and the search for authenticity that shaped his take on Woodstock…
6. Robert Zemeckis
He's been working solely in 3D performance capture for years now, and with his latest film A Christmas Carol Robert Zemeckis has taken another leap forward in making convincing computer characters. We talked to a cinema pioneer about why he's turned his back on live action, and look through his back catalogue at some classic films.
7. Centurion
Neil Marshall doesn't make things easy on himself or his cast. From beheadings to death-leaps from waterfalls to actual cases of frostbite, the shooting of Centurion has been a tough one - but it's one that everyone's surprisingly cheery about, because it looks like this "Scottish-Roman Western" is on to something. We've got the full story from the set.
8. Steve Soderbergh
The Oceans films. Erin Brockovich. Sex, lies and videotape. Steven Soderbergh has one of the most impressive and eclectic CVs in Hollywood, so when we sat down for a (very) long chat with him recently for this month's Big Interview, the conversation was wide-ranging and comprehensive. Pick up the issue for the lowdown on why he loves Ocean's Twelve, working with a porn star and his philosophy on filmmaking.
9. Nine
The News section this month opens with Penelope Cruz in full showgirl mode in Rob Marshall's Nine, the Daniel Day-Lewis-starring musical where every single member of the cast has at least fourteen Oscar nominations. But that's not all: we also have the full report from Movie-Con, new pics from The Expendables and Up In The Air, a tribute to Patrick Swayze and so much more that the internet has run out of room.
10. Up
Leading the In Cinemas review section this month is the sublime Up, Pixar's latest film and one that makes the weirdo proposition of tying balloons to your house and sailing off to the Amazon seem like a good idea. Also in there is The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Jennifer's Body, as well as Fantastic Mr Fox and 9. Meanwhile Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell opens a packed At Home section - this is an issue packed to the gills.

Issue 244
October 2009

Issue 243
September 2009
1. Sherlock Holmes: On-Set Exclusive!
Empire joins the new-look Holmes and Watson - aka Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law - to find out how director Guy Ritchie is reinventing The World's Greatest Detective™ and his sidekick as gritty, kick-ass crimefighters.
2. Best Ever Preview Issue!
And it's not just Holmes we're previewing: we line up the unmissable movies for the coming year, giving you fresh insight into (deep breath) James Cameron's blockiest of busters Avatar, Megan Fox's Jennifer's Body, Pixar's latest caper Up, indie coming-of-age dramedy Adventureland, lavish Victorian legend Dorian Gray, dapper animated tale Fantastic Mr Fox, natural disaster flick 2012, Jim Carrey's festive A Christmas Carol, Matt Damon in The Informant, space horror Pandorum, and Spike Jonze's childhood fantasy Where The Wild Things Are. Phew! See what we mean about best ever?
3. Alice In Wonderland
Bringing you a first look at Tim Burton's stunning vision of Alice In Wonderland, including new shots of Anne Hathaway as The White Queen, Mia Wasikowska's Alice, Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen and Johnny Depp in his most outlandish get-up to date as The Mad Hatter. Well, it's the role he's been preparing for for years, isn't it?
4. District 9
South African sci-fi District 9, directed by up-and-comer Neill Blomkamp, looks to be this year's underground must-see blockbuster-in-the-making. It tells the story of a marginalised society of refugee aliens, cast out and living in Johannesburg's rundown District 9, who are under threat from a mercenary law-enforcement unit determined to utilise the alien weapons technology. When a human becomes mutated with alien DNA, he is forced to hide in their midst, becoming the most hunted bounty in the country.
5. Mavericks
Vincent Cassel, Katheryn Bigelow, Joe Wright, Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine... Empire showcases the ones to watch of the current crop of cinema's coolest outsiders. From Brit directors Joe Wright and Shane Meadows to Gallic trailblazer Vincent Cassel and Hurt Locker helmer Katheryn Bigelow, this is a definitive collection of the most important iconoclastic talent working in film right now.
6. Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli
Empire goes inside Studio Ghibli to meet the world's greatest animation director. With unparalleled access to the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, we get a taste of the inspirations behind films such as Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away and the upcoming Ponyo.
7. Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time
Check out the news section for exclusive new shots of Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton looking decidedly sultry, sexy and (strangely) a little bit soggy in the desert for Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, Mike Newell's swashbuckling Middle Eastern adventure. We get the lowdown from producer Jerry Bruckheimer on why this is could be the next Pirates Of The Caribbean.
8. 9
Not to be confused with Rob Marshall's lady-laden musical Nine, or for that matter District 9 or The Nines, this is an apocalyptic epic, rag-doll style. We have brand new shots from the film, where we get to witness our sackcloth saviour 9 (voiced by Elijah Wood) staring into the abyss and finding the courage to save the world (we hope). We find out how producers Timor Bekmambetov and Tim Burton shaped the film, and get a little hint of what we can expect.
9. The Hurt Locker
Kathryn 'Point Break' Bigelow returns with the most literally exciting movie of the year, totally bucking the trend of not-so-great Iraq War movies with this deeply thrilling tale of a bomb-disposal team on the front line. Read our five-star review - and also find all the latest cinema and DVD reviews, as well as much, much more. Pick up the new issue of Empire, on sale July 30, for the world's best movie coverage.
10. The Big Interview: Pedro Almodovar
Back with latest muse Penelope Cruz for Broken Embraces, we meet Spanish director Pedro Almodovar for a career-spanning interview, taking in everything from his earliest films in post-Franco Spain to his current international reknown. Read on to find out what makes the man who gave us Bad Education, Talk To Her and Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! tick.

Issue 242
August 2009
1. Inglourious Basterds
QT's knife-flicking, throat-slitting, Nazi-scalping stab at a history lesson shakes up the World War II epic and puts Brad Pitt into Dirty Dozen mode as red-neck agent-of-Deutsche-doom LT. Aldo Raine. Empire got unparalleled access to the set, checked out the major players, and saw just how Tarantino turned around a film he had been planning for nigh on a decade in just under ten months.
2. 1001 Greatest Movie Moments
Ever wondered what the nine greatest movie plunges are? Or perhaps the seven best film scenes in the dark? And how about the eight most marvellous door-kicking-in moments? Empire has painstakingly re-watched, ruminated on and recorded the times of all of the greatest moments in movie history, the bits which get people talking - the 1001 moments in cinema which you simply must see.
3. Surrogates
One Bruce is just not enough. We take a look at exclusive footage of Jonathan Mostow's Surrogates, and get a sneak peek of a shiny, rather buffed-up Brucie running riot. But he hasn't hit the botox: this is Willis' very own Surrogate, a robotic replica, which allows those in possession to live vicariously without ever having to leave their homes. But with people being killed via their surrogates, Willis is forced out of housebound retirement to find the killer. Empire talks to director Mostow about bringing the 54 year old Willis back to an action with a sci-fi twist.
4. Judd Apatow
He's the King of Hollywood Comedy just at the moment, sitting at the centre of a web of talented writers, performers and directors who are shaping Tinseltown's laughers in their own image. But now Judd Apatow's heading in a slightly different direction with Funny People, a semi-serious look behind-the-scenes of stand-ups and comedy players with an all-star cast. We caught up with him to hear why he thinks his career has all gone wrong.
5. Land of the Lost
Reviving an American classic in the shape of alternate reality family fun starring Will Ferrell, Lemony Snickett director Brad Silberling has done away with the nuclear family of palaentologist Dr. Rick Marshall (Ferrell), replacing them with a thirty something grad student from the North of England (Anna Friel) and a sleeveless denim-shirted Carnie (Danny McBride). Prepare yourself for effects-filled comedy and the welcome sight of comedy veteran Ferrell trading quips with up-and-comer McBride - and we've got the full story.
6. Daniel Radcliffe
The cherub face is gone, replaced by some chiselled edges and a decidedly grown-up approach to the last three films as Harry Potter nears its close. We find out just how Radcliffe plans to move on from his magic years, and why - despite looking distinctly manly these days - he is still distracted by oddly thought-out interior decoration. Plus, we give you our selection of the top five Harry Potter moments so far committed to celluloid.
7. Jennifer's Body
As if the first look at Megan Fox in a cheerleading uniform wasn't enough, we find out why Diablo Cody decided to follow up teen pregnancy comedy Juno with a feminist horror movie. Co-starring Mamma Mia!'sAmanda Seyfried as Fox's former best friend who bites back at her now demonic mean girl mate, we get the lowdown on what even Fox calls a sick, offensive comedy.
8. Avatar
James Cameron's last film was a little effort called Titanic, so the world's on tenterhooks to see his latest effort - and return to the sci-fi of his early Terminator and Aliens hits - with Avatar later this year. We bring you the latest on the videogame tie-in, along with quotes from Cameron himself on what we can expect. "Historically, games derived from movies have sucked, and I don't want anything from Avatar to suck," said Cameron. Colour us excited.
9. Two Big New Reviews
Inglourious Basterds and Public Enemies are both reviewed in the new issue of Empire, and after intense office debate on the question of whether Michael Mann or Quentin Tarantino more deserved the top spot, we decided to avoid the problem and give them both in-depth, exhaustive three-page reviews so you can be supremely well-informed on both before you even set foot in the cinema. Also in reviews, Antichrist, Frozen River and the excellent Moon.
10. News, Features, And More
But that ain't all! We've also got fresh pictures from The Twilight Saga: New Moon, your guide to Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, news from Stallone's The Expendables, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the missing link between Transformers and Star Trek, all the DVD, Blu ray, book, soundtrack and game reviews worth bothering with, and much much more. Pick up the new Empire to find out!

Issue 241
July 2009
1. Public Enemies
Johnny Depp. Michael Mann. Christian Bale. The question is why you're still here reading this instead of booking tickets for Public Enemies, the Mann film that casts Depp as legendary 1930s gangster John Dillinger and Bale as Melvin Purvis, the FBI agent assigned to track him down. We talked to the filmmakers (including Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard) to get the full story on the film's history - which goes back to a script Mann wrote in the 1970s) and see what we can expect from this latest Mann opus. Also, Kim Newman lays out the 20 Greatest Gangster Movies You've Probably Never Seen.
2. Heroes of 2010
Iron Man returns! Conan muscles in! Scott Pilgrim sidles in, grins, spills something, apologises and then unleashes a storm of martial arts moves! Yes, it's our preview of the films expected to rock our world next year, the big (Clash of the Titans), the beautiful (Toy Story 3) and the ugly (the scarred Jonah Hex). With exclusive pictures, interviews and more, this is your first port of call for all the upcoming news.
3. The Wolfman
It may have been delayed a time or two, but The Wolfman is still a thriller/horror that promises a fascinating take on the monster movie, with Benicio del Toro as the man bitten by a beastie who finds himself experiencing extreme mood swings come the full moon. Emily Blunt's his damsel in distress, Anthony Hopkins is his "mad as a bag of snakes" father, and Joe Johnston oversees the whole thing. We bring you the full story from the film's set.
4. Year One
We sent our Chris on set with Jack Black, Michael Cera, Bill Hader and Harold Ramis to get a taste of a comedy that travels from Stone Age to New Age(ish) Bible study of the Old Testament, taking a comical look at the characters along the way. Ramis explained to us what effect 9/11 had on the film, why it's not just a knockabout comedy, and tells us what he thinks about the current comedy generation.
5. Looking For Eric
When you think of football, you naturally think of Ken Loach, who's been angling to make a football movie for ages. And when you think of deep thinkers with an idiosyncratic approach to life and a distinctive political outlook, you naturally think of Eric Cantona. Which is why we're so excited to see the two working together on Looking For Eric, Loach's new film about a down-at-heel postal worker who has visions of Eric to keep his life on track. The pair talked us through their collaboration.
6. Funny People
It's been scientifically demonstrated by men in white coats that if you distil all the funny from the cast of Funny People and drink it, you will actually die laughing. So we asked writer/director/producer/comedy hub Judd Apatow to talk us through his all-comedy cast and explain who does what, and how much work they had to do to prep their stand-up routines for the film.
7. District 9
By now you may have seen the teaser trailer but it's likely that you still don't know much about District 9, the Peter Jackson-produced, South Africa-set aliens-among-us story. Well, we've got the lowdown for you in this month's news section, explaining just what's going on and showcasing some new images from the film. Also in news: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Soderbergh does porn, the future of Ghostbusters and this summer's comedy hit-in-waiting, The Hangover.
8. Tony Scott
He's rarely been accused of being subtle, but Tony Scott sure knows how to set up a striking image, whether that's billowing curtains, fighter pilots playing volleyball, Denzel Washington negotiating a fireball or Keira Knightley gun-toting. This month he talks us through his entire filmography to date, giving us the lowdown on his latest, The Taking Of Pelham 123, as a bonus.
9. Highlander
There can be only one. Well, five, if we're talking films. Plus two live-action TV shows, a cartoon and an anime series. So there can be only nine, plus books and merchandising. We bring you the full story of the Highlander saga: how they came to cast a French dude as a Scot, what the heck was going on in Highlander II and why Mario Van Peebles outweighs Guns 'n' Roses.
10. Winona Ryder
From Beetlejuice, Mermaids and Heather as a teenager, via Scorsese, Coppola and Arthur Miller, Winona Ryder's had a hell of a career to date. We went to her home in LA recently to ask her about two recent roles - in Star Trek and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee - and discuss the highlights of her career to date, as well as talking Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and why she doesn't really dislike John Hughes movies.

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