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- First and last issue: 1979-2016
- Horror movies.
- Fango changed a lot of things when first appeared and remains today the #1 horror movie mag.
- Covers mostly commercial studio releases, without neglecting independent, low budget, films.
- Editor: Anthony Timpone
- Published 10 times a year by Starlog Group, Inc, 84 colour pages in A4 format.
- Resumed publishing in 2018.
- Published by Starlog Group
- Website: www.fangoria.com

Modern Horror, Classic Monsters
New York
United States

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26 October 2016
27 June 2016

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INTERVIEW: JIM JARMUSCH The veteran poet of cinematic cool expresses his passion for vampires in “Only Lovers Left Alive.”

INTERVIEW: TILDA SWINTON It took a one-of-a-kind actress to breathe new eternal life into her “Only Lovers” bloodsucker.

INTERVIEW: JOHN POGUE He ventured across the pond to helm the Hammer production “The Quiet Ones” on the studio’s home turf. Plus: star Jared Harris speaks up.

PREVIEW: “PENNY DREADFUL” Victorian London plays host to classic creatures; can transplanted American Josh Hartnett cope?

PREVIEW: “THE SACRAMENT” Ti West leaves devils and ghosts behind to find the horror in religious manipulation.

INTERVIEW: HUH JUNG “Hide and Seek” allows the Korean director to reveal what spooks his fellow citizens.

PREVIEW: “BLUE RUIN” The way Jeremy Saulnier’s intense thriller presents it, payback is a bitch for both sides.

ON SET: “GODZILLA” Fango tours the badly battered locations of Gareth Edwards’ monster remake. Plus: reviews of classic Big G films on new Blu-rays!

PREVIEW: “THE MACHINE” It looks like a lady and tries to act like a human in Caradog W. James’ near-future opus.

PREVIEW: “MALIGNANT” The protagonist of Brian Avenet-Bradley’s latest indie chiller finds Brad Dourif literally messing with his head.

INTERVIEW: RANDY JURGENSEN The former policeman’s input made William Friedkin’s “Cruising” all the more arresting.

PREVIEW: “MR. JONES” Pry too deeply into his secrets, and you’ll suffer for his art in Karl Mueller’s surreal flick.

DIARY OF THE DEB: “BILLY’S CULT” On this New Jersey set, the terror would begin after Debbie wrapped for the day.

ON SET: “WOLF CREEK 2” Some people call tourists annoying; the villain of Greg McLean’s sequel calls them targets.

PREVIEW: “ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE” Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson rework their formative first feature as a meatier, bloodier project.

INTERVIEW: SCOTT SNYDER The comics writer is far from done telling the century-spanning saga of the “American Vampire.”

INTERVIEW: TOM SPINA When you want a screen creature to look its best/worst again, he’s the man you call.


FIRST RITES Growing up with Godzilla

POSTAL ZONE Bill Moseley says hi! Plus: remembering GWAR’s David Brockie

MONSTER INVASION Preview of “Cold in July,” and the 2014 Chainsaw Awards results!

TRASH COMPACTOR David A. Prior talks “Killer Workout”

THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of “Ms. 45,” “The Visitor,” “Dead Shadows,” “Daddy’s Little Girl” and others

DUMP BIN DIARIES Columbia River’s “Psychopaths and Maniacs”

Issue 332
April 2014

Legends # 3
April 2014

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March 2014

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Issue 318
November 2012

INTERVIEW: VERONICA CARLSON & VIRGINIA WETHERELL They tangled with monsters in Hammer films, and one married Dr. Frankenstein.
PREVIEW: "VAMPS" Here's a comedy that proves a modern youth-oriented vampire flick doesn't have to suck.
PREVIEW: "JACK & DIANE" There's a scary side to every relationship, and this film makes it literal.
PREVIEW: "EXCISION" A new talent on the horror scene makes the cut with a surreal study of medical psychosis.
INTERVIEW: JOHN WATERS Decades later, he recalls giving good taste the bird with "Pink Flamingos."
INTERVIEW: DAMON PACKARD No budget? No problem! The underground filmmaker forges ahead regardless.
INTERVIEW: JACKIE JOSEPH She only planted herself in one Corman flick, but it was a classic: "The Little Shop of Horrors."
PREVIEW: "CITADEL" In which a young man petrified of going outside finds terror breaking down his door.
PREVIEW: "THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS" Hands, feet, blades and blood fly when RZA and Eli Roth take on the martial-arts genre.
PREVIEW: "SILENT HILL: REVELATION": MICHAEL J. BASSETT The first film set a chilling standard that the sequel's director vows to uphold.
PREVIEW: "SOUTH TEXAS BLUES," PART SEVEN More of our advance peek at Christopher P. Garetano's "Chainsaw" comic.
PREVIEW: "SILENT HILL: REVELATION": PAUL JONES The monster maker is no stranger to video-game-based beasts.
FEATURE: THE "WALKING DEAD" VIDEO GAME Telltale's heart and soul went into adapting the zombie comics for home play.
CLASS OF 1982: ROGER CHRISTIAN Lost amidst higher-profile horrors, his offbeat chiller "The Sender" deserves a new look.
CLASS OF 1982: TIMOTHY VAN PATTEN In "Class of 1984," he ruled the school with a reign of terror.
CLASS OF 1982: FRANK HENENLOTTER It's hard to believe it has been 30 years since he first opened the "Basket Case."
MINIFEATURES: BATES MOTEL AND NETHERWORLD The haunted attractions offer multitudes of monsters for Halloween.
LIFE IN THE BOX: "HELLRAISER: HELLSEEKER" Ashley Laurence found her way back into Pinhead's fold for this follow-up.
DIARY OF THE DEB: "RUDYARD KIPLING'S MARK OF THE BEAST" Filming the tale of a leper, Debbie had a face-off with nature.
INTERVIEW: TOBY LINDALA The FX artist has been making faces and breaking bodies for two decades now.
MINIFEATURE: FEARNET The small screen offers a 24-hour home for horror here.
FIRST RITES He can't stay "Silent"
POSTAL ZONE There's safety in "Peaks"
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Paranormal Activity 4," "Paura 3D," "Famine," the New York City Horror Film Festival and more
TRASH COMPACTOR The heavy metal horror of "Trick or Treat"
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of Criterion's "Rosemary's Baby," "The Hole," "The Tall Man," new Jean Rollin & Mario Bava discs and others. Plus: Feeling the Chemical Burn
DEAD FORMAT Turning Japanese for "Braindead"

Issue 317
October 2012

PREVIEW: "V/H/S" Found footage has six ways to scare you in this collaborative project by hot indie horrormeisters.
PREVIEW: "HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET" Beware what dwells within its walls, even if you're as tough as Jennifer Lawrence.
PREVIEW: "HYPOTHERMIA" If the cold of a frozen lake doesn't kill you, what's lurking under the ice will.
INTERVIEW: JODELLE FERLAND A horror veteran in her teens, the actress speaks up for "ParaNorman" and other new genre films.
PREVIEW: "SINISTER" The director of "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" afflicts Ethan Hawke with different sorts of demons.
INTERVIEW: STUART GORDON This time, he's the talking head as his frequent star Barbara Crampton queries him on his long, illustrious career. Plus: looking back on living "Dolls."
CLASS OF 1982: RUTANYA ALDA She presided over a seriously dysfunctional family in "Amityville II: The Possession."
CLASS OF 1982: TOMMY LEE WALLACE The first of his many scary scripts had him making the return trip to "Amityville."
CLASS OF 1982: STACEY NELKIN When "Halloween III" went in new directions, she was along for the ride.
CLASS OF 1982: DWIGHT SCHULTZ Four howlin' mad psychos made life hell for his psychiatrist character in "Alone in the Dark."
CLASS OF 1982: MARK L. LESTER High-school violence reached gory new heights in this director's "Class of 1984."
INTERVIEW: KATE MIOR Taking performance art to fantastical levels, she's a unique presence in Toronto and elsewhere.
LIFE IN THE BOX: "HELLRAISER: INFERNO" When is a Pinhead movie almost not a Pinhead movie?
ON SET: "WEREWOLF: THE BEAST AMONG US" Universal marks its 100th anniversary by resurrecting a centuries-old monster.
FEATURE: CON OF THE DEAD The San Diego event was the place to scream this past summer.
PREVIEW: "RAISING HELL" A new book takes an in-depth look at the "Devils" of a time Ken Russell had making his masterpiece.
INTERVIEW: ROBIN McLEAVY As genre bad girls go, she has definitively joined "The Loved Ones" among fans.
FIRST RITES How to get a head on our cover
POSTAL ZONE More baby love, and "Mutilator" appreciation
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Bait," "FDR: American Badass," "Devil's Night" and more
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of "Hammer House of Horror," "Lovely Molly," "The Bunny Game" and others
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of David Wong's "This Book Is Full of Spiders," John Ajvide Lindqvist's "Little Star," etc.
CRYPT LIT Matthew Lewis' "The Monk"
HORROR CON-FIDENTIAL Goblin rocks London, Ontario's Shock Stock
DEAD FORMAT Land of the rising blood.

Issue 316
September 2012

Issue 315
July/August 2012

FEATURE: "MARS ATTACKS," PART ONE They're back in many media this summer to turn Earth into a red planet.
PREVIEW: "RED LIGHTS" "Buried" director Rodrigo Cortes marshals a top-flight cast to explore issues of psychic investigation.
PREVIEW: "THE AWAKENING" First-time feature filmmaker Nick Murphy casts Rebecca Hall as an anti-ghostbuster.
INTERVIEW: ROBERT FUEST, PART TWO Once he finished his "Dr. Phibes" double threat, there was "Devil's Rain" in his forecast.
INTERVIEW: CRISPIN GLOVER, PART ONE If his choice of acting roles wasn't eccentric enough, his own movies are even more so.
INTERVIEW: CARL GOTTLIEB, PART ONE When they were gonna need a better script for "Jaws," Steven Spielberg and co. called on this writer. Plus: the big fish on Blu-ray.
PREVIEW: "THE BUNNY GAME" Adam Rehmeier's unflinchingly torturous shocker starring Rodleen Getsic has a lot of ears burning.
PREVIEW: "SOUTH TEXAS BLUES," PART SIX More of our advance peek at Christopher P. Garetano's "Chainsaw" comic.
INTERVIEW: SHERYL LEE On "Twin Peaks," she was perhaps the first TV-series central character to be deceased when it began.
INTERVIEW: RAY WISE He answered the question "Who killed Laura Palmer?" in the most memorable way possible.
PREVIEW: "SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE" He discovers new reasons to live even as he finds good reasons to murder.
INTERVIEW: JEAN-CLAUDE LORD The Canadian director turned "Visiting Hours" into the worst part of a hospital stay.
INTERVIEW: BILL MOSELEY His many roles spread the fear from the Great White North to the Deep South.
INTERVIEW: ELLEN BURSTYN She called on "The Exorcist" to save her daughter and helped make screen history.
"THE DALI AFFAIR" Actress Jenny Wright remembers her strange times with the legendary artist.
FEATURE: SCHOOL OF SHOCK, PART TWO Car and schoolbus safety films were enough to drive schoolkids crazy with fear.
LIFE IN THE BOX: "HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH" Never mind Eddie Murphy; 20 years ago, Pinhead was coming to America.
FIRST RITES "Peaks" of popularity
POSTAL ZONE Vampire actors call our coverage bloody good
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "The Pact" and "Family Demons," plus blkVampires and the 2012 Chainsaw Awards winners!
TRASH COMPACTOR James Cameron's "Piranha II"
THE TERROR TUBE The game-changing "Lonely Souls" episode of "Twin Peaks"
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of "Murder Obsession" on Blu-ray, "The Woman in Black," the latest Jean Rollin titles and others
FURIOUS FEMMES Behind many a good magazine editor is a talented woman
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Kim Newman's "Anno Dracula: The Bloody Red Baron," Connie Corcoran Wilson's "The Color of Evil," etc.
CRYPT LIT William Seabrook's "The Magic Island"
DEAD FORMAT The end of the DVD era, or a new beginning?

Issue 314
June 2012

Issue 313
May 2012

FEATURE: "THE THEATRE BIZARRE" The shock omnibus has literally knocked out international audiences.
INTERVIEW: JENNY AGUTTER Love meant never having to say you're furry for the "American Werewolf in London" actress.
ON SET: "MOTHER'S DAY" The setting is more civilized in this remake, but what goes on inside it sure isn't.
PREVIEW: "THE RAVEN" Everyone loves digging into Edgar Allan Poe, especially John Cusack, playing the author as detective.
RETROSPECTIVE: "GOTHIC," PART TWO Actor Julian Sands was willingly swept away into Ken Russell's cinematic dementia.
INTERVIEW: MARIE WALLACE She wore many faces-most of them crazed-as she took multiple roles in TV's "Dark Shadows."
PREVIEW: "DARK SHADOWS": HELENA BONHAM CARTER Her on- and offscreen partnership with Tim Burton now leads her to Collinwood.
PREVIEW: "SOUTH TEXAS BLUES," PART FOUR More of our advance peek at Christopher P. Garetano's "Chainsaw" comic.
PREVIEW: "DARK SHADOWS": TIM BURTON He's done ghosts, apes and a headless horseman, so it's about time he tackled vampires.
PREVIEW: "DARK SHADOWS": RICHARD D. ZANUCK A producing career highlighted by "Jaws" now sees him entering the world of fangs.
PREVIEW: "TERROR OF DRACULA" As the title suggests, this grassroots feature wants to put the fear back into bloodsucking.
INTERVIEW: RONNIE SCRIBNER As a junior " 'Salem's Lot" ghoul, he elicited TV terror before his teens.
PREVIEW: "TALES OF POE" Indie filmmakers Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly wring new twists on 19th-century stories.
DIARY OF THE DEB: "WON TON BABY!" In a Chinese restaurant, Debbie discovers some serious bad taste.
PREVIEW: "THE WICKER TREE" Robin Hardy returns to pagan territory, but this is no mere rehash of "The Wicker Man."
INTERVIEW: PATTY McCORMACK Her perfectly evil child in "The Bad Seed" was a model for decades of bad kids to follow.
LIFE IN THE BOX: "HELLRAISER" The first installment of a multipart chat with Doug Bradley recalls his first Cenobite of Clive Barker's mythology.
NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: PATRICK REA Pulling together a feature involving a hungry monster and a raging storm was quite a "Nailbiter."
FIRST RITES Learning to love the "Shadows"
POSTAL ZONE They moon over monochrome
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "The Devil's Carnival," "Lovely Molly" and "The Fields"
THE TRASH COMPACTOR Before Freddy invaded dreams, there was "The Slayer"
CRYPT LIT Our new column devoted to vintage written horror debuts with "The Room in the Tower"
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of "The Innkeepers," "The Divide," "Deadheads," "The Girl in Room 2A" and others
THE PIT AND THE PEN OF BERT I. GORDON All's Welles that ends Welles
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Robert Jackson Bennett's "The Troupe," Howard J. Ford's "Surviving 'The Dead,' " etc.
DEAD FORMAT Are you up to snuff?

Issue 312
April 2012

INTERVIEW: MICHAEL WINNER He gave the world a "Death Wish" and frequently gave us something to scream about.
PREVIEW: "WRATH OF THE TITANS" Actress Rosamund Pike essays a stronger heroine against mythical beasts.
PREVIEW: "INTRUDERS" Terror is all in the families in a new film from director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.
MINIFEATURE: "EL VAMPIRO Y EL SEXO" A lost Mexican genre picture is finally getting its time in the moonlight.
PREVIEW: "JUAN OF THE DEAD" Filmmaker Alejandro Brugues stages a different sort of zombie conflict in Cuba.
INTERVIEW: GLENN HETRICK The "Face Off" judge has helped changed the landscape of makeup FX on television. Plus: the gore of "Boardwalk Empire."
RETROSPECTIVE: "GOTHIC," PART ONE The mothering of "Frankenstein" became a screen fever dream from the mind of scripter Stephen Volk.
PREVIEW: "THE CABIN IN THE WOODS" Creators Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon and actor Fran Kranz talk up a subversive fright film you're guaranteed to love.
PREVIEW: "SOUTH TEXAS BLUES," PART THREE More of our advance peek at Christopher P. Garetano's "Chainsaw" comic.
PREVIEW: "DETENTION" You'll serve it with some very hip kids and a fairy-tale slasher in Joseph Kahn's postmod murder movie.
NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: DEVI SNIVELY After many acclaimed shorts, she's "Trippin' " her way into the feature realm.
FEATURE: "MEGAN IS MISSING" Surfing the Internet is a deadly trip in Michael Goi's chilling cautionary tale.
INTERVIEW: NORMAN J. WARREN The Brit director staged splattery scenes in "Satan's Slave" and others. Plus: remembering actor Michael Gough.
MINIFEATURE: DAVID DEL VALLE The fan-turned-author prepares to take us "Six Reels Under."
INTERVIEW: FRANCO NERO As Django, the iconic actor showed us how the West was bloodied.
FEATURE: IKON GUITARS If you're gonna make macabre music, you need the right ax.
FIRST RITES Female trouble
POSTAL ZONE Nic's their top pick
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Twisted Tales," "The Moth Diaries," "The Profane Exhibit" and more
THE TRASH COMPACTOR Slasher spoofery in "Student Bodies"
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of "Absentia," "The Dead," "The Burning Moon," "Battle Royale: The Complete Collection" and others
FURIOUS FEMMES The women graduates of Corman University
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY All zombies! Reviews of Melissa Marr's "Graveminder," Eric A. Shelman's "Dead Hunter," etc.
COMIC CASKET When Madman went on a "Lunatic Binge"
SOUND SHOCK Charles Bernstein's rabid melodies for "Cujo" CLASSIFIED AD VAULT
DEAD FORMAT Unheavy metal in "Shock 'em Dead"

Issue 311
March 2012

INTERVIEW: NICOLAS CAGE, PART TWO Does he find the "Wicker Man" remake as absurd as we find the "Wicker Man" remake?
PREVIEW: "RABIES" You won't expect where the terror's coming from in Israel's first contribution to the genre scene.
PREVIEW: "ABSENTIA" The quiet moments are the most frightening when a missing-person case leads to dark discoveries.
PREVIEW: "THE DEVIL'S ROCK" The latest supernatural WWII saga busts out guns, gore and a naked red demoness.
PREVIEW: "SILENT HOUSE" There's no escape from the menace-or the camera's gaze-in Chris Kentis and Laura Lau's one-take wonder.
INTERVIEW: SETH GRAHAME-SMITH The inventor of the literary horror mashup turned screenwriter for "Dark Shadows" and "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."
INTERVIEW: ROGER CORMAN He brought Edgar Allan Poe's tales to life in ways that made them classics anew. Plus: Jane Asher recalls "Masque," and Barbara Steele's latest film.
PREVIEW: "SOUTH TEXAS BLUES," PART TWO More of our advance peek at Christopher P. Garetano's "Chainsaw" comic.
RETROSPECTIVE: "HORROR CAFE" A sextet of horror's heaviest hitters recall their tasty roundtable discussion.
RETROSPECTIVE: "MATINEE" Joe Dante looks back on his film that looked back to the fears of the '60s. Plus: the incomparable Dick Miller!
INTERVIEW: BARBARA BOUCHET The sultry actress ruffled feathers in Lucio Fulci's "Don't Torture a Duckling."
NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: JUSTIN McCONNELL The director of the postapocalyptic "The Collapsed" never let setbacks knock him down.
FIRST RITES Covering Corman
POSTAL ZONE Love from the Great White North
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventures of Bigfoot," "Inkubus," "El Monstro del Mar!" and more. Plus: the 2012 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards ballot!
THE TRASH COMPACTOR "Malatesta's Carnival of Blood"
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of "Cold Sweat," "The Woman," "Undocumented," the new Jean Rollin Blu-rays and others
FURIOUS FEMMES The Soska Sisters speak up about "Dead Hooker in a Trunk" and "American Mary"
HORROR CON-FIDENTIAL London, Canada's Shock Stock
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Madeleine Roux's "Sadie Walker is Stranded," Jessica Meigs' "The Becoming," etc.
DEAD FORMAT Goin' on a "Manhunt"

Issue 310
February 2012

INTERVIEW: BARBARA CRAMPTON Stuart Gordon's favorite actress has kept her head through crazy movies and a real-life illness.
PREVIEW: ""THE DIVIDE"" Trapped in Michael Biehn's fallout shelter, formerly civilized folks go feral. Plus: the Biehn-directed ""The Victim.""
PREVIEW: "KILL LIST" Don't let the guns fool you; Ben Wheatley's movie is hardcore horror-we just can't tell you why.
INTERVIEW: CHRISTOPHER PENNOCK You could kill one of this actor's "Dark Shadows" villains, and he'd just come back as another. Plus: More "Shadows" on the comics page.
PREVIEW: "THE WOMAN IN BLACK" Daniel Radcliffe leaves boyhood and magic behind for a mature supernatural saga. Plus: director James Watkins.
PREVIEW: "SLEEP TIGHT" The psychopathic menace hides in plain sight in the latest from "[REC]" co-creator Jaume Balaguero.
PREVIEW: "SOUTH TEXAS BLUES" An exclusive advance peek at Christopher P. Garetano's "Chainsaw" origins comic.
INTERVIEW: NICOLAS CAGE From wannabe bloodsucker to avengers beyond the grave, he's had a unique career in genre cinema.
INTERVIEWS: BARBIE WILDE & SIMON BAMFORD They had such sights to show you as two of the original screen Cenobites.
ON SET: "UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING" Kate Beckinsale returns for more vampire ass-kicking. Plus: looking back at the "Ginger Snaps" films.
PREVIEW: "THE GREY" Director Joe Carnahan and actor Dermot Mulroney on a film that will chill you and nearly froze them.
RETROSPECTIVE: "THE DEADLY SPAWN" On a microbudget, director Douglas McKeown and co. made memorable monsters.
PREVIEW: "DON'T GO IN THE WOODS" It's the night the music died for young rockers in Vincent D'Onofrio's directorial debut.
MINIFEATURE: KAREN LAM This up-and-coming auteur is a woman of many "Parts."
FEATURE: "AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER" This time it was personal for a pair of professional paranormal pursuers.
FIRST RITES Editor unCaged
POSTAL ZONE Famous folks love Fango; seeking "Mandy Lane"
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Jacob," "Father's Day," "Sick" and more
THE TRASH COMPACTOR Michael Biehn on "The Fan"
THE PIT AND THE PEN OF BERT I. GORDON Oh, rats-animal troubles on "The Food of the Gods"
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of Criterion's "Godzilla," "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil," "Apollo 18" and others
FURIOUS FEMMES How the fairer sex will scare us in 2012
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of John Ajvide Lindqvist's "Harbor," the anthology "Necro Files" and more
HORROR CON-FIDENTIAL Seattle, Washington's ZomBcon
DEAD FORMAT "Jaws of Satan": the fall of cobra"

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