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- Fango changed a lot of things when first appeared and remains today the #1 horror movie mag.
- Covers mostly commercial studio releases, without neglecting independent, low budget, films.
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Issue 299
December 2010
FEATURE: "VAMPIRE CIRCUS" As staged by Hammer Films and now restored on disc, this carnival is far from family-friendly.

ON SET: "STAKE LAND" The "Mulberry Street" gang leave the city for a terrifying trek across a vampire-plagued America. Plus: more words from heroine Danielle Harris.

INTERVIEW: HARRY KuMEL He introduced audiences to the sultry suckers known as the "Daughters of Darkness."

PREVIEW: "DEAD SPACE 2" The Necromorphs are back and their killing ground is bigger in the video-game sequel. Plus: a special review of "Dead Rising 2."

INTERVIEW: TOBY SELLS He started as a monster-loving kid, and now he's a makeup maestro marching with "The Walking Dead."

INTERVIEW: JEFF LIEBERMAN The man who made you "Squirm" looks back at his horrifying and subversive screen resume. Plus: Blue Sunshine-the venue!

FEATURE: GRINDHOUSE RELEASING The old fleapits may be gone, but the movies they showcased are still seeing the light of projectors.

INTERVIEW: JEAN ROLLIN After four decades in the cinematic trenches, the French auteur hasn't lost his edge.

PREVIEW: "BLACK SWAN" Under Darren Aronofsky's guidance, Natalie Portman dances her way into insanity. Plus: the cringe-inducing FX!

INTERVIEW: CHERIE CURRIE Transitioning from the Runaways to acting, she learned that some "Parasite"s really bite.

MINIFEATURE: GORECAKES These grisly pastries are more than just desserts.

DIARY OF THE DEB: "VOODOO COWBOYS" Down South, there was good and bad mojo in front of the cameras and behind the scenes.

INTERVIEW: BENJAMIN PERCY The savagery of this up-and-coming author's prose leaps like a wolf off the page. Plus: Thom Carnell bares his "Flesh."

INTERVIEW: CONSTANCE TOWERS The actress willingly followed Samuel Fuller down a "Shock Corridor."

MINIFEATURE: THE NEW "CREEPY" The modern reinvention of the classic '60s-'80s comics mag is scaring a new generation.

INTERVIEW: GWAR Bow before the intergalactic lords of monstrous music who have come to Earth to rock and shock you! Plus: Fango shoots a video with the scumdogs.


FIRST RITES Darren Aronofsky: master of horror

POSTAL ZONE An issue with good Genes

MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Bitter Feast," "Rare Exports," "The Captured Bird" and "The Taken"

THE TERROR TUBE The "Magic Shop" episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

THE TRASH COMPACTOR John Waters dishes on B-movie veteran Ted V. Mikels

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of the Criterion Collection's "Cronos," "Psychomania," "Cannibal Girls," "Zombie Girl: The Movie" and others

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of the Ellen Datlow/ Nick Mamatas-edited "Haunted Legends," Richard Kadrey's "Kill the Dead," Dan Wells' "Mr. Monster" and more

COMIC CASKET Our new column devoted to illustrated fear debuts with the other "Walking Dead"

HORRORCADE Reviews of "Enslaved," "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow" and "Saw II: Flesh & Blood"

SOUND SHOCK James Kenelm Clarke on "Vampyres"


MONSTER OF THE MONTH Jane O'Flynn from "Survival of the Dead"

Issue 298
October/November 2010

INTERVIEW: HILTON A. GREEN He was by Alfred Hitchcock's side when the Master of Suspense went "Psycho." Plus: a look at "The Psycho Legacy"

INTERVIEW: ADAM GREEN PT. 2 The writer/ director needed a new leading lady to confront Victor Crowley in "Hatchet II."

INTERVIEW: WES CRAVEN "My Soul to Take" allowed him to explore original terror-tory for the first time in years.

PREVIEW: "ELVIRA'S MOVIE MACABRE" Everyone's favorite Mistress of the Dark is making a return to the boob tube.

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: "COLIN" Marc Price had to have a lot of guts to attempt a zombie feature on a double-digit budget. Plus: more bargain ghouls in "Zombie Nightmare"

PREVIEW: "AMER" The year's most visually striking shocker takes its cues from Italian terrors of the past.

INTERVIEW: GENE SIMMONS Kiss' rock monster brought a longtime love of the macabre to his legendary persona. Plus: Tim Sullivan and Paul Stanley on their Kiss-tories

INTERVIEW: BARBARA SHELLEY PT. 2 The queen of Hammer horror recalls tangling with Dracula, Martians and more.

ON SET: "HELLDRIVER" When splattermeister Yoshihiro Nishimura raises the dead, it ain't your typical zombiefest.

ON SET: "VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL" Here's a Japanese high-school love triangle that draws an awful lot of blood.

INTERVIEW: NOBUHIKO OBAYASHI His 1977 "House" has been attracting a whole new crowd of appreciative visitors.

PREVIEW: "MONSTERS" With a small cast and budget and plenty of digital ingenuity, Gareth Edwards built a better creature feature.


FIRST RITES That first Kiss of obsession

MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Hisss" and "Zombie Girl: The Movie"; "Grimm Love" director talks

THE PIT AND THE PEN OF BERT I. GORDON How to populate a "Village of the Giants"

TRASH COMPACTOR "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park"

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "Colin," "Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated," "Closet Space," "Gamera" double features, "Carnies" and more

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of David Wellington's "Overwinter," John Ajvide Lindqvist's "Handling the Undead," Steve Alten's "Grim Reaper" and others

HORRORCADE Reviews of "Limbo," "Mafia II," "Castlevania: Harmony of Despair" and "Clash of the Titans"

SOUND SHOCK John Harrison on his "Creepshow" score

Issue 297
September 2010

INTERVIEW: NICKY HENSON Hopping on a hog, he delivered "Psychomania" in the early-'70s cult pic.

PREVIEW: "THE WALKING DEAD" Has there ever been a more exciting-sounding TV show than Frank Darabont's adaptation of the zombie-comics favorite?

INTERVIEW: DARIN SCOTT He opened a "Dark House" that has become one of the key flicks in the Fangoria FrightFest collection.

PREVIEW: "SUCK" Vampires, rock 'n' roll and Malcolm McDowell-what more could you ask for?

PREVIEW: "RED WHITE & BLUE" The first of those colors runs all over the heart of Texas in this savage new horror/drama.

INTERVIEW: BARBARA SHELLEY Part one of our lengthy chat with the actress who put the glamour in the movies of Hammer.

PREVIEW: "LET ME IN" They let the right team in to rework the Swedish vampire favorite. Plus: Simon Oakes on the new Hammer's new directions

PREVIEW: "DEVIL" Going hell? That's where an elevator's headed in this M. Night Shyamalan-produced chiller.

PREVIEW: "HATCHET II" Victor Crowley's back, and writer/director Adam Green's given him more people to kill.

PREVIEW: "SAW 3D" Jigsaw's torturous traps take on a whole new level in director Kevin Greutert's latest franchise entry.

PREVIEW: "I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE" It was up to the remake crew to assure fans of the original wouldn't feel violated.

INTERVIEW: WILLIAM LUSTIG He made a "Maniac" who's still scaring us three decades later. Plus: the making of another early-'80s "Madman"

PREVIEW: AFTER DARK ORIGINALS Terrors of every type fill an all-new lineup of eight fearsome films.

INTERVIEW: JOSHUA HOFFINE His lens captures some of the freakiest sights in the art-photography world.

INTERVIEW: SARAH KARLOFF Life was a "Thriller" for the daughter of Boris.

DIARY OF THE DEB: "SCREAM QUEENS" The reality show's second season gave Debbie Rochon the chance to share her wisdom.


FIRST RITES "Walking" in big shoes

MONSTER INVASION Previews of John Carpenter's "The Ward," the "Let Me In" comic and the DVD reissue of "Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell"

TRASH COMPACTOR Boris Karloff in "Die, Monster, Die!"

THE TERROR TUBE The infamous British broadcast "Ghostwatch"

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "The Dead Matter," "Burning Bright," two from Larry Blamire, "Growth," "Under the Mountain" and more

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Bob Fingerman's "Pariah," Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's "The Fall," David Moody's "Autumn" and others

HORRORCADE Reviews of "Naughty Bear," "Singularity" and "Crackdown 2"

SOUND SHOCK David A. Hughes on his "C.H.U.D." score


MONSTER OF THE MONTH Trash from "The Return of the Living Dead"

Issue 296
August 2010

PREVIEW: "ENTER THE VOID" French provocateur Gaspar Noe delivers his most bizarre cinematic experience yet.

PREVIEW: "THE LAST EXORCISM" How do you make devil-purging scary again? Do it documentary-style.

INTERVIEW: BOB BURNS On a "Dark and Stormy Night," he revived his classic Kogar the Gorilla character.

PREVIEW: "THE HAUNTING" No, it's not another remake; FANGORIA FrightFest presents a unique tale of Spanish ghosts.

FEATURE: 3-D HORRORS For nearly 60 years now, monsters and madmen have been leaping into audiences' laps.

INTERVIEW: TONY ANTHONY Back in the '80s, he was the first to have the action "Comin' at Ya!" off the screen.

ON SET: "RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE" Paul W.S. Anderson adds a fresh dimension to his zombie-film franchise.

ON SET: "PIRANHA 3D" It may have the best-looking cast of any fright feature this year-until the flesheating fish get to them.

PREVIEW: "SAW VII" A look at how the franchise's gore will really be in your face this October.

INTERVIEW: ROGER CORMAN The B-movie godfather recalls the original "Piranha" and "Humanoids from the Deep." Plus: "Piranha" starlet Belinda Balaski and "Mega Piranha"!

INTERVIEW: JERRY LACY He took vampires and others to Trask as the righteous reverend of TV's "Dark Shadows."

ON SET: "DORIAN GRAY" The antihero is better-looking than ever in this new adaptation, but his picture (and deeds) are worse.

INTERVIEW: LUIGI COZZI Thirty years ago, he was responsible for a very messy "Contamination."

DIARY OF THE DEB: "SATAN HATES YOU" But you'll love what this tribute to religious scare flicks has to offer.


FIRST RITES Childhood's first glasses

MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Machete," "Sweatshop," "Sea of Dust" and horrors on the printed page!

THE TERROR TUBE Dennis Hopper in the "He's Alive" episode of "The Twilight Zone"

THE PIT AND THE PEN OF BERT I. GORDON Premiere of the new column by the B-movie veteran!

TRASH COMPACTOR Christopher Coppola on "Dracula's Widow."

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "Piranha," "Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!", "Open House," "The Uninvited," "Death Kappa" and others

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of the "Living Dead 2" anthology, Martin Millar's "Curse of the Wolf Girl," Jonathan L. Howard's "Johannes Cabal the Detective" and more

HORRORCADE Reviews of "Lost Planet 2," "Alan Wake" and "Dante's Inferno" for the PSP

SOUND SHOCK "True Blood" and "The Last Exorcism" composer Nathan Barr


MONSTER OF THE MONTH Rhoda Penmark from "The Bad Seed"

Issue 295
July 2010
PREVIEW: "2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS" Tim Sullivan reveals how he took his lunatics on the road. Plus: a chat with co-star Kevin Ogilvie, a.k.a. Nivek Ogre!
INTERVIEW: JAUME BALAGUERO The Spanish director owns this summer with "[REC] 2" and the FANGORIA FrightFest release "Fragile."
ON SET: "PREDATORS" The forest looks similar but the story and characters are different in the franchise reboot.
PREVIEW: "SPLATTERHOUSE" The classic video game is back, and much bloodier than before. Plus: a horror-game history!
ON SET: "SALVAGE" Terror arrives next door in a monster-amok picture with some very current concerns.
ON SET: "TRUE BLOOD" The creators and stars promise that the third season of the vampire hit will only literally suck.
ON SET: "PARASOMNIA" Director William Malone invites you into his unique and scary dream world. Plus: Malone's past monsters.
PREVIEW: SUSHI TYPHOON Details on a tasty selection of over-the-top splatter fare coming from Japan.
ON SET: "DEATH KAPPA" This is one shoot where our journalist gets to see the monster live and up close.
PREVIEW: "AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE" The best sleaze from decades past is celebrated in a new documentary. Plus: shockers from the art house!
INTERVIEW: LYNN LOWRY The actress from both takes on "The Crazies" is loving the second wind of her fright career.
PREVIEW: "A SERBIAN FILM" From a country not known for its genre fare comes a movie that's hard to ignore.
FIRST RITES Horror: it's not just a game
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "The Dead Matter," "Chain Letter," Fango FrightFest's "Road Kill" and more, plus the 2010 Chainsaw Awards winners!
TERROR TUBE The "Bobby" segment of Dan Curtis' "Dead of Night"
TRASH COMPACTOR Grisly marital arts in Andrzej Zulawski's "Possession"
DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "The Horseman," "Salvage," "Horror Hospital," "Legion," "Burning Inside" and others
HORRORCADE Reviews of "Monster Hunter Tri," "Dead to Rights: Retribution," "Just Cause 2" and "Samurai Showdown Sen"
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Justin Cronin's "The Passage," John Connolly's "The Whisperers," Michael Koryta's "So Cold the River" and more
SOUND SHOCK The unheard "Hellraiser" music by Coil
MONSTER OF THE MONTH Reverend Lowe from "Silver Bullet"

Issue 294
June 2010

INTERVIEW: TERRANCE ZDUNICH The man who sang of graverobbing in "Repo!" talks the future shocks of his "Molting" comic.

PREVIEW: "ALL ABOUT EVIL" A host of San Francisco and Hollywood talent came together for this outrageous horror/comedy.

INTERVIEWS: THE "ECLIPSE" VAMPIRES Cameron Bright and Jackson Rathbone discuss the "Twilight" sequel and scarier stuff.

INTERVIEW: GIOVANNI LOMBARDO RADICE Known to many as John Morghen, he suffered through "City of the Living Dead" and other Italian shockers. Plus: Lucio Fulci's Grossest Hits!

ON SET: "SPLICE" Director Vincenzo Natali explains the birth, care and raising of a genetic mutation, and Delphine Chaneac recalls playing the lovely but deadly result.

PREVIEW: "TELL TALE" This contemporary Edgar Allan Poe update was a work of heart for director Miguel Arteta and star Josh Lucas.

PREVIEW: "SOMEONE'S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR" In this boundary-pushing flick, filmmaker Chad Ferrin and actor Noah Segan revel in sex, drugs and shock.

DIARY OF THE DEB: "GAME OVER" Was there more pain on screen or behind the scenes of this German indie? Debbie Rochon knows her answer.

ON SET: "ANIMALS" John Skipp and Craig Spector's novel of romance, jealousy and werewolves howls to screen life.

INTERVIEW: JESS FRANCO Still sleazin' after all these years, he doubles the pleasure with "Paula-Paula."

INTERVIEWS: THE "ELM STREET" KIDS, PART TWO More past sequel stars tell us why "Nightmare" was a dream job.


FIRST RITES Oh baby, what a horror

MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Predators," "Jonah Hex," Rob Zombie's latest comic, "The Horseman," "Women's Studies" and more

MONSTER OF THE MONTH Trickster from "Brainscan"

TRASH COMPACTOR The icky extraterrestrials of "Xtro"

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "City of the Living Dead" on Blu-ray, "Gamera, the Giant Monster," "Trailers from Hell! Volume One" and many more

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of David Moody's "Dog Blood," Ryan Brown's "Play Dead," Gemma Files' "A Book of Tongues" and others

HORRORCADE Reviews of "God of War III," "Fragile Dreams," "Calling" and "White Knight Chronicles"

SOUND SHOCK Fabio Frizzi's music for the walking dead to eat you by


Issue 293
May 2010

ON SET: "THE DESCENT: PART 2" Back into the caves for the eagerly awaited sequel with the original star, a new director and others.

FEATURE: TOY FAIR TERRORS Photos and comments on the hottest horrific items from this year's event.

PREVIEW: "MEADOWOODS" Director Scott Phillips discusses his verite-style chiller about kids who kill just because they can.

ON SET: "SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD" Observations from the location of George A. Romero's new undead epic. Plus: Dressing the Dead with costume designer Alex Kavanagh, and Romero on Romero!

ON SET: "CREATURE OF DARKNESS" Take a trek to the desert with a group of off-roaders and the otherworldly monster terrorizing them.

INTERVIEWS: THE "ELM STREET" KIDS, PART ONE Chats with the young actors who faced Freddy in the original film series.

PREVIEW: "THE DISAPPEARED" A new and acclaimed British fright feature is explored with director/co-writer Johnny Kevorkian.

PREVIEW: "THE NEW DAUGHTER" Inside the Kevin Costner-starrer with director Luis Berdejo and the creature creators.


ELEGY The incoming and outgoing editors speak

MONSTER INVASION Previews of "The Revenant," "Job," "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond," hot new horror fiction and more

TRASH COMPACTOR Digging up "Burial Ground"

MONSTER OF THE MONTH Mr. Barlow from "Salem's Lot"

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of all 8 Films to Die For from Lionsgate and After Dark, "I Sell the Dead," "The Sadist With Red Teeth," "Vampyres" on Blu-ray and more

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Dan Wells' "I Am Not a Serial Killer," A.E. Moorat's "Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter," Rio Youers' "Old Man Scratch," etc.

HORRORCADE Reviews of "Dante's Inferno," "Deadly Premonition," "Aliens vs. Predator" and "BioShock 2"

SOUND SHOCK Denny Zeitlin on the music of 1978's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"


Issue 292
April 2010

CRAVIN' NEW "NIGHTMARE"? Whether you are or not, here comes an updated "Elm Street" with a brand new Freddy.

"REPO MEN" CUT IN There's no music but plenty of mayhem in this saga of organ transplants and their reverse.

MUST BE THE "SEASON OF THE WITCH" It is when Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman confront sorcery and other scary stuff in the 14th century.

"SURVIVAL" OF THE GORIEST Don't worry, ghoul fans-George A. Romero's latest "Dead" opus proves he isn't mellowing with age.

"ZOMBI 3," ACTORS 0 The bloodshed wasn't all in front of the camera during the making of this Italian gruefest.

WHAT COMES "AFTER.LIFE"? Liam Neeson finds out thanks to a dead-or is she?-girl played by Christina Ricci.

TOTAL "ECLIPSE" OF THE HEART Memories of loved ones aren't the only things haunting this supernatural drama's protagonists.

DIARY OF THE DEB: "SLIME CITY MASSACRE" "Fango Radio" host Debbie Rochon reveals how indie horror filmmaking can be a fluid experience.


ELEGY Adios, Paul Naschy

MONSTER INVASION Don't you dare forget "Mother's Day"; Hammer Films bangs out new features; "Vindication" is sweet-and shocking

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS "Triangle" floats your boat; you won't get sick of "Cabin Fever" the second time around; lots to chew on with flesheater flick "Dead Snow"

HORRORCADE Happy to be stuck with "Bayonetta"; first-rate Horseman in "Darksiders"

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Go to "Hellblazer: Pandemonium" for a hot time; "Blood Pressure" won't get your pulse rising


Issue 291
March 2010
FAST TRAIN TO "CRAZIES" TOWN There's more insanity in store as we continue our exclusive location coverage.
"FROZEN" STIFFS Adam ("Hatchet") Green relocates from the Louisiana swamps to a wintry mountainside for his new bone-chiller.
METHODS TO MADNESS Up-and-coming actor Noah Segan adopts multiple mental states in a string of new fright films, starting with "Cabin Fever 2."
"DEMONS" DO-OVER The cast names are bigger in the "Night of the Demons" remake, and its makers hope the frights-and laughs-are too.
MABERRY SCARE YOU? Writing of zombies, wolfmen and more, Jonathan Maberry is making quite the literary splash.
STALKING THE "SLITHIS" It lurked in the waterways of LA but terrorized drive-ins nationwide in the late 1970s.
THE "WOLFMAN" PACK Benicio Del Toro et al. talk up their roles in the megabudget monster movie.
MAKEUP FX LAB: "THE WOLFMAN" For the first time, a step-by-step look at how Rick Baker makes a monster!
STRONG "SANGRE" Paul Naschy has passed on, but he still has one crazy film yet to assault his U.S. fans. Plus: the Spanish star remembered.

ELEGY American Fear Market 2009: Part II
MONSTER INVASION Who's hungrier-the "Survival of the Dead" ghouls or the 3-D "Piranha"?; get ready for the new Freddy; the 2010 Chainsaw Awards ballot!
DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS "Kingdom of the Spiders" crawls to the top; "House of the Devil" worth a long visit; "Bad Biology" bonuses have great chemistry
HORRORCADE Thanks for the "Memories" from new "Silent Hill"; another trip into the "Borderlands"
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Huston's latest will leave you "Sleepless"; Straub makes the "Dark Matter"

Issue 290
January/February 2010
- The Wolf Man
- The Crazies
- Cabin Fever 2

PLUS: Shutter Island, Daybreakers... and more!

Issue 289
December 2009
  • THEIR NAME IS "LEGION" Angels shed their wings and take up arms for a heavenly and hellish war on Earth.
  • "PIG" OUT And hungry too, which means those who embark on a "Pig Hunt" are in for an unpleasant surprise.
  • "DREAD" HEADS In the latest Clive Barker feature, those who experiment with fear are inevitably unhappy about the results.
  • "GRAVES" SITUATIONS Two beautiful sisters, one maniacal reverend and a spooky ghost town sound like a perfect recipe to us.
  • NIGHT CREATURES AND "DAYBREAKERS" In a world where vampires have taken over, it's only (super)natural that they'd fight among themselves.
  • WHAT SCARES STEPHEN KING? The modern horror master tells us in the first of an exclusive two-part essay.
  • DO "LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS" REALLY BITE? No doubt there are a lot of guys out there who'd love to find out.
  • FOR WHOM THE BELL TROLLS When Italian exploitation veterans met fledgling U.S. actors, the result was the memorably bizarre "Troll 2."
  • NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: "GOD OF VAMPIRES" Writer/director Rob Fitz staged multicultural mayhem for minimal money.
    • ELEGY Ghoulish grab bag
    • MONSTER INVASION First visit among "The Crazies"; "Hansel and Gretel" a grim scary tale; "Demonic Toys" come out to play again
    • HORRORCADE Hop on the "Demon's Soul's" train; now, you can hold your own "Grudge"
    • DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Go "Not Quite Hollywood"; big bugs and big entertainment in "Infestation"; Asian invasions of zombies and "Blood" suckers
    • NIGHTMARE LIBRARY "Lilja's Library" collection fit for a King; Gischler's "Vampire a Go-Go" away

    Issue 288
    October/November 2009
    WHEN "HALLOWEEN II" FIRST FELL Twenty-eight years ago, Michael Myers made his initial stab at franchise-hood.
    "BOX" YOUR FEARS Would you make the deadly bargain this film offers? And how would you deal with the aftermath?
    THE "SAW VI" FACTORY If it's Halloween, it must be time for Jigsaw's legacy of evil to claim a bunch of fresh victims.
    "NEW MOON," NEW MONSTERS Love triangles can be scary, but hopefully the second "Twilight" film will offer more to frighten us.
    "CIRQUE DU FREAK" SHOW At a carnival where a boy becomes "The Vampire's Assistant," the main acts truly suck.
    "ANTICHRIST" ALMIGHTY Actually, Satan sits out Lars von Trier's newest provocation, which examines the darkness of very human souls.
    THE REPEATING "ECHO" Filipino director Yam Laranas took full advantage of the opportunity to redo his original hit in English.
    VERY SCARY "MARY" On the "Blood Night" before Halloween, high-schoolers learn not to mess with "The Legend of Mary Hatchet."
    GOOD KNIGHT'S WORK Before traveling to "2001," actor Gary Lockwood had a monstrous medieval adventure wielding "The Magic Sword."
    TORTURE "TRAIN" All aboard for a ride that's gonna be a one-way trip for its young passengers.
    ELEGY Horror: not just a boys' town
    MONSTER INVASION Zombies take over the "Dead Air"; Biblical terror's name is "Legion"; Tim Thomerson takes on Live Evil"
    HORRORCADE "Wolfenstein" howls just as loud on new platforms; take the plunge into "Shadow Complex"
    DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Press Play with "The Children"; "I Can See You," you should see this; "Sauna" is hot stuff
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Dare to open Langan's "Audrey's Door"; thanks to Wong, you won't mind knowing "John Dies at the End"

    Issue 287
    September 2009
    DYING TO PLEDGE "SORORITY ROW" Hazing has nothing on what six "sisters" face in the latest '80s-slasher remake.
    "STEP" RIGHT UP... And see if the new version of "The Stepfather" can match the depth and tension of its predecessor.
    A TICKET TO "ZOMBIELAND" Join Woody Harrelson and friends on a scary/funny ride though an America overrun by the living dead.
    BLOOD FOR "JENNIFER" Sexy screen siren Megan Fox unleashes her dark side as the boy-hungry antiheroine of "Jennifer's Body."
    PASS THE "WHITEOUT" "Underworld" vamp Kate Beckinsale battled biting cold and other perils on this Antarctic thriller.
    A NIGHT AT THE "HOUSE OF THE DEVIL" Can you survive it when your "hosts" are Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov?
    "THE HILLS RUN RED," YOU RUN SCREAMING Some horror flicks make you sweat; here's the story of one that makes you bleed.
    SUFFER "THE CHILDREN"? Nope-it's the adults who are tormented in this chilling saga of malevolent moppets.
    "DARK COUNTRY" TUNES Genre stalwart Thomas Jane directs and stars in a road trip that really goes to hell.
    "BOOK" YOUR FRIGHT Travel once more into the mind of Clive Barker via his latest screen adaptation, "Book of Blood."
    ELEGY Halloween hurrahs
    MONSTER INVASION "Dexter" and "Vampire Diaries" terrorize the tube; bad guys take the latest "Wrong Turn"; a new trip into "Dead Space"
    HORRORCADE "Prototype" sets a high standard; have fun slamming spirits with the "Ghostbusters"
    DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Go "Wild Man" with the monster mockumentary; a healthy amount of transgression in "Sick Girl"; "Ripper" carves in again
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY A hell of a time with Kadrey's "Sandman"; more zombies "Recorded" by Brooks

    Issue 286
    August 2009
    THE NEW FACES OF "HALLOWEEN" Part two of our sequel set visit brings us closer to Michael Myers and the men who made his mask-and victims.
    SCARE CRAFT "CARRIERS" Imagine being one of the few left alive after a deadly pandemic-and there are still people trying to kill you.
    "DISTRICT 9": ALIEN ZONE "Non-humans" learn just how hostile Earth can be in this ambitious sci-fi thriller.
    "PANDORUM" PANIC Even scarier than being stranded alone in outer space is discovering you're not alone.
    "JENNIFER'S BODY" SHOTS Lots of guys are just dying to get with Megan Fox-and here, that's just what happens.
    BY THE "GRACE" OF BLOOD A true miracle of birth becomes a nightmare for everyone around this movie's heroine.
    "DEADGIRL" POWER It's not your typical chiller: The "zombie" is the victim and one of the "heroes" is the monster.
    "I SELL THE DEAD," YOU BUY THE FARM When you're dealing with the deceased, it helps if they actually stay that way.
    "EVILUTION" OF THE SPECIES This time, it's an alien organism turning humans into rampageous, slavering ghouls.
    PLUNDERING "NATURE'S GRAVE" From Australia comes a cautionary tale about how tampering with the environment can put you six feet down under.
    ELEGY A salute to STARLOG
    MONSTER INVASION Take a "Perfect Getaway" from safety and learn "How to Be a Serial Killer"; stalking "The Wild Man of the Navidad"
    HORRORCADE It's a good good good "MadWorld"; feel the "Burn, Zombie, Burn!"
    DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS "Combat Shock" comes home stronger than ever; "Wyvern"? 'Cause it's a better-than-average Sci Fi flick!
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY You'll have a "Cabal" with Howard's "Necromancer"; your "Worst Nightmares" may include Briant's schlocker.

    Issue 285
    July 2009
    "ORPHAN" OF THE GORE The results of this child's play are decidedly unsuitable for young viewers.
    FRESH VEIN OF "TRUE BLOOD" As the second season commences, some vampires get along better with humans than others.
    THE DIMENSIONAL "DESTINATION" What's worse than learning you can't cheat death? Finding it's coming for you in 3-D.
    MICHAEL MYERS NEVER TIRES Part one of an exclusive set visit unmasks the new terrors of Rob Zombie's "H2."
    "SNOW" KIDDING The wintry zombies of Norway's "Dead Snow" will make you laugh till you puke up your guts.
    A SCARY KIND OF "HUSH" If you're planning a road trip this summer, you might think twice after seeing this flick.
    EYE ON "SURVEILLANCE" Under Jennifer Lynch's direction, Bill Pullman and others take multiple points of view of murder.
    "CHAOS" THEORIES The villain of "The Chaos Experiment" wants to prove his global-warming beliefs in the worst way.
    THIS OLD "HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES" For every body, there's more than one great story about the making of this '70s chiller.
    ELEGY Alternative choices
    MONSTER INVASION First visit to "Zombieland"; flesh and "Blood: The Last Vampire"; good taste takes a "Header"; the 2009 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards winners!
    HORRORCADE Latest "Resident Evil" skimps on the scares; "Onechanbara" and "Rising" zombies return
    DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Our newly combined DVD/Blu-ray review section starts off by recommending a trip to the "End of the Line."
    COMICS SCREAMS Something "Creepy" is coming back on the page to give you new nightmares.
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Fahy's "Fragment" is a hunk o' superb monster madness; Wellington's "23 Hours" well worth your time.

    Issue 284
    June 2009
    ELEGY Death is the new 30.
    THE FANGORIA HALL OF FAME Comments by and/or about every one of the frightful 50, as voted by our readers.
    WALKING THE UNDEAD If it wasn't for George A. Romero, the world of horror would be a very, very different place.
    CRAVEN IMAGES Even as Wes Craven has overseen some of the best recent remakes, he's still forging ahead with original projects.
    A "HELL" OF A COMEBACK After a long vacation from the genre, Sam Raimi sez returning to terror territory was no DRAG.
    TURN ON, TUNE IN, FREAK OUT Many different voices of fear have spoken, screamed and sung during the first three years of FANGORIA RADIO.
    HIS MANY ARTS OF DARKNESS Clive Barker has contributed so much to the realm of the macabre-and is still finding new worlds to conquer.
    DECADES OF WEEKENDS If they had something significant to do with our favorite genre, they probably showed up for at least one of our conventions.
    FANGORIA'S COVER GHOULS Not just another bunch of pretty faces.
    THE LOST TERROR TELETYPE These projects aren't coming soon to a theater or DVD store near you.
    CAVALCADE OF CREATURES A nine-page minimural in which Pete Von Sholly presents an illustrated history of monsters!
    RAVING & DROOLING David J. Schow is back-and as out for blood as he ever was.
    FANGORIA ON SCREEN We've appeared in a bunch of movies and TV shows-so where's our IMDb listing?
    LEAVING THEIR BIGFOOTPRINTS Zombie chronicler Max Brooks reveals the Sasquatch scare flicks that left the deepest impressions on his psyche.
    FANGORIA OFFSPRING Our printed legacy extends far beyond the 300 issues of the original mag.
    FANGORIA MOVIES We've had our name on a variety of scare fare. FANGORIA FAMILY: MICHAEL GINGOLD.

    Issue 283
    May 2009
    NOTHING TO KEEP "MUM" ABOUT There's plenty of screaming going on at the house where "Mum & Dad" live.
    "SCAR" ISSUES Angela Bettis is no stranger to confronting madness and murder, but this time she's doing it in 3-D.
    DRAWING THE "LINE" Maurice Devereaux was determined to get his subway shocker "End of the Line" produced and released his way.
    WHAT A "DRAG"? Not for stars Alison Lohman and Justin Long as they throw themselves into Sam Raimi's "Hell."
    "SALVATION" AT HAND We traveled into the violent future of the latest "Terminator" and survived to tell you about it.
    MASTER OF "MUTANT" For writer/director Simon Hunter, the quest to film "Chronicles" was as grueling as that of his characters.
    ABOVE PARe Soon to be seen (sort of) in "100 Feet," actor Michael Pare explores highlights of his genre career.
    THE GORY GIFT OF GAB "Pontypool" offers a unique vision of the undead as creatures who do as much talking as stalking.
    ECHO OF THE BUNNYMAN Strange new sights haunt "S. Darko" in the sequel to one of this decade's biggest cult sensations.
    "LAKE" SUPERIOR? We'll find out when the indie stalker flick "Sam's Lake" makes its splash on DVD.
    ELEGY Winter roundup
    MONSTER INVASION An "Objective" look at battlefield terrors; genre favorites open "The Devil's Tomb"; "The Poker Club" deals in death; Erica Leerhsen comforts "Lonely Joe"
    DR. CYCLOPS Religious fears emanate "From Within"; newest "Butterfly Effect" flies higher
    HORRORCADE Let this classroom chiller "Lit" the way on the Wii; a second dose of "F.E.A.R."
    DVD DUNGEON Sacrifice yourself to "Martyrs"; "Perkins" and "Autopsy" are choice cuts among the 8 Films
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Sick of overly serious zombie stories? Maberry's "Patient Zero" has the cure; Thurman indulges his "Deathwish"

    Issue 282
    April 2009
    THE "REST" OF THE GORY How do you build a better slasher flick? You start with a better slasher like ChromeSkull.
    THE FUTURE'S "SALVATION" There's just no stopping those pesky Terminators as they try to squash mankind.
    THIS NEW "HOUSE" The remakers of "LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT" aimed to establish a solid foundation of tension and terror.
    KEEPERS OF THE "MUTANT CHRONICLES" Tenacity and ambition pay off as the long-mooted sci-fi shocker finally blasts onto screens.
    "BURROWERS" GIVE BACK DEATH The Wild West becomes a lot wilder when subterranean flesheating creatures surface.
    PEELING THE "VINYAN" You'll find many layers when you take this trip into the depths of the jungle-and the psyche.
    THE "100" CLUB It's led by filmmaker Eric Red and stars Famke Janssen and Michael Pare with their new "Feet"-ure.
    FORGIVE IT ITS "TRESPASS" Or the alien Ghota will make ooze out of you in a homage to the B-features of the '50s.
    FORGOTTEN HORRORS: "ALIEN ZONE" You won't find anything spacey in this Oklahoma-lensed entry in the anthology stakes.
    NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: JASON PAUL COLLUM It wasn't always happy and gay creating his alternative-lifestyle fear fare.
    ELEGY Fango fans made good
    MONSTER INVASION Small-screen slayings on "Harper's Island"; still holding a "Grudge"; wrap your mind around "Timecrimes"; the 2009 Chainsaw Awards ballot!
    DR. CYCLOPS "Cremator" is hot stuff; not enough tricks in the "Walled"
    DVD DUNGEON "Let the Right One" into your permanent collection; good and bad luck with "Friday the 13th" extras
    HORRORCADE "Resistance" to the second in the series is futile; the pleasures of "Lux-Pain"
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Evenson's "Last Days" is first-rate; Moody becomes a player with "Hater"

    Issue 281
    March 2009
    "KNOWING" SCARES The director of "The Crow" and "Dark City" now unveils a paranormal threat to our more recognizable world.
    "BAD BIOLOGY," TWISTED ANATOMY Frank Henenlotter, maestro of grassroots gore, composes a concerto for oversized organ.
    PRAY FOR THE "MARTYRS" Two young women embark on a journey of madness and mutilation that dares you to watch.
    "HOME" SCHOOLED IN FEAR A verite "Movie" uncovers the very dark undercurrents beneath a family's facade.
    THINGS ARE BLACK IN "PLAGUE TOWN" Beware the children after night falls in an isolated Irish village.
    COUNT ON DRAC To projects big ("Watchmen") and small, this FX house brings years of experience and expertise.
    "RED SANDS" STORMS IN A real war on terror heats up when soldiers unleash a supernatural evil in the Middle East.
    THE LAST WEEKEND In New Jersey, at least, as Fango's annual East Coast convention prepares for its move to Manhattan.
    NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: JOE ZASO & RAINE BROWN The "Barricade" and "Beast" stars have learned how screaming sounds in different languages.
    THE FENADY CONSPIRACIES This veteran producer plotted to cast his '70s flicks with big names and bigger frights.
    ELEGY Going to extremes
    MONSTER INVASION First visit to the "Last House"; the filmmaking alchemy of "Crowley"; "Resident Evil" expands anew
    HORRORCADE There'll be plenty of players "Left 4 Dead"; "Castlevania" still sturdy
    DR. CYCLOPS Surrender to "Dorothy Mills"; Steven Seagal battles "Against the Dark" and the dreck
    DVD DUNGEON Stay up late with "Midnight Movie"; eye-opening extras aboard "The Midnight Meat Train"
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Matheson is "Legend," and an inspiration; a fateful trip with Keene's "Castaways"

    Issue 280
    January/February 2009

    Issue 279
    December 2008
    "UNBORN" TO BE WILD Under writer/director David S. Goyer, this ain't your typical possession picture.
    "EDEN" ALIVE But not for long if you visit a British "Lake" that's swimming with violent youths.
    "VALENTINE" IN YOUR FACE If you could pick one '80s slasher to redux in 3-D, why not the mine-set "My Bloody Valentine"?
    JUMPSTARTING JASON The masked one enjoys a fresh origin and a new rampage courtesy of the much-anticipated "Friday the 13th" remake.
    "DYING" FOR AUSSIE HORROR? Then these Down Under filmmakers and cast have a cannibalistic "Breed" you'll eat up.
    CHILLS "FROM WITHIN" A small Christian town is plagued by a population hellbent on offing themselves.
    "BR?KEN" PSYCHE Lena Headey from TV's "Terminator" faces a different kind of double trouble in this UK psychothriller.
    UNDER THE "AUTOPSY" KNIFE The operating room gets good and bloody when evil medicos play doctor with helpless teens.
    "14" IS THE NEW 13 Unlucky for its characters, "Perkins' 14" was a fortunate break for its fans-turned-creators.
    NO "COUNTRY" FOR OLD DOGS Werewolves learn new tricks in a "Wild" and bloody shocker from Scotland.
    "THE ALPHABET" SCOOP Eliza Dushku is all grown up in this "Killer" flick, and so is its take on murder and madness.
    ELEGY Lurking ahead
    MONSTER INVASION A new "Wolfman" howls; "Midnight Movie" slays its audience; "Resident Evil" reanimates and animates the dead
    DR. CYCLOPS Something to "Shiver" about from Spain; "Conjurer" casts a weak spell
    DVD DUNGEON In-depth special features rule this "Domain"; the extras are livelier than "Zombie Diaries"
    COMIC SCREAMS "The Dracula War" on terror hits the four-color pages
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Tune in and listen close to Gout's "Ghost Radio"; Bradbury tries on different "Masks"
    HORRORCADE "Silent Hill" worth coming home to; "Vampire Rain" clouded by glitches

    Issue 278
    November 2008

    Issue 277
    October 2008

    Issue 276
    September 2008

    Issue 275
    August 2008
    'HELL' OF A FILMMAKER With the battle of 'Hellboy II' completed, Guillermo del Toro looks toward a fantastic future.
    'X FILES' X-HUMED Mulder and Scully are back on the case, and we 'Want to Believe' their new movie will justify the revival.
    TRAVELS WITH YOUR 'MUMMY' A journey to a new locale means a bigger star in the title role of the adventure/horror franchise.
    BAD MAGIC FROM 'WIZARD OF GORE' Harry Potter he's not-his tricks are deadly for his unfortunate volunteers.
    FORGOTTEN HORRORS: 'INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS' It was a hive of sex and violence-so how did a man of the cloth become involved?
    DONE IN WITH 'MIRRORS' Alexandre ('Hills Have Eyes') Aja tries to break the curse on foreign directors remaking Asian chillers.
    BUHLER, ANYONE? He's a rising talent on the fright scene with 'Midnight Meat Train' and 'Insanitarium' coming out.
    SEEKING 'ASYLUM' You should think twice before exploring this one, haunted by a very mad and ghostly doctor.
    'STUCK' IN THE GENRE? Versatile actor Stephen Rea actually has no problems with venturing into fear fare like Stuart Gordon's latest.
    THEY ONCE WERE 'LOST' But now the 'Boys' are found-on the beach-in the long-awaited, direct-to-DVD sequel.
    'GENE' SLICING There's a science to the slaughter as someone with 'The Killing Gene' conducts torturous games.
    CHILLS IN CHICAGO Frightmeisters old and new blew in for our biggest Windy City convention yet.
    ELEGY The fall of New Line
    MONSTER INVASION Bashing more bugs with 'Starship Troopers 3'; Charles Band plays on; relationships are murder in 'Baghead'
    DR. CYCLOPS Get with the 'Zombies Anonymous' program; double dose of 'Jekyll' dual personalities
    HORRORCADE Celebrating the 'Obscure'; 'Baroque' can't be fixed
    DVD DUNGEON 'Rogue' is croc full of goodies; yuck it up with 'Brutal Massacre'
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Possession and 'Pandemonium' in Gregory's compelling tale; Hamilton's hot but tired 'Blood'

    Issue 274
    July 2008
    FEAR' OF THE YEAR The masters of horror assault network TV with an all-new butcher's dozen evil episodes.
    WHAT'S 'HAPPENING'? Good question, but M. Night Shyamalan has a few hints of what to expect from his very first R-rated film. 'STUCK' IN THE MIDDLE WITH GRUE Truth is stranger than fiction'unless Stuart Gordon is the one turning it into a feature.
    THE 'BOY' IS BACK IN TOWN And he's bringing all his old friends to battle new foes in 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army.'
    'GIRL' WITH SOMETHING EXTRA She's got a deadly 'Machine' gun hand in this Japanese killfest.
    'CHAIR' MEN OF THE GORED A trio of Canadian filmmakers aren't letting a low budget stand in the way of shocking you.
    HIS ART OF DARKNESS Whatever kind of screen creature you ask for, Aaron ('Incredible Hulk') Sims can design.
    THE NEED FOR SPEEDMAN The 'Underworld' actor has been in demand lately for psycho chillers like 'The Strangers.' A 'GALAXY' SCAR, SCAR AWAY Once upon a time, a Roger Corman crew made space travel fatal with 'Galaxy of Terror.'
    ELEGY Summer shrieks
    MONSTER INVASION 'Otis' has a date with revenge; 'Lost Boys' bite the comics pages; the myth of multiple 'Organizm'
    DR. CYCLOPS 'Botched' gets everything right; French home invasion continues with 'Malefique' and 'Frontier(s)'
    HORRORCADE 'Condemned 2' video-game classic status; back inside the 'House of the Dead'
    DVD DUNGEON 'Orphanage' well worth visiting; Argento slaughterfests sharper than ever
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Piccirilli hits just the right 'Spot'; Ketchum's talent burns through 'Old Flames'

    Issue 273
    June 2008
    'COTTAGE' INDUSTRY There's nothing quite like the mix of biting horror and black humor that this Brit flick aims for.
    MOCKUMENTARY 'MASSACRE' 'Malevolence' maker Stevan Mena explores the 'Brutal' yet lighter side of fear filmmaking.
    'KNOCK KNOCK' IS NO JOKE Serious bloodshed results when a maniac targets teens in this New York-lensed indie.
    ASIA ARGENTO EXPOSED The actress bares her feelings on 'Mother of Tears' and her other controversial movies.
    FORGOTTEN HORRORS: 'RETRIBUTION' Possession was 9/10 of the terror where this unsung late-'80s shocker was concerned.
    LAST STOP ON 'THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN' One of Clive Barker's best-ever short stories now becomes one of his grisliest films.
    'DEATH NOTE' WORTHY In this Japanese smash, the power to decide who lives and who dies is as simple as a signature.
    GROWLING IN 'CLOVERFIELD' Making a giant creature both v?rit? and very terrifying was a particular challenge.
    SOUTHLAND TERROR TALES A gang of up-and-coming frightmeisters unleash murder and monsters below the Mason-Dixon Line.
    VACATION IN 'RUINS' It was no relaxing trip for young actresses Jena Malone and Laura Ramsey. DIMENSION OF FEAR A look back at the B-movie distributor that sent 'Spiders,' 'Dr. Black' and others to the drive-ins.
    ELEGY Method acting
    MONSTER INVASION Steve Niles turns Batman scary; an ill-fated 'S?ance'; moral terror makes an 'Entrance'
    DR. CYCLOPS We see a 'Dead Moon Rising,' and we like it; super 'Nanny'
    HORRORCADE 'Devil' is still a hell of a game, but not so the latest 'Turok' and 'Aliens.'
    DVD DUNGEON A fascinating look 'Inside' French splatter; 'Trigger Man' has good aim
    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY We like Hall's fiction 'Raw'; Farris' 'Fury' fizzles

    Issue 272
    May 2008

    Issue 271
    April 2008

    Issue 270
    March 2008

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