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- First and last issue: 1988-2006
- "The voice of the production community, designed to educate and inform readers of the changing technologies and emerging trends in the film, television and interactive industries".
- Published by Access Intelligence Ltd.
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January 2006
This is the last print issue of Film And Video magazine. From now on, it will only be available in a digital format.

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Issue 6
June 2000

Issue 5
May 2000

Issue 4
April 2000
Conrad Hall, ASC: A Cinematographer for the Ages, Wins Third ASC Award By Bob Fisher
DS 2000: Ridley Scott's Virtual Confidence Trick: VFX Give Audiences a Glimpse of Ancient Rome in Gladiator. By George Jarrett
Mike Figgis: Working Without A Net By Ed Eberle
New World Order: Four Post Houses Look to The Future By Ed Eberle
American Psycho: Director Mary Harron Speaks to Film & Video's Iain Blair.
Stock Footage Resources for the Advertising Market
Regions in Motion: Chicago
Final Destination: Behind the Scenes with Rob McLachlan Interview By Bob Fisher
Analyze This: Phil Abraham Discusses Photographing The Sopranos By David Heuring
Bryan Buckley on Commercials, his Recent DGA Win and his First Feature. By Phoebe Green
West Productions Creates Eerie Sounds for The X-Files By Iain Blair
The Hero... Re-born! Stan Lee Still Smiling in the New Media Age By Stefan Petrucha
Lloyd Kaufman Interview by Ed Eberle

Issue 3
March 2000
The First Tests: Will 24P Cameras Usher in The Age of Electronic Cinematography? By Carolyn Giardina
NAB 2000: New Tools, Tracking Audio, DTV Debates, The Spin on DVD, Broadband Buzz, Advertising in the Digital Age
And The Nominees Are: Industry Experts Examine the Meaning of Excellence and the Academy Awards By Ed Eberle
The [Next] Best Thing: For Director John Schlesinger Interview by Iain Blair
DVD Services
Services Showcase: A Producer's Guide to Postproduction and Stock Footage
Regions in Motion: Northwest, Southwest
Anjelica Huston Talks About Agnes Browne By Iain Blair
The New Game Show Diet: Fat on Interactivity By Rita Street
Cliff Freeman's Comedy in TV Spots By Ed Eberle
Composers John Powell and Hans Zimmer Strike Gold By Iain Blair
Film Roman launches Level 13.net By Iain Blair
Ray Harryhausen Interview by Ed Eberle

Issue 2
February 2000

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January 2000

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