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General, Mainstream Bimonthly Magazine from New York ,United States

- First issue: 1962
- ''A forum for smart, idiosyncratic writing about movies.''
- Published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.
- Six issues per year.
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- Published by Film Society of Lincoln Center
- Website: www.filmcomment.com/

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8 September 2019

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Issue 274
January/February 2013

Issue 273
November/December 2012

Issue 272
September/October 2012

Issue 271
July/August 2012

Issue 270
May/June 2012
Beasts of the Southern Wild
IDS Documentaries
God Bless America
Spaghetti Westerns
Whit Stillman
Werner Schroeter
HBO Films

Issue 269
March/April 2012
Terrence Davies
Aleksei German
PLUS: J. Hoberman... and more!

Issue 268
January/February 2012

Issue 267
November/December 2011

Issue 266
September/October 2011

Issue 265
Vol 47 # 6
July/August 2011

Issue 264
Vol 47 # 5
May/June 2011

Issue 263
March/April 2011

Issue 262
January/February 2011

Issue 261
November/December 2010

Issue 260
September/October 2010
Includes Scott Foundas on David Fincher's The Social Network, part two of Paul Brunick's article on the recent state of film criticism, Tom Mes on Masahiro Shinoda, Andrew Sarris on Sacha Guitry, Hot Property: Extraordinary Stories by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: jomasmekasfilms.com by Jesse P. Finnegan, reviews of Tamara Drewe, Nuremberg, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Last Train Home, plus short takes on Buried, Catfish, Heartbreaker, The Milk of Sorrow, Nowhere Boy, and Vision.

Issue 259
July/August 2010
- Christopher Nolan
- Tinto Brass: Italy's Maestro of Smut
- Bloggers vs. Old School Critics - a truce

PLUS: Valhalla Rising's Viking Death Trip... and more!

Issue 258
May/June 2010
Includes Geoffrey O'Brien on Breathless, Chris Fujiwara on the newly reconstructed Metropolis, Andrew Sarris on Roman Polanski, Hot Property: Kinatay by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: Abecedarium: NYC by Jesse P. Finnegan, Avant-Garde Poll: The Best Experimental Films of the Decade, reviews of The Oath, World on a Wire, Trash Humpers, and I Am Love, plus short takes on Anton Chekhov's The Duel, Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo, Best Worst Movie, Double Take, Mademoiselle Chambon, and Solitary Man

Issue 257
March/April 2010
- Matt Damon And Paul Greengrass in Green Zone
- Best of 2009 and Best of Decade - Reader Polls

PLUS: 2009 Box Office Rundown, Breillat's Bluebeard, Nicole Holofcener's self-sabotaging women... and more!

Issue 256
January/February 2010
Includes an interview with The Lovely Bones' Peter Jackson by Gavin Smith, Andrew Sarris on Vincere, Hot Property: Un lac by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: African Film Library by Paul Fileri, a review of A Prophet by Amy Taubin, Grahm Fuller on the Red Riding trilogy, Wrap-ups of the Films of the Year (including Terra Incognita and Movies That Mattered) and the Decade. Plus, a chance to vote in our annual Readers' Poll, which automatically enters participants in a drawing to win Criterion DVDs...

Issue 255
November/December 2009
Includes Kent Jones on Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox, Andrew Sarris on Police, Adjective, Hot Property: Women Without Men by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: Film-Philosophy by Paul Fileri, a review of Up in the Air by Scott Foundas, Laura Kern reports from the 6th annual Reykjavik International Film Festival, and much more

Issue 254
September/October 2009
Includes Larry Gross on Lars von Trier's Antichrist, Amy Taubin on Alain Resnais's Wild Grass, Andrew Sarris on Public Enemies, Hot Property: Love Exposure by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: World Picture Journal by Paul Fileri, a review of The Burning Plain by Melissa Anderson, and much more...

Issue 253
July/August 2009
Includes Scott Foundas on Inglourious Basterds, Amy Taubin on Lucrecia Martel's The Headless Woman, (read Taubin's online-only interview with Martel here), Thom Andersen on the Dardenne Brothers' Lorna's Silence, Hot Property: Breathless and It Might Get Loud by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: Artforum by Paul Fileri, a review of Still Walking by Tony Rayns, Cannes coverage by Amy Taubin, Gavin Smith, and Richard Pe?a, and much more...

Issue 252
May/June 2009
Includes Kent Jones on The Limits of Control, plus an interview with director Jim Jarmusch (read Gavin Smith's uncut version here), Amy Taubin on Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker, Oliver Sacks's examination of Powell & Pressburger's A Matter of Life and Death, Hot Property: Can Go Through Skin by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: National Film Board of Canada by Paul Fileri, a review of Departures by Tony Rayns, and much more

Issue 251
March/April 2009
Includes Richard Schickel on Tom Hanks, an interview with 24 City director Jia Zhangke (read Andrew Chan's uncut version here), Nicolas Rapold on Satyajit Ray, Kent Jones on Robert Mulligan's The Stalking Moon, Geoffrey O'Brien revisits The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Hot Property: Louise-Michel, Site Specifics: indieWIRE & The Daily@IFC.com by Paul Fileri, a review of Summer Hours by Frederic Bonnaud, and much more

Issue 250
January/February 2009
Includes Our Annual Year-End Wrap-Up-Movies That Mattered, Terra Incognita, The Best Films of the Year and Readers' Poll, and more-Amy Taubin on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (read Taubin's online-only interview with David Fincher here), Jose Teodoro on Carlos Reygadas's Silent Light, Melissa Anderson revisits The Killing of Sister George, Hot Property: Unrelated by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: The Auteurs by Paul Fileri, a review of Revanche by Nicolas Rapold, and much more...

Issue 249
November/December 2008
Includes an interview with A Christmas Tale director Arnaud Desplechin and star Catherine Deneuve (read the full dialogue here), Nathan Lee on Gus Van Sant's Milk, Rob Nelson on two Eighties docs Demon Lover Diary and Seventeen, Hot Property: Tulpan by Chris Chang, Site Specifics: Order of the Exile by Paul Fileri, a review of The Secret of the Grain by Elisabeth Lequeret, and much more...

Issue 248
September/October 2008
Includes Amy Taubin on Steven Soderbergh's Che, Tony Rayns on Nagisa Oshima, Distributor Wanted: The Mugger by Chris Chang, Sam Di Iorio on Les Idoles, Site Specifics: Europa Film Treasures, Ariel Rotter's The Other, a review of Let the Right One In by Laura Kern, and much more

Issue 247
July/August 2008
Includes Kent Jones on WALL-E, Jonathan Rosenbaum on Manoel de Oliveira, Distributor Wanted: In the City of Sylvia by J. Hoberman, Olaf M?ller on Li Ying, Site Specifics: davekehr.com, Cannes coverage by Kent Jones and Richard Pe?a, a review of Vicky Cristina Barcelona by Jonathan Romney, and much more...

Issue 246
May/June 2008
Includes Amy Taubin on Catherine Breillat's The Last Mistress, Thomas Elsaesser on The Edge of Heaven, Distributor Wanted: Est?mago by Laura Kern, Miriam Bale on Jennifer Jones, a review of Yella by Chris Darke, and much more

Issue 245
March/April 2008
Includes Molly Haskell on Meryl Streep, Robin Wood on Munyurangabo, Distributor Wanted: Captain Ahab by Elisabeth Lequeret, Irina Leimbacher on Nicolas Klotz and his latest film, Heartbeat Detector, a review of Standard Operating Procedure by Michael Chaiken, and much more...

Issue 244
January/February 2008

Issue 243
November/December 2007
Includes Geoffrey O'Brien on No Country for Old Men, Amy Taubin on the mumblecore movement, Distributor Wanted: Useless, by Chris Chang, a review of Paul Schrader's The Walker by Rob Nelson, and much more...

Issue 242
September/October 2007

Issue 241
July/August 2007
Includes Matt Groening's Guilty Pleasures, Stuart Klawans on Sicko, Chris Darke on Kes, Distributor Wanted: After This Our Exile by Chris Chang, Klaus Kinski by Maitland McDonagh, Robert Horton's review of Dans Paris, and much more

Issue 240
May/June 2007
ncludes Chris Darke on Jean-Daniel Pollet, Brynn White on Lee Marvin, Distributor Wanted: Woman on the Beach and Sound: Radio On by Chris Chang, Chuck Stephens's review of I Don't Want to Sleep Alone, and much more

Issue 239
March/April 2007
Includes Manuel Y??ez Murillo on Carlos Saura, Distributor Wanted: Longing by Chris Chang, Sundance reports by Amy Taubin and Gavin Smith, Joumane Chahine's review of After the Wedding, and much more

Issue 238
January/February 2007
Includes our Annual Year-End Round-Up: 10-Best Lists, Movies That Mattered, Terra Incognita (19 films to look out for), etc., Distributor Wanted: Summer Palace by Chris Chang, Melissa Anderson on Play It As It Lays, Nathan Lee's review of Black Snake Moan, and much more

Issue 237
November/December 2006
Includes Christopher Guest's For Your Consideration by Kent Jones, Distributor Wanted: Day Night Day Night by Chris Chang, Geoffrey O'Brien on The Aura, Guy Maddin's review of The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, and much more

Issue 236
September/October 2006
Paul Schrader's Film Canon, Distributor Wanted: Shoot the Messenger by Chris Chang, Jose B. Capino on Insiang, Kristin M. Jones's review of Infamous, and much more...

Issue 235
July/August 2006
An interview with Richard Linklater
Peter Whitehead
Vivian Sobchack on horror flicks The Descent and Isolation
Hou Hsiao-hsien
15 pages of Cannes coverage
Reviews of The Devil Wears Prada, Gabrielle, Clerks II, and Half Nelson

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