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- First and last issue: July 2008-April 2014
- Film history, theory, trash, exploitation, erotic movies, the film and TV productions in Cologne (Koln), new films including interesting mainstream.
- Was called "Film Mag". Since #4 is called Film Maeg (the 'a' with umlaut changes the meaning from "Film Mag" to "Film Stomach(Magen)").
- Created by Frank Blum (Actor, filmmaker from Koln).


Ceased publication
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29 October 2014

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Issue 29
April 2014

Portrait of Swiss Actor and Director Helmut Foernbacher;
Film Reviews

Issue 28

Issue 27

Issue 26

Issue 25

Issue 24

Issue 23

Issue 22

Issue 21

Issue 20

Issue 19
January 2013

Portrait of Actress Charlotte Kerr;
Is there Militarism in the TV Show "Space Patrol"?
Film Reviews

Issue 17/18
November 2012

Start of series "Actors" (Acting as a Job),
Film Reviews

Issue 16
October 2012

Portrait of Grman Actor F. G. Beckhaus;
Video Stores Today,
Film Reviews

Issue 15
August/September/October/November 2012

Classic German TV-Serial RAUMPATROUILLE (Space Patrol) about Space Ship Orion. History, Aesthetics. A Visit at J. Hilger?s amazing private ORION Museum.
Film Reviews

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Issue 14
May/June/July 2012

German Dubbing. History and Situation today.
Forgotten Films worth to be remembered: George Cukors CHAPMAN REPORT
Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Erotics of his so-called Burroughs Babes.
Princess Dejah Thoris of JOHN CARTER and others.
Film Reviews

Issue 13
January/February/March 2012

High Art - Popular Art. What is different - what they have in common.
Interview with Mike Hunter, 2nd part.
Film Reviews

Issue 12
August/September/October/November 2011

The Story of the former Hahnentor Cinema of Cologne, Part 2
Portrait Acquanetta
Portrait Ann-Margret
Mike Hunter, last King of Porn. Portrait and Interview, Part 1
Film Reviews
The Filmmuseum Frankfurt

Issue 11
May/June/July 2011

Al-Jazeera, portrait of an Arabic channel.
Berlusconi: Italy disgraced and ruined Italians.
FilmScene: Dario Argento looks for support to the Americans.
Born 100 years ago: Hollywood star Merle Oberon.
News in the cinema...

Issue 10
January/February 2011

Issue 9
November/December 2010

Issue 8
September/October 2010

Issue 7
March 2010

Issue 6
September 2009

Issue 4/5
April 2009

Issue 3
November/December 2008

Issue 2
September 2008

Issue 1
July 2008

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