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- First and last issue: 1972-2008
- "Detailed coverage of upcoming releases"
- Britain's longest-running film magazine. Started as ABC Film Review in 1950.
- All the latest film news and reviews.
- Editor: David Richardson
- Published monthly with four quarterly special issues. 84 colour A4 pages.
- Published by Visual Imagination
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Special #13, Yearboo

Issue 540
December 1995
Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman on Crimson Tide; Pierce Brosnan debuts as James Bond in GoldenEye; To Wong Foo, thanks for Everything...; Meg Ryan

Issue 539
November 1995
Centenary celebration - One hundred films from 100 years of cinema; Nicole Kidman; Pocahontas

Issue 538
October 1995
Tom Hanks on Apollo 13; Sandra Bullock; Clint Eastwood & Meryl Streep in The Bridges of Madison County

Special #12

Issue 537
September 1995
Hugh Grant; Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson on Die Hard With A Vengeance; Waterworld

Issue 536
August 1995
Stallone and Danny Cannon on Judge Dredd; Val Kilmer on Batman Forever

Issue 535
July 1995
Antonio Banderas; The Brady Bunch; Kiss of Death; plus postcards sets Q or R

Special #11
Blockbuster movies of 1995 - plus Brad Pitt; Chris O'Donnell; profiles of Hugh Grant and Keanu Reeves.

Issue 534
June 1995
Johnny Depp; Whoopi Goldberg; Jessica Lange; plus postcards sets O or P

Issue 533
May 1995
Jim Carrey; The Oscars; Muriel's Wedding; plus postcards sets M or N

Issue 532
April 1995
Michael Douglas & Demi Moore on Disclosure; Jodie Foster; Winona Ryder

Special #10
Star Trek at the movies. We talk to William Shatner on Kirk's last stand. Patrick Stewart on taking over the final frontier. Marina Sirtis put on her accent and talks to us about Trek and Troi. We take a look back at Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The A - Z of Star Trek. Share the memories of all the original cast. Rick Berman talks about killing Kirk and leaving Spock and Bones behind. Also, StarGate Producer Dean Devlin, director Roland Emmerish and composer David Arnold on the Sci-Fi epic. Falling over himself in Drop Zone, Wesley Snipes. Christian Slater and Joe Pesci on Jimmy Hollywood. Directing the controversial Indian movie Bandit Queen. Jason Scott Lee and Cary Elwes on The Jungle Book. Michael Keaton on being Speechless rather than being Batman. Digging up some facts on Shallow Grave.

Issue 531
March 1995

Issue 530
February 1995
Interview with the Vampire - Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt reveal why they're not blood brothers, plus 12-year-old Kirsten Dunst on her ageless role, Christian Slater on interview techniques and more in an 8-page feature. Stargate - James Spader, Kurt Russell and Roland Emmerich on taking you to another dimension (6 pages on the film which later spawned a hit TV series). Timecop - Jean-Claude van Damme fights back! Robert Downey Jr. on Only You and Oscars. Call Sheet on A Town Like Alice, with Virginia McKenna and Jean Anderson recalling wartime Malaya.

Issue 529
January 1995
1995 Preview; Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone on The Specialist; Princess Caraboo

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