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- First and last issue: 1972-2008
- "Detailed coverage of upcoming releases"
- Britain's longest-running film magazine. Started as ABC Film Review in 1950.
- All the latest film news and reviews.
- Editor: David Richardson
- Published monthly with four quarterly special issues. 84 colour A4 pages.
- Published by Visual Imagination
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Special #22, Yearboo
All the films from 1997 are reviewed in full. We take a look back on the a fantastic year for movie. From TV to cinema with Robert Carlyle, who made The Full Monty a big success. Sexy Cameron Diaz talks about her Life Less Ordinary while attending her Best Friend's Wedding. Leonardo DiCaprio on Romeo and Juliet, Marvin's Room and the record-breaking success Titanic. Gina Gershon on her variety of roles from Showgirls to Face/Off. Mira Sorvino attends Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. Still playing the bad guy, Gary Oldman on The Fifth Element, Air Force One and Lost in Space. Minnie Driver looks Grosse Point Blank at Sleeper and Big Night. John Cusack shakes off his brat pack image for Grosse Point Blank and Con Air. Brilliant Director Robert Zemeckis of Back to the Future fame on his clever Sci-Fi hit, Contact. Plus a peview of 1998.

Issue 564
December 1997
Brad Pitt - Seven Years in Tibet, Sigourney Weaver - Alien Resurrection, Nicolas Cage - Face/Off, Demi Moore - GI Jane

Special #21
he 30th anniversary of Bond... James Bond. An issue packed full with all things 007-style. Bond's enemies, from Blofeld to Oddjob, they're all there. Jonathan Pryce, aka Bond baddie Elliot Carver, on his role in Tomorrow Never Dies. Pierce Brosnan, the man destined to be Bond from birth talks about his film career. Tomorrow Never Dies co-star Michelle Yeoh on what its like playing a Bond girl. Films influenced by James Bond. Director Roger Spottiswoode talks about Tomorrow Never Dies. Bond trivia, things you knew and didn't. Classic Bond, we take a look at Goldfinger. Desmond Llewelyn on his days as gadget man Q. Bond music genius John Barry on his Bond songs. Bond girls - politically incorrect but we love them! Plus interviews with Kevin Spacey, John Woo, Noah Wyle, Alien Resurrection, Francis McDormand, Richard E Grant and Julia Ormond about their latest films.

Issue 563
November 1997
Secret lives of the Stars, George Clooney & Nicole Kidman - The Peacemaker, Ewan McGregor - A Life Less Ordinary, plus Disney's Hercules

Issue 562
October 1997
Sex and romance in Hollywood films, Julia Roberts - Conspiracy Theory, Harrison Ford - Air Force One, Liz Hurley - Austin Powers, Marils, Idol Chat: Marilyn Monroe

Special #20
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2nd cover
Batman and Robin / The Lost World (Jurassic Park 2) special - two different front covers. To accompany the newest Batman film, we examine how the films have changed over the years with Batman Forever, Batman Returns and Batman itself. George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joel Schumacher revealed. Batman may change - but Michael Gough will always be Alfred. Full review of The Lost World. Vince Vaughn interview. The Lost World's youngest actor, Vanessa Lee Chester. We meet the producers behind the sequel to Jurassic Park. Also, Tommy Lee Jones interviewed and previews of The Fifth Element, Con Air and Pallbearer.

Issue 561
September 1997
Will Smith & Barry Sonnenfield - Men in Black, Sandra Bullock - Speed 2, Jodie Foster - Contact, Lisa Kudrow, Avengers preview

Issue 560
August 1997
Jeff Goldblum & Julianne Moore - The Lost World, Jason Patric - Speed 2, Meg Ryan - Addicted to Love

Issue 559
July 1997
Joel Schumacher - Batman & Robin, Nicolas Cage - Con Air, Jennifer Lopez - Anaconda, Luc Besson's The Fifth Element

Special #19
We preview all the blockbuster films for 1997 in an A to Z, including Batman and Robin, Speed 2, The Lost World and Volcano. Also, interviews with Sandra Bullock for Speed 2. Stanley Tucci has a Big Night. Chris O'Donnell is back as Robin in Batman and Robin. Liv Tyler is Inventing the Abbotts. Steve Buscemi plays yet another bad guy in Con Air.Tom Sizemore in The Relic. Talking about snakes with Anaconda's Kari Wuhrer. Uma Thurman on beating Julia Roberts and Demi Moore to the role of Poison Ivy. Wes Craven talks about his new film Scream.

Issue 558
June 1997
Harrison Ford - The Devil's Own, Jim Carrey - Liar Liar, Whoopi Goldberg - Ghosts from the Past, Johnny Depp - Donnie Brasco

Issue 557
May 1997
The 1997 Oscars, George Clooney - Batman and Robin, Val Kilmer is The Saint, Idol Chat: Bette Davis, Ray Liotta - Turbulence

Issue 556
April 1997
Tom Cruise is Jerry Maguire, Pierce Brosnan - Dante's Peak, Kristin Scott Thomas - The English Patient, Leonardo di Caprio in Romeo and Juliet

Special #18
Celebrating 20 years of Star Wars, we take a look at the old and the new. Pre-Production, how the Star Wars came about. George Lucas discusses the first trilogy and the new one. Producer Rick McCallum talks about the Special Editions. A new comer's guide to Star Wars. Special effects man Dave Carson. Ben Burtt sound effects man. Interviews with Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Dave Prowse (Darth Vader), Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), Warwick Davis (Ewok), Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter), Michael Sheard (Admrial Ozzel) and Michael Carter (Bib Fortuna). What the future holds for Star Wars. Also, John Cleese on Fierce Creatures. Jennifer Tilly on Bound. Sean Patrick Flannery on Powder. Daniel Day Lewis on The Crucible. David Cronenberg on Crash. Director Ron Howard on Ransom.

Issue 555
March 1997
Bonus with this issue - Free James Dean Movie Idols poster magazine (introductory issue)! Plus Mel Gibson on Ransom, John Travolta as the angelic Michael, Sandra Bullock - In Love and War, Tim Burton on Mars Attacks!

Issue 554
February 1997
New Look! Brad Pitt - Sleepers, Madonna on Evita, Tom Hanks on directing That Thing You Do!, Sylvester Stallone on Daylight. Plus Call Sheet on Quadrophenia

Issue 553
January 1997
Patrick Stewart on taking command of Star Trek: First Contact, Glenn Close on bringing Cruela de Vil to life in 101 Dalmatians, Scwarzebegger on Jingle All the Way, 1997 movie Preview

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