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- First and last issue: 1972-2008
- "Detailed coverage of upcoming releases"
- Britain's longest-running film magazine. Started as ABC Film Review in 1950.
- All the latest film news and reviews.
- Editor: David Richardson
- Published monthly with four quarterly special issues. 84 colour A4 pages.
- Published by Visual Imagination
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Issue 588
December 1999
The World Is Not Enough - Pierce Brosnan and his new James Bond extravaganza's stars talk. Sixth Sense (Film of the Month) - Bruce Willis on the realms of the supernatural. Fight Club - Brad Pitt gets deep down and dirty. East is East - Ayub Khan-Din on his 1970s memoir of Anglo-Asians in Salford. Plus Terence Stamp - in from the cold as The Limey, Call Sheet on brutal borstal tale Scum, and Brokedown Palace star Kate Beckinsale is our Brit at the Back. Also includes bonus taster for Film Review's Ultimate DVD magazine.

Special #29
A Century of Cinema Special, featuring a must-have, comprehensive look at all aspects of the outgoing century's greatest artform. Decade-by-decade features range from the beginnings of Cinema, to what the future holds, while studying the big films, the Oscars, the key years and the real stars of each period. Profiles, together with full page photos, of movie legends include Clark Gable, Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Plus articles on notable genres such as Musicals, Thrillers, Science Fiction and Romance.

Issue 587
November 1999
Runaway Bride - Richard Gere on reuniting the Pretty Woman team nine years on. Deep Blue Sea - Samuel L Jackson on battling augmented killer sharks in an horrific thriller. American Pie - Lewd, crude and rude teen flick with some unusual serving suggestions from Jason Biggs (Film of the Month). Plus Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, back on comic form in Bowfinger, John Travolta in fine (uni)form in the military thriller The General's Daughter, and Mad Cows star Anna Friel is our Brit at the Back.

Issue 586
October 1999
Eyes Wide Shut - Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman on their experiences of Stanley Kubrick's last, sexually-charged movie. Analyze This - on the psychiatrist's couch with Billy Crystal (Film of the Month). Ravenous - we pick the bones of Robert Carlyle's flavourful director Antonia Bird. Katie Holmes on getting the green light for cool comedy thriller Go. Tim Roth on his stunning directorial debut with The War Zone. Call Sheet on marvellous '60s musical Oliver! Plus Cuba Gooding Jr. on Instinct, and Idol Chat on Marlene Dietrich.

Special #28
One hundred pages devoted entirely to fantastic filmmakers, with our Essential Guide to 20 of the world's greatest directors, from Hitchcock to Spielberg, plus 10 golden era legends and a decade-by-decade guide. Alfred Hitchcock's centenary celebrated: focus on the most imitated director of all. George Lucas' rare directorial role on Star Wars - Episode 1 assessed. Plus interviews with the animator-directors of Disney's new Tarzan, Michael Apted on directing Bond's The World is Not Enough, Ron Howard on EdTV, Pedro Almod?var talks All About My Mother, Barry Sonnenfeld on Wild Wild West, and much more!

Issue 585
September 1999
Wild Wild West - Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh and Salma Hayek on how the West was done. Mickey Blue Eyes - Hugh Grant on falling into a sinister world of organized crime and very bad paintings (Film of the Month). Thomas Crown Affair - Pierce Brosnan on following Steve McQueen as the coolest of thieves in a slick remake. Hitchcock centenary - Call Sheet examines Frenzy, his penultimate movie. Plus heartthrob Ryan Philippe is Playing By Heart, and The Mummy star John Hannah is our Brit at the Back. Reviews now includes film

Issue 584
August 1999
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2nd cover
The Phantom Menace, at last! Ten pages of interviews with two generations of Jedi: Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - Mike Myers and Heather Graham on the frankly enormous sequel. Call Sheet goes behind the scenes on Bond classic OHMSS. Plus Cannes festival '99 report, Idol Chat on Louise Brooks, Ian Hart, Don McKellar and top-class reviews section.

Issue 583
July 1999
The Matrix - Keanu Reeves on the physical demands of his hard-punching hero in our gasp out-loud Film of the Month. Notting Hill - Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts on getting together in West London. The Mummy - a cryptic conversation with stars Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah and Arnold Vosloo. Plus Catherine Zeta Jones on Entrapment, Samuel L Jackson on Star Wars Episode One, Leo di Caprio in Celebrity and Dervla Kirwan profiled.

Special #27
The Essential Summer Preview - plus free Enhanced CD! All you need to know about Star Wars, The Matrix, Austin Powers 2, Wild Wild West, Entrapment and 20 other releases for 1999's hottest season. With George Lucas and Natalie Portman on The Phantom Menace, Carrie-Anne Moss on The Matrix, Rhys Ifans and Roger Michell on Notting Hill, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz on The Mummy. Plus 20 minutes of soundtrack music and 17 Hot Trailers on one combined CD / CD-ROM.

Issue 582
June 1999
The best romantic movies of 1999! Notting Hill's producer Duncan Kenworthy on reunions with Hugh Grant and hiring Julia Roberts. Forces of Nature - Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck on their whirlwind romance. A Simple Plan - Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton on a gripping drama. Jennifer Love Hewitt on slasher sequel I Still Know What You Did.. James Van Der Beek on his Varsity Blues. Peter Mullan on shepherding his Orphans.

Issue 581
May 1999
Plunkett & Macleane - Trainspotting pair Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller on this stylish British thievery romp. Eight Millimeter - We join Nic Cage on his journey into low-budget Hollywood Hell. A Civil Action - John Travolta on his David v. Goliath role. Oscar Night 1999 - surprises, shocks and Shakespeare... Plus Sir Ian McKellen on Gods and Monsters, Jeremy Northam profiled, tribute to Stanley Kubrick, and a special Pink Panther Call Sheet.

Issue 580
April 1999
Payback - Mel Gibson on being very dangerous to know in a classy thriller. The Thin Red Line - Nick Nolte and Ben Chaplin on volunteering for Terrence Malick's war epic. MIghty Joe Young - Charlize Theron on protecting a loveable fifteen-foot ape. American History X - Edward Norton on his challenging neo-Nazi role. Plus the great British comedy Waking Ned, and Joan Allen colours up in Pleasantville. Plus Call Sheet on Hammer's Dracula.

Issue 579
March 1999
You've Got M@il - Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan on re-teaming for a romantic comedy. Patch Adams - Robin Williams on prescribing laughter as the best medicine. This Year's Love - It's a British bed-hopping bonanza, as we hear from Dougray Scott, and the rest of David Kane's excellent cast. Plus Michael Keaton on Jack Frost, Jason Patric on Your Freinds and Neighbours and Idol Chat on Ingrid Bergman.

Issue 578
February 1999
Star Trek: Insurrection - Patrick Stewart on being beamed down and loved up while defying Starfleet. Little Voice - Ewan McGregor and Michael Caine help Jane Horrocks find hers, and it's magnificent. Meet Joe Black - Brad Pitt on playing Death, warmed up by Claire Forlani. The Siege - Denzel Washington on martial law in New York. The Mighty - Sharon Stone on playing Mom. Plus Call Sheet on American Graffiti, Idol Chat on Humphrey Bogart, and Vince Vaughn goes Psycho!

Issue 577
January 1999
New-look, expanded 100-page issue! The Mask of Zorro - Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones: rendezvous with a hot screen couple. Enemy of the State - blockbuster king Will Smith on evading goverment agents aplenty. Pleasantville - Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon on adding colour to a dull world. Disney vs Dreamworks - it's a new animation war. Plus Chris Tucker, Stanley Tucci, 1999 preview, a refreshing new 22-page review section, and a FREE star birthday calendar for 1999.

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