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- First and last issue: 1972-2008
- "Detailed coverage of upcoming releases"
- Britain's longest-running film magazine. Started as ABC Film Review in 1950.
- All the latest film news and reviews.
- Editor: David Richardson
- Published monthly with four quarterly special issues. 84 colour A4 pages.
- Published by Visual Imagination
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Issue 612
December 2001
Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone - Harry himself, Daniel Radcliffe, weaves a spell around making the gigantic blockbuster and his love of Quidditch. Film of the Month: The Others - Nicole Kidman does it again! This time, by scaring the willies out of us... she talks about a dramatic shift in roles. Apocalypse Now: Redux - Francis Coppola has re-edited arguably the ultimate war film. He tells us why, and how. Glitter - Mariah Carey on stretching her talents onto the silver screen, playing... an up-and-coming pop star. Behind The Scenes of... The Spy Game - Robert Redford on reteaming with Brad Pitt; Heist - Gene Hackman on David Mamet; Bandits - Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett; Gabriel & Me with Sean Landless. Plus reviews of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Me Without You, Zoolander..., 15 pages of Video, DVD & Book Reviews and a FREE pocket-sized guide to essential DVD purchases.

Issue 611
November 2001
America's Sweethearts - Julia Roberts isn't a movie star diva? Find out why Julia's just the help as 4 stars reveal behind the scenes secrets! Film Of The Month: Amelie - A fabulous tale of a young Parisian as Jean-Pierre Jeunet's dream comes true. Legally Blonde - Is this the movie to make Reese Witherspoon a huge star? American Pie 2 - After the first slice's gross humour, now it's all about love? Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari set about filling us in... Behind The Scenes of: the Coens' The Man Who Wasn't There, Jack Nicholson on The Pledge, Jeepers Creepers - 2001's best Halloween horror - and Film Review fave Thora Birch in Ghost World... Reviews cover all the above plus 16 more UK releases for October. Call Sheet: Genevieve - As the 1950's comedy parks itself on DVD, we chart the trials of filming a very British road trip. Plus 17 pages of home entertainment.

Issue 610
October 2001
The Fast & the Furious - Power up with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster in a hi-octane hit! Film of the Month: Moulin Rouge - Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor on having a ball with Baz Lurhmann's bohemian fantasy. AI: Artificial Intelligence - Dashing face of robo-sex Jude Law on coping with a daily 3-hour makeover. Enigma - Dougray Scott on this WWII spy thriller about cracking Nazi spy code. Scary Movie 2 - The Wayans brothers' crazy-haired lunacy comes back to haunt us in a living nightmare of comedy. Call Sheet: Superman The Movie - you believed a man could fly... The turbulent creation of the superhero classic. Other Reviews include Shiner (Michael Caine as a boxing promoter), The Score (Norton, De Niro and Brando team up), Pandaemonium (Julien Temple portrays Wordsworth & Coleridge) and Original Sin (Jolie, Banderas: sounds cool. Isn't). Plus Ricky Tomlinson - Brit at the Back.

Lord of the Rings (12 pages) - Visit Middle-earth, in Fellowship with John Rhys Davies (Gimli), Orlando Bloom (Legolas) and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn). With Christopher Lee (Saruman) on this cinema landmark, Liv Tyler on walking like an elf-princess, and a detailed look at battle and strategy LoTR tie-ins. Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone (7 pages) - Chris Columbus on directing the magic with hundreds of children and at least one dragon. Monsters Inc. - Toy Story director John Lasseter on how to produce a seven-foot furball and a three-foot green blob. The Top 50 Fantasy Movies... Ever - a 32-page countdown of the genre's jewels, including: Sleepy Hollow, Ghostbusters, Shrek, The Wizard of Oz and Snow White. 2002 Preview - 24 pages on coming attractions such as From Hell, Men in Black 2, Minority Report, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Scooby-Doo, Spider-Man... Plus 6 more features: director Rob Minkoff on Stuart Little 2, Heather Graham on From Hell, Jeff Bridges on K-PAX, Julianne Moore on The Shipping News, Chris Klein on Rollerball and Hayden Christensen on life before Star Wars.

Issue 609
September 2001
Film of the Month: A Knight's Tale - Mediaeval madness as Heath Ledger's peasant boy rises to the ranks of knighthood by any means necessary. Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within - The truth behind the animation wizardry. (Cover: Aki, the astonishing CGI heroine). Planet of the Apes - Mark Wahlberg on having dreams about Gorillas and getting cosy with a simian Helena Bonham Carter. Heartbreakers - Jennifer Love Hewitt on the less fair of the sexes, and working with Sigourney Weaver. Lucky Break - James Nesbitt and Olivia Wiliams on staging a musical in prison in Peter (Full Monty) Cattaneo's Ealing-esque comedy. Call Sheet: Battle of Britain - We target this neglected gem of British Cinema. Plus 30+ pages of reviews, Brit at the Back: Joe Tucker - the actor-turned-director on Mike Leigh's influence and his forthcoming Lava - plus our tribute to Jack Lemmon.

Issue 608
August 2001
Cover: Angelina Jolie, Tomb Raider. Film of the Month: Swordfish - Much-feted X-Man Hugh Jackman on helping Travolta's ruthless spy in an ultra-modern thriller. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider. Angelina's inside track on portraying 'the perfect woman' (her words). Jurassic Park III - Sam Neill on returning as popular palaeontologist Dr Alan Grant after his Lost World hiatus. Evolution - Julianne Moore and David Duchovny on overwhelming organisms in Ivan Reitman's comedy. Doctor Dolittle 2 - He talks to his dog... Eddie Murphy and director Steve Car on their sequel to 1998's smash. Dr T. and the Women - Lantern-jawed Richard Gere on working with the celebrated Robert Altman. Plus Call Sheet: Death on the Nile with Ustinov's memories, Mel Smith on High Heels and Low Lifes, tribute to Anthony Quinn and 25 new films reviewed. Plus free booklet on Film on the Web (Vol. 1)

Issue 607
July 2001
Film of the Month: Shrek - Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and John Lithgow on bringing monsters and legends to life with only vague ideas of how they look! Pearl Harbor - Hollywood's new heartthrob Josh Hartnett on the mega-budget film, and jumping off the LA treadmill. Our Man in Cannes has the inside scoop on the films and parties from the famous festival, 2001. Down to Earth - Chris Rock on starring. Heaven Can Wait-style, as a fatality who returns to earth in another (white) body. Series 7 - Director Daniel Minahan on making a reality gameshow based on murder. Croupier - Director Mike Hodges on why his film has a re-release 2 years after bowing in UK cinemas. A Knight's Tale - Newcomer Shannon Sossamon on her big screen break in a mediaeval jousting movie. Plus 25 new releases reviewed, Still Life on The Big Chill and more.

Special #36
With the release of Jurassic Park III (as producer) and A.I. (as director), Spielberg's still very hot property. Celebrating one of the greatest all-time directors, we survey his considerable influence on movies, those who have influenced him and those who have worked with him. Spielberg and Haley Joel Osment talk about A.I's robotic world. There's an extensive review section on all the director's films, including Saving Private Ryan, The Color Purple and Jaws. Plus a Top 10 of Perfect Moments, Call Sheet on E.T. - the Extra-Terrestrial, Spielberg-related books reviewed, how the Dreamworks SKG studio was created, and a guide to Spielberg sites on the web. 100 pages.

Issue 606
June 2001
The Mummy Returns - Rachel Weisz and Brendan Fraser in a tongue-in-cheek sequel. We hear from all the stars and director Stephen Sommers. Captain Corelli's Mandolin - Just who is Spanish Enchantress Penelope Cruz? We trace her climb to fully-fledged star. Film of the Month: The Dish - July 1969. The moon landings. The world watches... via a vital Australian telescope. Tigerland - Director Joel Schumacher tells how he put day-glo behind him for a pre-Vietnam drama. Along Came a Spider - Morgan Freeman on reprising his chiller role from Kiss the Girls. Homage: Christopher Lee - the evergreen career of the King of Horror. Reviews include Amores Perros, Goodbye Charlie Bright. Brit at the Back - David Morrissey on not being pigeonholed.

Issue 605
May 2001
Bridget Jones's Diary (Film of the Month) - Saturnine hunk Colin Firth on playing a different Mr Darcy, and the joys of punching Hugh Grant. The Oscars - James Cameron-Wilson sat up all night to bring you comprehensive coverage. Relive the highs and lows of a fantastic evening, with a full results listing in this 12-page report. The Wedding Planner - Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConnaughey on teaming for this hit romantic comedy. The Contender - Jeff Bridges on holding the reins of power, plus co-star Joan Allen on her much-praised performance. Call Sheet: A Hard Day's Night - making the Beatles' classic, with director Richard Lester, writer Alun Owen, Victor Spinetti and more... Brit at the Back: Queen Amidala's decoy from The Phantom Menace, Kiera Nightly in going into The Hole. Reviews include The Mexican, Antitrust, One Night at McCool's.

Issue 604
April 2001
Miss Congeniality ( Film of the Month): Sandra Bullock on Speed, stardom and swimsuit sequences as an FBI Agent turned Beauty Queen! Chocolat - Juliette Binoche on the secrets behind the choccy trade, and her own career decisions. The Gift - Keanu Reeves on playing a wife-beater in Sam Raimi's supernatural thriller. Thirteen Days - Kevin Costner and director Roger Donaldson with the inside track on near-Armageddon in 1962. Proof of Life - Meg Ryan on the real-life dangers behind her kidnapping thriller with Russell Crowe. Best In Show - Spinal Tap's mockumentary masters Christopher Guest and Michael McKean on looking like dogs. Enemy at the Gates - Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz on the gruelling conditions for this WWII drama. Plus VHS & DVD features, over 30 reviews, John Mills on Great Expectations, Still Life on Casablanca and much more...

Special #35
Jump on board as we preview the hits destined for the big screen this summer. Photo-previews of 28 movies including Tomb Raider, AI, A Knight's Tale, Final Fantasy, Planet of the Apes, Pearl Harbor, Jurassic Park III and Moulin Rouge. Plus a dozen features including Ben Affleck on Pearl Harbor, make-up master Rick Baker on Planet of the Apes, Angelina Jolie on playing Lara Croft, Heath Ledger on A Knight's Tale, Rachel Leigh Cook on Josie & the Pussycats, Jennifer Love Hewitt on Heartbreakers, Colin Farrell on Tigerland, Jonny Lee Miller on Dracula 2001, Nic Cage on Captain Corelli and Billy Bob Thornton on All the Pretty Horses. Plus behind the scenes on Shrek and Exclusive details on the effects magic on The Mummy Returns.

Issue 603
March 2001
Hannibal - cinema's most feared serial killer returns! Sir Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore and Ridley Scott on the smash sequel. Shadow of the Vampire (Film of the Month) - Willem Dafoe on becoming a screen vampire. What Women Want - Mel Gibson on a rom-com mind-reading smash. Remember the Titans - Denzel Washington on the racial politics of this US Football drama. Dungeons and Dragons - Justin Whalin gets fantastical with a film version of the role playing classic. Homage: Audrey Hepburn - With Breakfast at Tiffany's re-released, the career of the most beautiful actress ever. Brit at the Back - Liam's Ian Hart. Best Seat in the House - James Cameron-Wilson on the celebrity couple phenomenon.

Issue 602
February 2001
Bruce Willis is Unbreakable. Director M Night Shyamalan on the blockbuster reuniting him with his Sixth Sense star. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Film of the Month) - Michelle Yeoh and Ang Lee on our favourite film of 2001 so far! Almost Famous - Billy Crudup and rookie Patrick Fugit on playing rock star and journo in Cameron Crowe's 70's music memoir. Quills - Geoffrey Rush and Philip Kaufman on the pleasures of the Marquis de Sade. Cast Away - Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt and Bob Zemeckis share desert island discussions. Call Sheet: Kathryn Grayson, Ann Miller and Andre Previn on classic MGM musical Kiss Me Kate. Plus Still Life: Barry Levinson's Diner, Brit at the Back: Sexy Beast Ray Winstone, and our unbeatable reviews section.

Issue 601
January 2001
Robert De Niro lightens up in our Film of the Month, Meet the Parents; a new feature, Homage, focusses on his career. Double Trouble - Arnie's buzzing about The 6th Day. The Grinch - Jim Carrey on being mean and green in a Seuss Classic. Drew Barrymore - The comeback star on taking control of life, and Charlie's Angels. Woody Allen - Back on form with Small Time Crooks. Pokemon - A guide to the Japanese phenomenon. John Waters - Terrorizing the people with Cecil B. Demented. Still Life - The influence of The Usual Suspects. Best Seat In The House - Say no to those bad trailers! Ioan Gruffudd - Star of 102 Dalmatians.

Special #34, Yearboo
Every single UK cinema release of 2000 reviewed from A to Z, and indexed by cast and director. Over 300 Reviews! Also contains a look at the major movie moments of the year, plus ten interviews with the Faces of 2000: George Clooney on Three Kings and Perfect Storm, Denzel Washington on The Hurricane, Kate Winslet on Quills, Famke Janssen on X-Men, Samuel L Jackson on Shaft, Joaquin Phoenix on Gladiator and Jim Carrey on Man in the Moon. Plus Johnny Depp, Giovanni Ribisi and Kevin Spacey.

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