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Issue 638
December 2003
The Return of the King: Will the One Ring that could enslave the world of Men be destroyed in Mount Doom? Will the Fellowship survive the machinations of Sauron and Sarumon? We go behind the scenes to find out!
The Matrix Revolutions: As the final instalment is unleashed simultaneously around the world, we ask the cast and crew their thoughts and feelings as the Sci-Fi epic draws to a close.
Master and Commander: Two movie franchises come to a close and another one starts up! Russell Crowe takes the lead in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, based on the best-selling books by Patrick O'Brian and reveals what life is like on the ocean wave.
SWAT: With the cop actioner SWAT and the low-budget interMission out in short order, we talk to star Colin Farrell and preview the epic Oliver Stone movie, Alexander.
Love Actually: We talk to scene-stealing Bill Nighy in his role as an ageing rock-star who makes the most bizarre comeback ever.
Wilbur (Wants to Kill Himself): With three films scheduled for release over a matter of weeks, it seems that film-makers have seen the light and realized what a marvel Shirley Henderson is? And not before time, we say!
Massive Christmas DVD Preview! In tandem with our sister title Ultimate DVD, we devote a whopping 32 pages to the biggest and best DVDs heading your way over the next few weeks. Christmas shopping couldn't be made easier!
Reviews: 28 pages bringing you the next four weeks of releases! 29 brand new releases , including The Mother, Thirteen and Pieces of April and, along with our massive DVD coverage this issue, we bring you the latest in cable and satellite available for home viewing, plus films to rent and books and CD soundtracks to buy.

Issue 637
November 2003
The Matrix Revolutions: Do you know what The Matrix is all about? We think we might have worked it all out.
Intolerable Cruelty: George Clooney returns to the big screen alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones in this romantic comedy with a difference. Find out what he though of re-teaming with the amazing movie-makers, the Coen brothers.
Seabiscuit: Definitely the oddest title of the year and something that's been a quiet hit in the States. We talked to Tobey Maguire about getting to grips with his role in this horse-racing drama.
Kill Bill: We talk to star Uma Thurman about the bloody revenge thriller.
In America: She's wowed them in Hollywood and fell in love with Manhattan - but does that mean the Minority Report star Samantha Morton will forget her roots?
Mystic River: As Clint Eastwood's film about friendships under pressure gets its UK release, Kevin Bacon reveals why he thinks he will never be allowed to do a romantic comedy.
Alien: It's almost 25 years ago since this landmark Sci-Fi movie appeared. Now with a director's cut, we go back in time to talk to director Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver
Reviews: Over 30 pages bringing you the next four weeks of releases! 27 brand new releases , including Underworld and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and 11 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs

Special #48
Since his explosion onto the movie scene in 1991, Quentin Tarantino has proved to be one of the most influential directors of the modern age. With only his fourth film due to hit the big screen soon, we take a long, hard look at the career of a man who's made shades, guns and buckets of blood even cooler than ever.

Kill Bill Uma Thurman and Tarantino reunite for the first time since 1994's Pulp Fiction to make cinema magic and cut a lot of people's heads off. But, as they reveal, it wasn't all wine and roses - "I could've wrung his neck!" reveals Thurman, while Tarantino gives us his thoughts on cinema violence. As you might expect, he's got quite a bit to say...
Reservoir Dogs Tarantino is joined by stars Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth to discuss the most impressive - and violent - directorial debut of the last 20 years.
Pulp Fiction Tarantino and John Travolta discuss the inspiration behind, and making of, one of the most acclaimed films of the 20th Century.
Jackie Brown Quentin sits down to tell us all about his homage to the great blaxploitation films of the Seventies, his love of Pam Grier and his tendency to cast himself in his own films - except Jackie Brown.
Plus our usual round-up of the very best DVDs for our chosen genre, with 10 pages of Sean on disc.All his Bond films are detailed, with extensive coverage of the impressive extras.
And that's not all! Not by a long shot from a sawn-off shotgun!

We talk to Tarantino's collaborators and colleagues about his work on:

True Romance An early Tarantino script that became a Tony Scott film. The two and actors Patricia Arquette, Chrsitian Slater and Dennis Hopper tell us how a spec script from a video store clerk became a box office success!
Natural Born Killers Tarantino and director Oliver Stone give both sides of the story on the infamous NBK debate
From Dusk Till Dawn The bizarre road movie-cum-vampire flick that became a cult smash! Robert Rodriguez tells us why Quentin, for once, wanted to stay in front of the camera...
With an examination of the films that have inspired Tarantino and a round up of Quentin-related DVD releases, this is a Special no fan of film can afford to be without!

Plus! Coverage of the forthcoming dvd release... The Matrix Reloaded
With the advent of one of the most anticipated sequels ever hitting the shiny digital format, we took another look at its creation, including interviews with:
- Keanu Reeves: "I just signed on board without reading the scripts because of the trust that I have in the directors"
- Carrie-Anne Moss: "I rode a motorcycle...All I had to do was pull away from the curb - but I fell off every single time!"
- Lawrence Fishburne: "The films ask 'What is my purpose?' It's up to you to figure all that sh*t out!"
PLUS: Hugo Weaving, Jada Pinkett Smith, the Rayment twins and producer Joel Silver!

Issue 636
October 2003
Ewan McGregor talks about his starring roles in two very different films, the Sixties comedy homage Down with Love and the hard-hitting thriller Young Adam. Also find out why he's glad Star Wars is almost over!
Matchstick Men: Director Sir Ridley Scott tells us why not every film needs to be an action-packed blockbuster with this small-scale but effect thriller.
Underworld: Kate Beckinsale chats about donning a leather catsuit and doing her own stunts for this ultra-slick Vampire movie.
Once Upon a Time in Mexico: The final instalment of Robert Rodruguez's El Mariachi trilogy is released and the Spy Kids trilogy is completed, too!
Bad Boys II: The original Fresh Prince Will Smith reveals just why he waited eight years to do this sequel.
Party Monster: Seth Green, star of this hedonistic true story, explains his journey from Buffy The Vampire Slayer to one of the best films of the year.
Kill Bill: It's been six years since his last film, and cult director Quentin Tarantino reveals all about his ultra-violent comeback.
King Kong: Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is doing the remake, but will it be as good as the marvellous 1933 original?
Reviews: Over 40 pages bringing you the next four weeks of releases! 23 brand new releases , including Finding Nemo and Mr In-Between and 13 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs.

Issue 635
September 2003
The Italian Job: The stars of the remake that dares to be better than the original talk to us! Mark Wahlberg and Donald Sutherland, along with director F Gary Gray share their experiences on the Mini adventure.
Jeepers Creepers 2: Jonathan Breck plays the ultimate in modern movie monsters, the terrifying Creeper. He tells us what we can expect from the spooky sequel.
Finding Nemo: We go behind the scenes of this fishy tale that's one of our very favourite films of the year!
Movie Spotlight: Calendar Girls: Helen Mirren, our favourite Calendar Girl, reveals why she was all too happy to reveal all in this new British comedy.
Tears of the Sun: Bruce Willis reveals why he had to be a part of this hard-hitting and controversial drama.
Four Feathers: Heath Ledgers sums up all his courage to talk to us about his role in the remake of the British war classic.
Freddy vs Jason: Two of Horror's greatest heroes come face to face for the first time - and we tell you everything you need to know about the gruesome twosome!
Confidence: Edward Burns tals about his role as a conman who gets on the wrong side of mob boss Dustin Hoffman.
Katharine Hepburn: We pay tribute to the life and work of the great Hollywood actress.
Reviews: Over 40 pages bringing you the next four weeks of releases! Over 25 brand new releases , including Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life and American Pie: The Wedding and 13 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs.

Special #47
Sean Connery has proved himself to be an enduring screen presence; a man who, for some, epitomizes masculine sex appeal and charisma. We present an in-depth guide to a screen legend's career!
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Connery and his Extraordinary co-stars give us the low-down on this bizarre, fantastic tale of heroes uniting to save the world in Victorian London. Discover the truth behind the floods that wrecked the sets, and Connery's grudge match with director Steven Norrington!
Call Sheet: You Only Live Twice Director Lewis Gilbert recalls the making of Connery's last Bond - or so everybody thought at the time. Every aspect of the production is thoroughly investigated.
Connery's Career A fantastic pictorial history of the icon's work on screen.
The League of Cinematic Gentlemen! We take an exhaustive look at the previous screen incarnations of the characters in Connery's latest, charting the screen history of various versions of Dracula, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Sherlock Holmes, King Solomon's Mines and Jekyll & Hyde.
Plus our usual round-up of the very best DVDs for our chosen genre, with 10 pages of Sean on disc.All his Bond films are detailed, with extensive coverage of the impressive extras.

And that's not all...!
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
To tie in with the forthcoming DVD release, we present an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the Hobbit's journey into Mordor, and the Battle of Helm's Deep, including:
- A lengthy interview with star Elijah Wood, who reveals his thoughts on the film, his fellow cast members, and the difficulties of being a former child star
- John Rhys-Davies, on the foolishness of covering himself up in prosthetics, and the on-set accident that almost cost him his life!
- Howard Shore discusses the challenges of setting such an epic and seminal work to music - and working on a score that's already won an Oscar!
- Producer Barrie Osborne and special effects supremo Richard Taylor describe the painstaking work that goes into creating an entire world from scratch,
- Actor Andy Serkis, the human face of the computer-generated Gollum, discusses the unique challenges of acting through the medium of computerized motion-capture.

Issue 634
August 2003
Tomb Raider 2: As Lara Croft prepares to bound back into cinemas, actress Angelina Jolie explains exactly what it takes to play the action woman.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: This acclaimed comic-book adaptation is set to be huge.. League member Tom Sawyer, aka actor Shane West, tells us why he had to be a part of it.
Pirates of the Caribbean: We persuade Johnny Depp to come ashore with a yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.
Respiro: Valeria Golino reveals why she had such fun playing a free-spirited Sicilian woman.
Sinbad: Brad Pitt on why he was desperate to be the voice of the legendary sailor in DreamWork's newest animation.
Movie Spotlight: Legally Blonde 2: After her success in Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon reveals why she's so happy to still be pretty in pink.
Cannes 2003: We bring you our annual report on the most important films, people and awards.
Bob Hope's Centenary: As the legendary actor celebrates his 100th birthday, we take a look at his movie career.
Gregory Peck Tribute: With Peck's death the industry lost one of its greatest leading men. We pay tribute.
Reviews: Over 25 brand new releases , including Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines and 9 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs.

Issue 633
July 2003
Matrix: Reloaded: LA Premiere: Everyone who's anyone was there, and we've got the pictures to prove it!
Playing Cards: Remember when the US army was hunting down important members of the Iraqi regime? What would happen if they went to Hollywood?
Nicholas Nickleby: We talk to Nicholas himself, Charlie Humman, about what it was like to work alongside some of the biggest British stars in the biz.
Hulk: With the movie set to smash his way to box-office success, star Nick Nolte tells us how it feels to play a comic-book villain on the big screen.
The In-Laws: Albert Brooks and Michael Douglas team up in this buddy movie, and the old friends reveal what it was like to work together.
Movie Spotlight: T3: The Rise of the Machines: We talk to Arnie about the role he made his own almost two decades ago. Bruce Almighty: Jim Carrey is God. While that might explain a few things, it's not actually true in real life, but it is in his new comedy.
2 Fast 2 Furious: This speedy sequel is racing onto our screens and its star Paul Walker talks to us about fast cars, hot chicks.
Best Seat in the House: Why Nicole Kidman is the best thing in the world ever!
Reviews: Over 25 brand new releases , including Wrong Turn and Dumb and Dumberer - When Harry Met Lloyd and 9 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs...

Special #46

Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle We talk to all three Angels about reprising their roles as the retro agents, as well as original Angel Jaclyn Smith and Angel-gone-bad Demi Moore!
Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life Cover star Angelina Jolie shows off her silver wetsuit and harpoon pistol as she reveals why this sequel is set to be a far superior film to the original.
Call Sheet: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! We go behind the scenes on one of the most outrageous, absurd and just plain weird films ever made, featuring interviews with Haji, Lori Williams and the legendary Tura Satana.

Deadly Divas!
We interrogate some of the shiniest, sexiest female action stars in the Hollywood firmament, including:
- Halle Berry: The X-Woman turned Bond Girl holds her own against the men.
- Jennifer Garner: The TV-action star turned Daredevil's sai-wielding assassin, Elektra.
- Pam Grier: The Seventies icon gets to grips with her role in the feminist movement.
- Famke Janssen: The Bond Girl turned X-Woman on why she still has to fight for roles.
- Milla Jovovich: L'Oreal girl by day, ultra-violent slaughterer of the undead - and directors - by night.
- Carrie-Anne Moss: The Matrix's Trinity reveals her greatest fear during production of the hi-octane sequels.
- Sigourney Weaver: The woman some say originated the action heroine discusses being a feminist icon and having to go bald for her art...
Plus our usual round-up of the very best in DVDs for our chosen genre, with 9 pages of vivacious and exciting DVD reviews reclining on a bed of beautiful, and somewhat fleshy, satin.

And that's still not all!
Daredevil We present an in-depth behind the scenes look as the cast get down and dirty. Ben Affleck discusses why DD was his childhood hero; Jennifer Garner reveals she was more into Little House on the Prairie; Michael Clarke Duncan doesn't overplay his bigness; and Colin Farrell confesses he thought Garner was going to kill him! Director Mark Steven Johnson discusses his approach to the film, the cast and the comics upon which the film was based.
The Hours We talk to the cast and creative team, including: Nicole Kidman on why she almost didn't take the role that landed her an Oscar, while Julianne Moore discusses the joys of smacking lips with girls rather than boys. And, of course, there's a certain amount of discussion of a certain nosey prosthetic...
Acclaimed director Stephen Daldry explains why The Hours was chosen as a follow-up to his Billy Elliot, and how parts of the film ended up being shot inside his own home...

Issue 632
Summer 2003
Charlie's Angels 2: We discover from star and producer Drew Barrymore how she maintains control of a film series that's made her a Hollywood power-broker.
Movie Spotlight: The Matrix Reloaded: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne reveal what the Matrix films mean to them.
John Cusack: The actor takes time out of his busy schedule to discuss his starring roles in the thriller Identity and the controversial drama Max.
Anger Management: Adam Sandler talks about this rage-fuelled comedy in which he co-stars with Jack Nicholson.
Burning Down the House: Find out all from Steve Martin about his return to what we all know he does best: out-and-out comedy!
Best Seat in the House: With the massive success of Chicago and Moulin Rouge, it seems everyone wants to catch that musical bandwagon; but is it such a good idea?
Reviews: Over 30 brand new releases , including Ripley's Game and Igby Goes Down and 12 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs...

Issue 631
June 2003
Matrix Reloaded: We swallowed the red pill and caught up with the cast and crew, including Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, who gave us a taster of what we can expect!
Olivia Williams: Talking to us about her starring roles in the upcoming films Civil War drama To Kill a King and period adaptation The Heart of Me.
Heartlands: Star Michael Sheen explains why it's scoring a bull's-eye with the critics.
Full Frontal: Shot entirely on digital video in just 18 days, director Steven Soderbergh explains why this unofficial follow-up to sex, lies and videotape was such an interesting venture for him.
Movie Spotlight: The 25th Hour: Rachel Stevens reveals why she hopes this isn't her only movie.
Call Sheet: Ice Cold in Alex: We cast our mind back to this 1958 film about post-war sentiments, foreign relations and a damn good pint of lager.
Best Seat in the House: A look at the work of the BBFC, and its director Robin Duvall explains why their work is more relevant than ever.
Reviews: 30 brand new releases , including X-Men 2 and Ghosts of the Abyss and 9 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs...

Jackie Chan As his Shanghai Knights hits cinemas, the king of Hong Kong cinema takes time out from his gruelling fitness regime to tell us about his life, his work and why his characters so rarely have love interests.
Bulletproof Monk Honk Kong legend Chow Yun Fat and American Pie star Seann William Scott team up.
Call Sheet: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Director Ang Lee and co-writer James Schamus give us their insight on the creation of one of the most revered, and just plain beautiful, films in modern cinematic history.
Bruce Lee: We take a look back the life and career of the single most influential cinematic martial artist in the history of the genre, with Bruce Lee's widow, Linda, revealing her perspective.
There's a wealth of martial arts movies coming to your multiplex in the months to come, and we take a look at the lot!
The Last Samurai: Tom Cruise as a disillusioned Civil War soldier charged with destroying a culture
The Accidental Spy: Jackie Chan as an everyday Joe who discovers his Dad's a Korean spy.
Hero: An epic Chinese tale of assassins, love and betrayal.
Kill Bill: Tarantino's latest pays tribute to just about every classic kung fu film made.
The Matrix Reloaded: Neo and Trinity are back to slap Hugo Weaving about all over again, in our picture packed preview!
And, to cap it off, there's our usual round-up of the very best in DVDs for our chosen genre, with a full 10 pages of Discs of Death!

But that's not all!
To tie in with the forthcoming DVD release of the latest James Bond movie Die Another Day, we present a behind-the-scenes extravaganza - access the hidden files with:
- The evil triumvirate of Die Another Day, Rosamund Pike, Toby Stephens and Rick Yune, get together to reveal what its like to go up against Britain's Greatest Secret Agent
- The men behind the explosions, the stunts and the even bigger explosions tell us how they go about putting together the explosion, the stunts and the biggest explosions ever for a Bond film
- Producer Michael G Wilson, along with Barabara Broccolli, is the man with his hand at the tiller of the Bond franchise. He gives us the low-down on what really goes on behind the scenes, and gives us his thoughts on Bond XXI...
- Production designer Peter Lamont tells us just why those megalomaniacal Bond baddies have such outrageous taste in architecture
- Costume designer Lindy Hemming takes a last look over her work for Halle Berry, Madonna and Pierce Brosnan.

Issue 630
May 2003
X-Men 2: Discover why its stars were terrified the original would flop and what new X-Men are turning up in the sequel.
75th Academy Awards: A massive report on the biggest awards night in the movie calendar! Find out who won what, who wore what and just how Steve Martin was the best presenter in years.
Phone Booth: Joel Schumacher's back directing the latest bad boy of Hollywood.
Johnny English: Rowan Atkinson on his big-screen comedy about the worst spy in the world!
S Club 'Seeing Double': Rachel Stevens reveals why she hopes this isn't her only movie.
Shanghai Knights: Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson return as the stunt-prone comedy duo who must battle the save the Crown Jewels.
Welcome to Collinwood: Star William H Macy shares the secrets of his success.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey spill the beans on filming this romantic comedy with a twist.
Reviews: 25 brand spanking new releases , including Nowhere in Africa, Hope Springs and The 25th Hour and 10 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs...

Issue 629
April 2003
The Life of David Gale: Star Kevin Spacey reveals why he felt the role of Professor David Gale was so important.
Just Married: Rising star Brittany Murphy on what it feels to play a conventional romantic lead, and how she found love on the set of her latest movie with co-star Ashton Kutcher.
Rules of Attraction: Scriptwriter Roger Avery explains why he felt compelled to write the screenplay.
Movie Spotlight: The Recruit: Colin Farrell. tells us all about his journey from TV's Ballykissangel to Hollywood.
Maid in Manhattan: Jennifer Lopez reveals why she did not find it too hard to play a hotel chambermaid in her new romantic comedy.
Far from Heaven: Julianne Moore on this touching movie.
100 Years of the Western: 2003 is the centenary year of the Western, and to celebrate we are taking an in-depth look at the entire history and evolution of the genre.
Reviews: 22 brand spanking new releases , including Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Daredevil and 9 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs

Issue 628
March 2003
Two Weeks Notice: Why it's taken so long for the king and queen of the romantic comedy Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock to get together on screen.
Daredevil: Ben Affleck talks about his new role as the latest comic book superhero to appear on the big screen.
The Hours: Stars Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman talk about their new film.
The Ring: Star Naomi Watts tells us why it will have us sleeping with the light on.
The Magdalene Sisters: Peter Mullan goes behind the camera with this controversial and harrowing tale about Irish Catholic women incarcerated in brutal convents.
Analyze That: Robert de Niro and Billy Crystal tell us why they came back for this sequel.
Solaris: Why exactly did George Clooney decide to re-make this 30-year-old Russian Sci-Fi epic?
Adaptation: Director Spike Jonze talks about his latest film.
8 Mile: Director Curtis Hanson gives us the low-down.
Reviews: 25 brand spanking new releases , including Final Destination 2, Punch Drunk Love and Jackass: The Movie and - 10 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs.

Maid in Manhattan Pop phenomenon J-Lo has already proved herself an accomplished actress. She tells us how she approached her first major comedy role, and how aspects of the film eerily echo her own life...
Analyze That It's the first time De Niro's ever reprised a role, returning as mob boss Paul Vitti. De Niro, co-stars Billy Crystal and Lisa Kudrow, as well as director Harold Ramis, talk us through their reasons for coming back.
Withnail & Him! Bruce Robinson, the writer/director who created one of the most enduring British comedies of all time, Withnail & I, takes us through his distinctly chequered, but never less than riveting, career.
The Funniest Comedy Movies of All Time! Our team of rib-ticklers offers up a definitive guide to the greatest comedies known to Man. From Airplane! to Young Frankenstein, it's a treasure trove of laughs that'll leave you weak at the knees and quite possibly requiring some kind of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
Ebony & Ivory We examine the early days of comedy and how they've influenced great comedians up to the present day. Bow down and pay tribute to Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel & Hardy and Harold Lloyd - they risked their lives for laughter!
Massive DVD review section! If it's not covered in our review section, chances are you'll find your favourite comedy here, as, in association with our sister title Ultimate DVD, we pick apart the bones of the funniest discs around and snuffle up the truffles of jollity that lie within! A must for anyone with a DVD player!
The 10 Worst Comedies... Ever! We list 'em...

Issue 627
February 2003
Leonardo DiCaprio: on Gangs of New York and Catch Me If You Can.
Chicago: Stars Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellwegger about their unique on-set experiences.
The Good Girl: Jennifer Aniston's highly praised new film is a million miles away from Friends.
Movie Spotlight: 8 Mile: Eminem talks about his new autobiographical film, and director Curtis Hanson shares his experiences of working with the renegade rapper.
About Schmidt: Jack Nicholson tells us all about his newest role as cranky pensioner Walter Schmidt, and why it was a part he loved to play.
Spider: Ralph Fiennes on working with David Cronenberg, and why he felt this role of psychiatric patient was one he had to take. Narc: Ray Liotta on his new role in this gritty cop tale, where the line between the good and bad guys is almost non-existent.
Irreversible: Star Monica Bellucci chats about her shocking new film.
Reviews: 25 brand spanking new releases , including The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Banger Sisters and The Transporter and - 10 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs.

Issue 626
January 2003
Star Trek: Nemesis: We shift up to warp speed to catch up with Captain Picard (aka Patrick Stewart) and director Stuart Baird.
2003 Preview: We look into our crystal ball and bring you our preview of the big movies for 2003, starting with Gangs of New York, Daredevil, the X-Men sequel, X-2 and many more!
Sweet Home Alabama: Stars, Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas, of this quirk new comedy about Southern hospitality, small-town values and big city ideas.
Movie Spotlight: Die Another Day: Bond celebrates his 40th birthday in his usual smooth style.
Call Sheet: The Lion King: We take a look back a the pride of Disney.
Reviews: 14 brand spanking new releases , including Dirty Pretty Things, Chicago and 11/09/01 - September 11 and - 12 pages reviewing the latest cable and satellite films showing in homes, plus videos, books, CDs, DVDs.

Special #43 Yearbook
In Film Review's eleventh Yearbook, we take a comprehensive look back at 2002, which saw more major blockbusters being released than ever before, including the latest Star Wars, James Bond, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films!
With all of 2002's film releases being covered in detail and comprehensively indexed, the Yearbook adds up to 12 issues worth of reviews - something no self-respecting fan of film should be without! And if you're looking to augment your DVD collection with some of the latest releases, it's a handy guide to the films themselves - what's hot, and what shouldn't have been shot.
From Austin Powers in Goldmember to XxX via Lilo & Stitch and, er, Scooby Doo, it's all here. Your cinematic year preserved forever, and for less than the price of a cinema ticket!
But that's not all! You also get our retrospective of the year, charting its highs and lows, from Die Another Day and Minority Report to - oh dear! - Men in Black II and Boat Trip

Ten great interviews with some of Hollywood's hottest and fastest-rising stars - those who can regard the year 2002 as a watershed, including:
Colin Farrell
Kevin Spacey
Ben Chaplin
Matt Damon
Cate Blanchett
Ashley Judd
Christopher Lee
Robin Williams
Samantha Morton
Will Smith

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