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August 1957
Mitzi Gaynor on the front cover.
Featured in this issue:
Debbie Reynolds "Debbie Reynolds tells what every bride should know".
Rhonda Fleming "Can a girl be too daring?".
Pat Boone "Pat Boone's high school affair".
Jody McCrea "Are famous parents a hindance?".
kirk Douglas "Do french women make better wives?".
Jayne Mansfield "What's a Jayne Mansfield?".
More "Hollywood's married lovers".
Anthony Perkins "The world on a string".
Audrey Hepburn "Star bright".
Rita Moreno "Rita and the little black bikini".
Also featured in this issue are Deborah Kerr, Ben Gazzara, Mitzi Gaynor, Audie Murphy, Natalie Wood, Bob Vaughn, Bob Stacks, Dick Egan and more with lots more pics.

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January 1956
Frank Sinatra, Pier Angeli and Kim Novak on the front cover.
Featured in this issue:
Alan Ladd "What I've learned from my mistakes".
Mona Freeman "Wolves, stay away from my door!".
Frank Sinatra "Hollywood's mystery man".
Ann Blyth "it's fun to be good".
Various Stars "Scramble quiz".
Pier Angeli "Does mother really know best?".
Audie Murphy "Master of his house".
Liberace "No life of his own".
Jeff Chandler "Jeff's water babies".
Perry Lopez "Who likes to work?".
Also featured in this issue are Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Novak, Tony Curtis, Jacques Sernas, Anita Ekberg, Katherine Grayson, Audrey Hepburn, Janet Leigh and more with lots more pics.

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