Britain's Most Established Screen Monthly
Mainstream Monthly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1954-1990
- Articles and reviews.
- Editor: Allen Eyeles. Published by Hansom Books
- In its original form ceased publication with the June 1980 issue.
- It was revived over a year later, in October 1981, by Brevet Publishing Ltd (incorporating FOCUS ON FILM.)
-From 1985 it was published by Orpheus Publications (incorporating FILMS ON SCREEN AND VIDEO.)
- Since April 1990 incorporated in Film Review.
- Published by Brevet Publishing Limited

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Issue 63
December 1959

Issue 62
November 1959
Contents include: Give Me Variety (article by Otto Preminger); Alfred Hitchcock (monograph by John Pett); Thaw Behind The Iron Curtain (article by Alan Stanbrook); Festival Reports: Venice (by John Francis Lane); Edinburgh (by Lorna Rhind); Critical Self-Portraits #6 (article by Jympson Harman); and much more besides.

Issue 61
October 1959
Personality Of The Month: James Carreras (article by Derek Conrad); Me And My Spectacle (article by King Vidor); Don't Pity Working Girls (article by Jerry Wald); Meeting The Nouvelle Vague (dicussion between Claude Chabrole, Marcel Camus, Jacques Baratier, Robert Hossein, Edouard Molinaro, Louis Malle, Francois Reichenbach, Jean-Daniel Pollet, Francois Truffaut, Edmond Sechan and Jean Valere); The Nouvelle Vague: The Men And Their Work (article by Ginette Billard); Small People In A Big World: John Huston (career article by Eugene Archer); San Sebastian Film Festival (report by Francisco Aranda); Patterns Of Cinema: They Liked To Break The Rules (article by Peter John Dyer); Both Sides Of A Fence (article by Paul Dehn); Person Of Promise: Carol Lynley (uncredited career article); Reviews: THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE; THE FIVE PENNIES; THE SIEGE OF PINCHGUT; ASK ANY GIRL; A PRIVATE'S AFFAIR; MAIGRET TEND UN PIEGE (aka MAIGRET SETS A TRAP); LE MIROIR A DEUX VISAGES (aka THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES); THE BIG CIRCUS; THE RABBIT TRAP; ASSAULT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT; TEMPTATION ISLAND; YELLOWSTONE KELLY; HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS; UPSTAIRS AND DOWNSTAIRS; BLUE DENIM (aka BLUE JEANS); HAMNSTAD (aka PORT OF CALL); Production Reports: USA (by Clayton Cole); Britain (by John Vincent); Denmark (by Denis Duperley); India (by Kobita Sarker); Italy (by John Francis Lane); Soviet Heroes (article by L. Belokurov); A Film And TV Archive (article by Ernest Lindgren).

Issue 60
September 1959

Issue 59
August 1959

Issue 58
July 1959
Contents include: Alfred Hitchcock Talking (collation of press interviews to promote NORTH BY NORTHWEST); Each Film Is My Last (article by Ingmar Bergman); Hollywood Romantic: George Stevens (article by Joanne Stang); Cannes 1959 (Festival report by Peter G. Baker); Patterns Of Cinema: Journey Into The Night (article by Peter John Dyer); Even A Fan Deserves An Honest Answer (article by Margaret Hinxman); Person Of Promise: Stuart Whitman; FERRY TO HONG KONG - And Why We Went Round The World To Make All Of It (article by Lewis Gilbert); Reviews: THE NUN'S STORY; THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK; COUNT YOR BLESSINGS; DAS TEUFELS GENERAL (aka THE DEVIL'S GENERAL); LE AMICHE; THE TUNNEL OF LOVE; GIDGET; JOHN PAUL JONES; THE MATING GAME; PORK CHOP HILL; THE YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS (aka THE CITY JUNGLE); LONELYHEARTS; BAKARUHABAN (aka A SUNDAY ROMANCE); BEYOND THIS PLACE; LES POSSEDEES (aka THE POSSESSED); THE HANGMAN;and more besides.

Issue 57
June 1959

Issue 56
May 1959

Issue 55
April 1959

Issue 54
March 1959

Issue 53
February 1959

Issue 52
January 1959

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