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- First and last issue: 1954-1990
- Articles and reviews.
- Editor: Allen Eyeles. Published by Hansom Books
- In its original form ceased publication with the June 1980 issue.
- It was revived over a year later, in October 1981, by Brevet Publishing Ltd (incorporating FOCUS ON FILM.)
-From 1985 it was published by Orpheus Publications (incorporating FILMS ON SCREEN AND VIDEO.)
- Since April 1990 incorporated in Film Review.
- Published by Brevet Publishing Limited

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Issue 111
December 1963
The Cool World (article by Shirley Clarke); Epic (article by Raymond Durgnat); Great Films Of The Century: CITIZEN KANE (article by John Cutts); Reviews: IL GATTOPARDO (aka THE LEOPARD); THE SERVANT; LES ABYSSES; THE TRIAL; ANGEL BABY; THE THRILL OF IT ALL; FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE; A TICKLISH AFFAIR; THE WORLD TEN TIMES OVER; BITTER HARVEST; KING KONG TAI GODZILLA (aka KING KONG VERSUS GODZILLA); A FACE IN THE RAIN; QUEEN OF THE PIRATES; GIRL IN THE HEADLINES; THE MAN WHO FINALLY DIED; UNEARTHLY STRANGER; LA DONNA NEL MONDO (aka WOMEN OF THE WORLD); VENGEANCE; L'ASSASSINO; WEEKEND; TOYS IN THE ATTIC; IL MATTATORE (aka LOVE AND LARCENY); London and Cork Film Festivals (reports by Michael Ratcliffe and Robin Bean); Two Of A Kind (linked articles by John Francis Lane and Peter Graham); Production Reports: Britain (by Brian O'Brien); France (by Peter Graham); India (by Kobita Sarkar); The Shock of THE SILENCE (article by P.E. Burke).

Issue 110
November 1963
The Cardinal And I (article by Otto Preminger); Dirk Bogarde: A Great Actor Who Has Never Been In A Great Film (career article by Richard Whitehall); Reviews: THE BALCONY; PRESSURE POINT; THE SKY ABOVE - THE MUD BELOW; WIVES AND LOVERS; IN THE COOL OF THE DAY; BYE BYE BIRDIE; A NEW KIND OF LOVE; OPHELIA; IN THE FRENCH STYLE; STUDS LONIGAN; WAR HUNT; LE BRIDE SUR LE COU (aka PLEASE, NOT NOW!); RAMPAGE; LA BELLEZIA DI IPPOLITA (aka SHE GOT WHAT SHE ASKED FOR!); WEST ELEVEN; THE INFORMERS; HOUSE OF THE DAMNED; O ASSALTO AO TREM PAGADOR (aka THE TRAIN ROBBERS); STATION SIX - SAHARA; WALL OF NOISE; Column: Clubs (by Michael Ratcliffe); Festival Reports: Locarno (by Peter Cowie); Venice (by Peter Baker); Bye Bye Musicals (article by John Cutts); What's Right With Hollywood (article by Vittorio De Sica); Brazil: In Step With A Latin Beat (article by Alex Viany); Production Reports: USA (by George Fenin); Britain (by Brian O'Brien); France (by Peter Graham).

Issue 109
October 1963
The Monkey On My Back (article by Joseph Losey); This England: Anthony Asquith (career article by Peter Cowie); Reviews; EIGHT AND A HALF; THE VIPs; FREUD (aka FREUD - THE SECRET PASSION); NAZARIN; FOR LOVE OR MONEY; IT'S ALL HAPPENING; THE MIRACLE OF THE WHITE STALLIONS (aka FLIGHT OF THE WHITE STALLIONS); MACISTE ALLA CORTE DEL GRAN KHAN (aka SAMSON AND THE SEVEN MIRACLES OF THE WORLD); THE RAVEN; DR. CRIPPEN; FLIPPER; JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS; ALSKARINNEN (aka THE MISTRESS); THE SON OF CAPTAIN BLOOD; THE SCARLET BLADE; THE BAY OF ST. MICHEL; THE NUTTY PROFESSOR; Reissue: THE GENERAL; Columns: Clubs (by Michael Ratcliffe); Animation (by David Rider); Two Of A Kind (linked articles by Peter Cowie and George Fenin); The Face Of '63: The Spanish Influence (article by Juan Cobos); Great Films Of The Century: ORPHEE (article by Raymond Durgnat); Production Reports: USA (by George Fenin); Britain (by Brian O'Brien); Italy (by John Francis Lane).

Issue 108
September 1963

Issue 107
August 1963

Issue 106
July 1963

Issue 105
June 1963

Issue 104
May 1963
Blessed Isle Or Fool's Paradise? (article by John Schlesinger); Second Opinion (article by John Mortimer); Oberhausen Film Festival (report by Robin Bean); The Face Of '63: France (article by Peter Graham); Reviews: ELECTRA; THE DAMNED; A GIRL NAMED TAMIKO; L'ISOLA DI ARTURO (aka ARTURO'S ISLAND); MADAME SANS-GENE (aka MADAME); TWO FOR THE SEESAW; ANTIGONE; SAMMY GOING SOUTH; LA PEAU ET LES OS aka THE MAZUR FILE); SEVEN SEAS TO CALAIS; LA POUPEE (aka HE, SHE OR IT?); THE FLYING CLIPPER; SNIPER'S RIDGE; TALES OF TERROR; THE WRONG ARM OF THE LAW; THE BRAZEN BELL; COME FLY WITH ME; BLOOD ON HIS SWORD; THE 20,000 KISS; MANIAC; GANG WAR; INCIDENT AT MIDNIGHT; SCHMUTZIGER ANGEL (aka DIRTY ANGEL); NASILJE NA TRGU (aka SQUARE OF VIOLENCE); THE SAWDUST RING; JUST FOR FUN; THE FLIGHT THAT DISAPPEARED; IL SEPULCRO DEI RE (aka CLEOPATRA'S DAUGHTER); FOLLOW THE BOYS; Reissue: ILYA MUROMETS (aka THE SWORD AND THE DRAGON); Columns: Animation (by David Rider); Clubs (by Michael Ratcliffe); Co-Production Schemes (article by Bela Korda); One Man Band: Peter Sellers (career article by Douglas McVay); A Summer Place (Part Two of a career article on Delmer Daves by Richard Whitehall); Production Reports: Britain 9by Peter Cowie); USA (by George Fenin); Italy (by John Francis Lane); West Germany (by Geoffrey Donaldson).

Issue 103
April 1963

Issue 102
March 1963

Issue 101
February 1963

Issue 100
January 1963
Contents include:How I Made LAWRENCE (Interview with David Lean); The Inscrutable Kurosawa (article by Donald Richie); Those Nutty Intellectuals (article by Ken Hughes); The First Hundred Months (symposium on the magazine's first hundred issues, with comments by Sir Michael Balcon, Stanley Kramer, Carl Foreman, Joseph Losey, Otto Preminger, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Francois Truffaut);BB/CC/DD/MM: What's With Sex Symbols? (article - author unknown);and much else besides.

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