Britain's Most Established Screen Monthly
Mainstream Monthly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1954-1990
- Articles and reviews.
- Editor: Allen Eyeles. Published by Hansom Books
- In its original form ceased publication with the June 1980 issue.
- It was revived over a year later, in October 1981, by Brevet Publishing Ltd (incorporating FOCUS ON FILM.)
-From 1985 it was published by Orpheus Publications (incorporating FILMS ON SCREEN AND VIDEO.)
- Since April 1990 incorporated in Film Review.
- Published by Brevet Publishing Limited

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Issue 123
December 1964

Issue 122
November 1964

Issue 121
October 1964

Issue 120
September 1964

Issue 119
August 1964

Issue 118
July 1964

Issue 117
June 1964

Issue 116
May 1964

Issue 115
April 1964

Issue 114
March 1964
Empire Demolition (article by Anthony Mann); Audrey Hepburn (career article by Simon Brett); Reviews: THE PRIZE; MARY, MARY; IRMA LA DOUCE; CHARADE; FATHER CAME TOO; IVANOVO DETSIVO (aka IVAN'S CHILDHOOD); MAMMA ROMA; THIS IS MY STREET; WHO'S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BED?; OF LOVE AND DESIRE; PARANOIAC; L'AMORE DIFFICILE (aka SEX CAN BE DIFFICULT); THE TIME OF THE HEATHEN; THE SILENT RAID; THE RAIDERS OF LEYTE GULF; UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE; POCIAG (aka NIGHT TRAIN); IT'S ALL OVER TOWN; THE TERROR; Documentary (by Ken Gay); Animation (by David Rider); Clubs (by Michael Ratcliffe); Tours Film Festival (report by Peter G. Baker); Crime Inc., Part Three: Public Enemies (article by Richard Whitehall); Dreyer At 75 (article by Peter Cowie); The Shock Of SEKSTET (article by Denis Duperley); Cowboys And Indies (article by William Fadiman); Production Reports: Britain (by Brian O'Brien); USA (by George Fenin); France (by Peter Graham); Italy (by John Francis Lane).

Issue 113
February 1964
Sending Myself The Message (article by Stanley Kramer); Keeping Up With The Beatles (article by Robin Bean); Jean Gabin (career article by Peter Cowie); Crime Inc., Part Two: G-Men And Gangsters (article by Richard Whitehall); Reviews: DR. STRANGELOVE; DAVID AND LISA; THE HAUNTING; THE CARDINAL; McCLINTOCK; PALM SPRINGS WEEKEND; ZULU; THE PINK PANTHER; WHO'S MINDING THE STORE?; KISS OF THE VAMPIRE; LE SOUPIRANT (aka THE SUITOR); I LANCIERI NERI (aka CHARGE OF THE BLACK LANCERS); LADIES WHO DO; LASSIE'S GREAT ADVENTURE; GUNFIGHT AT COMANCHE CREEK; DR. SYN, ALIAS THE SCARECROW; LES MYSTERES DE PARIS (aka MYSTERIES OF PARIS); HALLELUJAH THE HILLS; FOUR FOR TEXAS; Clubs (by Michael Ratcliffe); Production Reports: Britain (by Brian O'Brien); France (by Peter Graham); The Foreign Papers (article by Peter G. Baker).

Issue 112
January 1964
Crime Inc., Part One: The Rackets And The Mobs (article by Richard Whitehall); Edward G. Robinson (career article by Allen Eyles); The Funny Side Of Life (article by Harold Lloyd); Reviews: THE LEATHER BOYS; THE CARETAKER; IT'S A MAD, MAD ,MAD, MAD WORLD; THE SWORD IN THE STONE; THE VICTORS; CRONACA FAMILIARE (aka FAMILY DIARY); LE CAVE SE REBIFFE (aka THE COUNTERFEITERS); WHAT A CRAZY WORLD!; LIVE IT UP; DIARY OF A MADMAN; RIFIFI IN TOKYO; KRYZTACY (aka KNIGHTS OF THE TEUTONIC ORDER); TAKE HER, SHE'S MINE; THE MAN FROM THE DINER'S CLUB; THE EYES OF ANNIE JONES; CASH ON DEMAND; A STITCH IN TIME; GIDGET GOES TO ROME; THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY; THE INTRUDER (aka THE STRANGER); FUN IN ACAPULCO; ROSAMUNDA E ALBOINO (aka SWORD OF THE CONQUEROR); Clubs (by Michael Ratcliffe); Animation (by David Rider); The Time And Space Of Alain Resnais (article by Alan Stanbrook); Films And Filming Honours for 1963; Box-Office Champions for 1963; Report From Poland (article by Mira Coopman); Mannheim Film Festival (report by Robin Bean); Production Reports: U.S.A. (by George Fenin); Britain (by Brian O'Brien); France (by Peter Graham); Italy (by John Francis Lane).

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