Britain's Most Established Screen Monthly
Mainstream Monthly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1954-1990
- Articles and reviews.
- Editor: Allen Eyeles. Published by Hansom Books
- In its original form ceased publication with the June 1980 issue.
- It was revived over a year later, in October 1981, by Brevet Publishing Ltd (incorporating FOCUS ON FILM.)
-From 1985 it was published by Orpheus Publications (incorporating FILMS ON SCREEN AND VIDEO.)
- Since April 1990 incorporated in Film Review.
- Published by Brevet Publishing Limited

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Issue 135
December 1965

Issue 134
November 1965

Issue 133
October 1965
Contents include: Beyond The Laugh Barrier (part three of the "World Of Comedy" articles by Raymond Durgnat); Dean + 10: A Decade Of Counterfeit Idols (article on James Dean's legacy); An attack on the James Bond films (by Ian Johnson); Reviews of DARLING; LE JOURNAL D'UNE FEMME DE CHAMBRE; HELP!; HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE; MORITURI; CAT BALLOU; THE SANDPIPER; WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT/; THE OUTRAGE and other films; and much more besides.

Issue 132
September 1965

Issue 131
August 1965

Issue 130
July 1965
I Hate Acting (Robert Morley interviewed, with asides from Tony Randall and Frank Tashlin); Raymond Durgnat's World Of Comedy, Part One (by Raymond Durgnat); In Search Of The Right Knack (article by Richard Lester); Reviews: THE KNACK; MATA HARI, AGENT SECRETE H.21; SYLVIA; MAJOR DUNDEE; INVITATION TO A GUNFIGHTER; BEBERT ET L'OMNIBUS (aka THE HOLY TERROR); THE SATAN BUG; TWO LEFT FEET; BABY, THE RAIN MUST FALL; LA MANO EN LA TRAMPA (aka HAND IN THE TRAP); THE PLEASURE GIRLS; DIE LADY (aka FRUSTRATION); A KING'S STORY; OPERATION CROSSBOW; THE MAIN CHANCE; THE LOVE GODDESSES; THE ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS; THIS RUGGED LAND; LE CRIME DE MONSIEUR LANGE (aka THE CRIME OF M. LANGE); BLOOD ON THE ARROW; TOKYO MONOGATARI (aka TOKYO STORY); FLEDGLINGS; PRIMITIVE LONDON; THREE HATS FOR LISA; THE TRUTH ABOUT SPRING; SANDOKAN THE GREAT; JOEY BOY; Regular Columns: Clubs (by David Holland); Animation (by David Rider); Films On TV (by Allen Eyles); 8mm. and 16mm. Filming (by Anthony Wigens); Pinning Down The Quicksilver: Interview with Anthony Perkins (by Robin Bean); Production Report: Britain (by Robin Bean); World Production Guide.

Issue 129
June 1965
Why You Go To The Pictures - Or Stay Away (article by Robert Silvey and Judy Kenyon); Keeping Out Of Harm's Way (article by Otto Preminger); The Insider: Sidney Lumet (interviewed by Robin Bean); Reviews: L'HOMME DE RIO (aka THAT MAN FROM RIO); FAIL-SAFE; THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD; IL DESERTO ROSSO (aka THE RED DESERT); DEAR HEART: FOR ATT INTE TALA OM ALLA DESSA KVINNOR (aka NOW, ABOUT THESE WOMEN...); UNE FEMME MARIEE; MY BLOOD RUNS COLD; SHE; THE PARTY'S OVER; DEAR BRIGITTE; THE GOLDEN HEAD; LA VIACCIA; SUNA NO ONNA (aka WOMAN OF THE DUNES); HUSH, HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE; BE MY GUEST; THE INTELLIGENCE MEN; Reissue: LE SALAIRE DE LA PEUR (aka THE WAGES OF FEAR). Here Come The Czechs! (introduction by Peter G. Baker to section on Czech films):Grass Roots (article by Jaroslav Broz); A Festival Selection: THE SHOP IN THE HIGH STREET (review article by "I.K."); Mixing It (article by Jiri Weiss).The Editor's Skill (article by Elmo Williams); Column: Clubs (by David Holland);Production Reports: Britain (by Robin Bean); France (by Peter Graham).

Issue 128
May 1965

Issue 127
April 1965
My Two Faces (article by Richard Harris); George Stevens, Part One (career article by Douglas McVay); The Truth About Leni (article by Arnold Berson); Reviews: YOUNG CASSIDY; LORD JIM; KISS ME STUPID; BALLAD IN BLUE; STRANGE BEDFELLOWS; CRACK IN THE WORLD; HE RIDES TALL; THE RELUCTANT SAINT; WINNETOU THE WARRIOR; KVARTERET KORPEN (aka RAVENS END); GOOD NEIGHBOUR SAM; IMAGES OF LOVE; THE SLAVE MERCHANTS; How To Handle Directors (article by Mike Sarne); Who Really Makes The Movies? (article by Raymond Durgnat); Clubs (by Michael Holland); 8mm. and 16mm. Filming (by Anthony Wigens); World Production Guide; Production Reports: Britain (by Robin Bean); France (by Peter Graham).

Issue 126
March 1965

Issue 125
February 1965

Issue 124
January 1965

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