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- First and last issue: 1954-1990
- Articles and reviews.
- Editor: Allen Eyeles. Published by Hansom Books
- In its original form ceased publication with the June 1980 issue.
- It was revived over a year later, in October 1981, by Brevet Publishing Ltd (incorporating FOCUS ON FILM.)
-From 1985 it was published by Orpheus Publications (incorporating FILMS ON SCREEN AND VIDEO.)
- Since April 1990 incorporated in Film Review.
- Published by Brevet Publishing Limited

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Issue 147
December 1966
Reviews: THE PAWNBROKER; KRIK (aka THE CRY); MADAME X; THE APPALOOSA (aka SOUTHWEST TO SONORA); THE IDOL; THREE ON A COUCH; BEAU GESTE); GOAL! - WORLD CUP 1966; AU HASARD, BALTHAZAR; COMPARTIMENT TUEURS (aka THE SLEEPING-CAR MURDERS); STRANGLER'S WEB; CALIFORNIA HOLIDAY; THE FIGHTING PRINCE OF DONEGAL;ALVAREZ KELLY.The Darker Side Of Life: The Films Of Rene Clement (article by Douglas McVay); Great Films Of The Century; LE JOURNAL D'UN CURE DE CAMPAGNE (review article by Raymond Durgnat); Festival Reports: Cork (by Brenda Davies); Mannheim (by Robin Bean); Incentive To Talent (article by Grigori Chukhrai); Regular Columns: Books (by Sheridan Morley); Films On TV (by Allen Eyles); Film Clubs (by Philip Strick).

Issue 146
November 1966
Reviews: THIS PROPERTY IS CONDEMNED; LA BIBBIA (aka THE BIBLE ...IN THE BEGINNING); KALEIDOSCOPE; LA GUERRE EST FINIE; FANTASTIC VOYAGE; YEAR OF LIGHTNING, DAY OF DRUMS; THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!; GEORGY GIRL; LA SORELLA DI SATANA (aka REVENGE OF THE BLOOD BEAST); CPLAN FX18 CASSE TOUT (aka THE EXTERMINATORS); HERCULES, SAMSON AND ULYSSES; ASSAULT ON A QUEEN; WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE WAR, DADDY?; CAST A GIANT SHADOW; THE SANDWICH MAN.Mistress Cinema (an interview with Oskar Werner by Robin Bean); The Art Of The Actor, Part Five (article by Douglas McVay); Film City - Sofia (article by Georgi Stryanov-Bigor); Festival Reports: Venice (by Peter Baker); Edinburgh (by Molly Plowright); Regular Columns: Documentary (by Ken Gay); Books (by Sheridan Morley); Films On TV 9by Allen Eyles); Film Clubs (by Philip Strick).

Issue 145
October 1966

Issue 144
September 1966

Issue 143
August 1966
Reviews; LILITH; KHARTOUM; BOY, DID I GET A WRONG NUMBER!; WEEKEND A ZUYDCOOTE (aka WEEKEND AT DUNKIRK); OUR MAN IN MARRAKESH; ISLAND OF TERROR; INVASION; AROUND THE WORLD UNDER THE SEA; ARROW OF THE AVENGER; CAPTAIN SINBAD; JOHNNY RENO; BOEING-BOEING; COVEK NIJE TICA (aka A MAN IS NOT A BIRD); HARPER (aka THE MOVING TARGET); TEMPLE OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT; THE GLASS BOTTOM BOAT; THE ALPHABET MURDERS; INSIDE DAISY CLOVER.The All-Conquering Governess (article on Julie Andrews by David Shipman); Jokers Mild (article by Bessie Love); Festival Report: Cannes (by Peter Baker); The Art Of The Actor, Part One (article by Douglas McVay); The Heroine (article by Kevin Gough-Yates); The Changing Face Of Elvis (article by Robin Bean); Soviet Kaleidoscope (article by Nina Hibbin); Regular Columns: Books (by Sheridan Morley); Films On TV (by Allen Eyles); Animation (by David Rider).

Issue 142
July 1966
The Art Of The Actor (article by Douglas McVay); Two On A Tandem: Relph And Dearden (article by Raymond Durgnat); The Other Side Of The Camera (article by Mike Sarne); The Heroine (article by Kevin Gough-Yates); Blondes, Bullets And Bathtubs (article by Saul Kahan); Advice For Everyman (article by Anthony Wigens); Reviews: THE WRONG BOX; IT HAPPENED HERE; DR. ZHIVAGO; STAGECOACH; FRANKIE AND JOHNNY; MICKEY ONE; THREE PLUS TWO; A BLONDE IN LOVE; I PUGNI IN TASCA (aka FISTS IN THE POCKETS); CUL-DE-SAC; THE OSCAR; MODESTY BLAISE; MOMENT TO MOMENT; THE CRAZY WORLD OF LAUREL AND HARDY; THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS.Books (by Sheridan Morley);Films On TV (by Allen Eyles); British Production Report (by Robin Bean).

Issue 141
June 1966

Issue 140
May 1966

Issue 139
April 1966

Issue 138
March 1966

Issue 137
February 1966

Issue 136
January 1966
Success Begins At Forty (interview with Paul Newman by Robin Bean);
The Hero, Part Two (article by Kevin Gough-Yates);
Festivals: Beirut (by Peter G. Baker); Mannheim (by Robin Bean);
Raymond Durgnat's World Of Comedy, Part Five: LIfe's A Drag, Isn't It? (article by Raymond Durgnat);
Regular Columns: Film Clubs (by David Holland); Films On TV (by Allen Eyles); Documentary (by Ken Gay); Animation (by David Rider); 8mm. and 16mm. Filming (by Anthony Wigens);
Production Reports: Britain (by Robin Bean); France (by Peter Graham);

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