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The Magazine For Low/No-Budget Filmmakers And Audiences
Quarterly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1997
- "Filmwaves is the only British mag devoted to low/no-budget and experimental filmmaking."
- Published by Obraz Productions
- Website: www.filmwaves.co.uk

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31 May 2016

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Fall 1999
British avant-garde: Director of the Lux Centre Michael Maziere talks about his film and the merger between LEA and LFMC.
Distribution: How the British Council can help promote your film. Interview with Paul Hawson.
Kinopraxis: How to choose film stock. Editing: from Steenbeck to Avid. Selling your script.
Close Up: A future of digital features with Next Waves Films, a company assisting DV productions.
Festivals: The 3rd Transgender Film Festival in London, more than just a film festival.
Film societies: OMSK: The film and the viewer.
Archive: "Observations on the Long Take" by P.P.Pasolini.

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Winter 1998
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August 1997

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