aka "Daikaiju Society of North America, The/G-Force/G Fan"
The Fanzine of G-Force, The Godzilla Society of North America
Sci-Fi Quarterly Fanzine from Canada

- First issue: 1992
- Godzilla and Japanese science-fiction and fantasy films.
- Started out as a mimeographed newsletter by J. D. Lees.
- Was called "The Daikaiju Society of North America" ( issues 1-3) and then "G-Force" (issues 4 -8).
- Website: g-fan.com

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Issue 98
March/April/May 2012
Features articles on King Kong vs. Ebirah; Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster; G-Fest Report; Parents of Godzilla?; Rex Summeral; Scoring Godzilla's Composers and Much More!!!

Issue 97
September/October/November 2011
G-TOUR Diary
Scaling a Monster - Climbing Mount Fuji Post G-TOUR II
Troll Hunter Review
Rodan Remembered
Godzilla the Social Critic - Big "Green" Monsters and Environmental Commentary in Japanese Kaiju Eiga of the 1970s
When One Head Isn't Enough
Kaiju Coursework
Kaiju Actor Showcase
My Favorite Monster
Is Godzilla 'Classic Horror'?
King Kong vs. Frankenstein Part 2 - The Present
Megashark versus Crocosaurus Review
Bandai S.H. Monster Arts Godzilla Figure
New Toy Report and more!

Issue 96
June/July/August 2011

Issue 95
Spring March/April/May 2011

Issue 94
Winter Dec./January/February 2011

Issue 93
September/October/November 2010
Fall, 2010, 68 pages
  • It's a Wrap! - G-FEST 2010 Costume Roundup
  • A Day With Akira Takarada
  • The Joy of Godzilla - William Tsutsui Talks G at G-FEST
  • Chicago Shimpo G-FEST Articles
  • G-TOUR 2 Details
  • Godzilla vs. King of the Monsters
  • The Enigma
  • From Wooden Masks to Stone Statues
  • From Gamma 3 to Life on the Street
  • Gfantis: Heart of the Beast
  • Interview with visual effects pioneer, Richard Edlund
  • Taylor's Take
  • Sy Fy Channel Monster Film Reviews
  • Warning, Warning From Space That Worlds Will Collide!
  • New Toy Report and more!

  • Issue 92
    June/July/August 2010
    • The Informational Sessions of G-FEST 17
    • Beta Capsule Review - Mega Monster Battle
    • Interview with actor, Dennis Falt
    • Remembering Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero
    • Why the Americanization of Godzilla Movies was a Good Thing
    • Godzilla - The French Disconnection
    • Battle on Fire! - A Look Back at Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
    • The Monsters of Ultraman
    • Interview with actor, Troy Slaten
    • Oh Gamera! Why We Love Our Favorite Giant, Flying Turtle Monster
    • Dinosaurs vs. Aliens: Take One!
    • Book Review - Six Cult Films From the Sixties
    • Living the Dream... In Technicolor!
    • Mecha-Streisand Returned
    • Book Review - Killer Kaiju Monsters: Strange Beasts of Japanese Film
    • Kaiju: Beasts From the East
    • Monsterpalooza 2010 Report
    • Taylor's Take
    • Book Review - Prehistoric Monsters
    • New Toy Report and more!

    Issue 91
    March/April/May 2010

    -- Daisuke Ishizuka presents a bevy of reports on several fan events that have taken place in Japan, featuring the likes of Hiroshi Koizumi, Teruyoshi Nakano, Masaaki Tezuka, Kazuki Omori, Koichi Kawakita, Hiroko Sakurai, and many others. What have all these legends been up to recently? Read Daisuke's fine reports to find out!

    -- totorom interviews Yukiko Takayama, the screenwriter of Terror of Mechagodzilla. If you thought last issue's TOMG tribute covered everything possible about the film, think again! G-FAN's ace reporter totorom strikes again with his feature-length interview with Ms. Takayama.

    -- Allen A. Debus interviews Sam Enthoven, author of The Book of Tim.

    -- Lyle Huckins reviews Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

    -- Evan Brehany contributes a detailed retrospective of Gamera 3. This celebrated film arguably has no greater champion in the United States than Evan.

    -- J.D. Lees, Tyler Sowles, Frank Parr, Matt Frank, and Jared Foust present Godzilla's Friends & Foes.

    -- Mike Bogue reviews Kronus.

    -- Brett Homenick's full-length interview with Japanese Fantasy Film Journal editor Greg Shoemaker comes next. An excerpt was published on this blog back in January, but the whole shebang can be found in the new G-FAN.

    -- Brett Homenick interviews Allyson Adams, Nick Adams' daughter. Ms. Adams shares her memories of her very famous father.

    -- Allen A. Debus contributes an article on the novel Gojiro.

    -- Kevin Horn reviews DeAgostini Toho SFX DVDs.

    -- Mark Matzke covers a "mini G-FEST" held in Ohio, as well as Wounderland Records' Godzilla: King of the Monsters LP.

    -- Mike Bogue reports on Reptilicus.

    -- Steve Agin's toy report concludes the issue.

    Issue 90
    Dec./January/February 2010
    - Return of the Cyborg Girl
    - Terror of Mechagodzilla
    - new Godzilla spfx scenes

    PLUS: Joan van Ark, John Fasano, Kenji Sahara... and more!

    Issue 89
    September/October/November 2009
    Daisuke Ishizuka reports on a giant Gundam display in Odaiba.
    Daisuke Ishizuka strikes again with a report on Koichi Kawakita's latest movie that'll have you shouting, "Zoids!"
    Kenju Shimomura takes a break from teaching at Oxford University to offer G-FAN readers an in-depth look at the influence Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind had on Japanese cinema.
    Doug Finkelstein reports on the Bermuda Depths DVD offered through the Warner Bros. Archive Collection.
    Brett Homenick interviews Kazuaki Kiriya, director of Casshern (2004).
    Mike Bogue takes a look back at The Cosmic Monsters.
    Brett Homenick and totorom interview Toho star Hiroshi Koizumi.
    Allen Debus offers a unique take on TriStar's Godzilla (1998).
    Lyle Huckins reviews Big Man Japan.
    Brett Homenick and totorom interview Goro Mutsumi.
    Brett Homenick interviews Godzilla vs. Megalon's Ulf (a.k.a. "Wolf") Otsuki.
    Mike Bogue covers The Black Scorpion. (Who let this critter out of its bottle? And where are the other eight?)
    Evan Brehany interviews Dana Foreman about his history in Godzilla fandom.
    Brett Homenick interviews Peggy Lee Brennan (who played Meia in Message from Space).
    Lyle Huckins, Mike Bogue, Mark Matzke, and Stephen Mark Rainey offer their respective reviews of Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit.
    Johnny Astchak puts forward a comprehensive report of Godzilla's appearances in magazines and fanzines throughout the decades.
    Mark Matzke reviews two recent Ultraman movies.
    Mark Matzke follows his Ultraman reviews with a Cloverfield-esque (and fictional) Twitter report of a monster attack.
    Jeff Rebner presents his renderings of Gamera's Showa-era foes.
    J.D. Lees offers a short report on Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, with information courtesy of director John Fasano. The report includes a photo Fasano took of the Stan Winston Godzilla maquette as it appeared at the auction house.
    No G-FEST report this time, but there are several pages with lots of photos from the event.
    Mike Bogue reviews The Magic Serpent.
    Steve Agin turns in his quarterly toy report.

    Issue 88
    June/July/August 2009
    Interview with actor, Dore Kraus
    Interview with actor, Derek Partridge
    Spotlight on the National Diet Building
    Interview with actor, David Hedison
    Yokai and Obakemono
    Komodo - Ancestral Kaiju?
    Book Review: Monstrous - 20 Tales of Giant Creature Terror
    Interview with son of Ishiro Honda, Ryuji Honda
    Interview with screenwriter, Wataru Mimura
    GFantis - Heart of the Beast
    The Drink of Kaiju
    Monsters vs. Aliens
    Interview with director, Tom Kotani
    Retro Review - Mighty Peking Man
    Monsterland Review
    Book Review: Melchior ? La Carte
    New Toy Report and more!

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