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Horror Magazine from United States

- First issue: 2005
- "A full-color publication featuring the latest horror movie news, as well as in-depth coverage of genre collectibles, from action figures and comic books, to DVD's, music, masks, and more".
- Website: www.horrorhound.com

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22 March 2020

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Issue 32
November/December 2011
"Duel of the Remakes" - a feature article reviewing every major (and many non-major) remakes released over the last 40 years, including what we like to call "Remake report cards." Movie news featuring Chillerama and The Victim (including a 10 Random Questions with Michael Biehn), a HorrorHound Retrospective on The Fly film series, Video Invasion: World Video, "It's Only a Movie" poster article and a Halloween Hall of Fame induction make up just a small part of issue #32's contents!

Special # 5 Cincinnati Convention
November 2011
Special Issue released during the Cincinnati HorrorHound Weekend Convention.

Issue 31
September/October 2011
In this issue:
The Thing
Mars Attacks
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
PLUS: Attack The Block, Making The Munsters... and more!

Issue 30
July/August 2011
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Comic Book Store
cover, featuring Creepshow
Issue #30 of HorrorHound is a glorious tribute to the world of horror comic books, including extensive articles and interviews surrounding such comic books as I ... Vampire, Tomb of Dracula, Ghost Rider, The Walking Dead; and a double-feature retrospective on both the Creepshow film series and the '80s classic vampire flick, Fright Night! Alongside our Fright Night retrospective (featuring an interview with Tom Holland), we present an impressive look at the new Fright Night remake and include exclusive interviews with the stars: David Tennant, Anton Yelchin, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Imogen Poots!

No worries, regular features such as Video Invasion (Camp Video), Horror's Hallowed Grounds (House and House 2) and Toy News (Gremlins, Universal Monsters, The Walking Dead) are still included!

Issue 29
May/June 2011

Issue 28
March/April 2011
  • Scream Retrospective
  • Scream 4
  • Best of 2010 Results
  • The Walking Dead Toys
  • History of "The Teen Slasher"

Special # 4 Indianapolis convention
March 2011
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"House by The Cemetery" BACK cover
"The backover (see left) is printed upside-down, so when you flip the magazine this looks like a frontcover." (V.)

Issue 27
January/February 2011
Vincent Price Retrospective
Best of 2010
Sounds of Argento
Video Invasion: New World Video
I Spit On Your Grave

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