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The Magazine Of Movie Imagination
Sci-Fi, Classic Monsters Quarterly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1993-1995
- A magazine devoted to the genre of fantastic films.
- 9 issues from 1993 to 1995.
- Similar to its parent magazine CFQ but published to cover ''low-budget films, classic films, obscure films, and the people responsible for them.''
- Publisher: Fred Clarke. Editor: John Thonen.
- A4 format. 64 pages.
- Published by Frederick S. Clarke

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13 July 2014

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Issue 9
Vol 3 # 1
Fall 1995

Release schedule: See what genre fare the summer has to offer.
Sinister sentinel: Poor product on display at the American Film Market bodes ill for independent genre films; Bob Hoskins and Dan Aykroyd discuss the children's fantasy, Rainbow; Brett Leonard on Virtuosity.
Big top Disney: The animation studio unveils its upcoming slate of animation, including Pocahontas, Toy Story, and Fantasia Continued.
Congo: Whither Spielberg, thither Frank Marshall. This time the acolyte tries to replicate the success of Jurassic Park with another Michael Crighton novel.
Sequelmania: Audiences may have had enough sequels, but Hollywood can't get enough of them.
Batman Forever: At least, Warner Brothers hopes a lighter approach will keep the franchise alive forever.
Batman Returns: The bile-spewing, whip-cracking sequel Warner wants you to forget, but we won't let you.
Beverly Garland, cult heroine: The actress ruminates on playing atypically tough dames in 1950s Roger Corman sci-fi flicks.
Urotsukidiji III: Return Of The Overfiend: The infamous OVA series continues, with four more blood-soaked episodes.
Reviews: Highlander 3: The Final Dimension, Outbreak, Crimson Tide, Brainscan, The Girl With The Hungry Eyes, Hideaway, Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight, The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure, The Legend Of Zipang, WitchhuntAngels In The Outfield, Dream Lover.

Issue 8
Vol 2 # 4
Summer 1995

Issue 7
Vol 2 # 3
Spring 1995

Issue 6
Vol 2 # 2
Winter 1994

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Issue 5
Vol 2 # 1
Fall 1994

Featuring Wes Craven's New Nightmare: Bulking Up Freddy, Elm Street Actress Heather Langenkamp, The 50 Most Powerful People in Science Fiction, The Mystery Science Theater Letter Writing Campaign to Universal Studios, Japan's Ultraman Comes to America, Young Goodman Brown, Author Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Disney Villians, Christopher Lee The Funny Man, Cyborg 2 and More.

Issue 4
Vol 1 # 4
Summer 1994

Issue 3
Vol 1 # 3
Spring 1994

Issue 2
Vol 1 # 2
Winter 1994

Issue 1
Vol 1 # 1
Fall 1993

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