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- First issue: 2009
- A self-published fanzine from RJ Wheatpenny and Grog Ziklore.
- Website: www.journalofic.com

United States
Last updated:
21 April 2018

Special thanks for this page goes to:
Garry Malvern
RJ & Grog
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7 listed issue(s)

Issue 6

In this issue:
Rage In A Cage: The Making Of A Mickey Thompson Documentary
To Hell With Everything: (Yet Another) Interview with Damon Packard Blackball
Halloween Fan Fiction
John Carpenter And Dan O'Bannon's USC Shorts
The Screamproof Coffin
Black Moon Rising Memories
The Wigs of Earthquake
Chad McQueen Classics
... and more!

Issue 5.5
Winter 2014

Issue 5
10 May 2014

Issue 4
February/March/April 2012

Ziklore on his favorite movie: HALLOWEEN 2
Redefining the 1990's
If Famous Directors Had Lived 10 More Years
The Screamproof Coffin reviews mumblecore horror movies
Ziklore sarges and learns about HIGH KICKS
Interview with Photon's Mark Frank
Letter to a Young Filmmaker, Greg Hanson
Modern Exploitation Theaters
Grog's Busted Bread
Americana Remembered
PLUS other things that will make you happy and sad

Issue 3
Spring/March/April/May 2011

Feature article: Randy cuts Machete down to size
Book report: "The Gift of Stern Angels," the Autobiography of Michael Moriarty
Dear Wheatpenny
The Screamproof Coffin review: "Survival of the Dead"
Ziklore finds life's meaning in "Agency"
Hello and Goodbye: The first and last films of Robert Aldrich as compared by Ziklore
Grog's Busted Bread
Napoleon Then and Now
Vanished New York: Ziklore remembers its video stores
Great one-shot fanzines of the 1970's
PLUS other things that will make you happy and sad

Issue 2
June/July/August 2010

Issue 1
October/November/December 2009

- Robbins vs. McVeigh
- Why Cats Were Invented
- A Video Storeography
- Early computer films
... and lots more!

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