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A Review Of Contemporary Media
Irregular Scholarly Journal from Berkeley ,United States

- First issue: 1974
- Begun in 1974. A print publication till 2001.
- Publishes material on film, television, video and related media and cultural analysis.
- Issue 43 is last print issue. Continued as an online film journal (no. 44 is first web issue).
- Published by Jump Cut Associates
- Website: www.ejumpcut.org/home.html

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26 January 2018

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March 1985

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Issue 8
August/September 1975
THE PASSENGER: An Individual In History (article by Marty Gliserman); HEARTS AND MINDS: An American Film Trial (article by Saul Landau); CHRIS AND BERNIE: The Virtues Of Modesty (article by Chuck Kleinhans); THE PASSENGER; Antonioni's Narrative Design (ar

Issue 7
May/June/July 1975
The Godfather, part II by John Hess
Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More by Russell E. Davis
Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More by Teena Webb and Betsy Martens
Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More by Karyn Kay and Gerald Peary
The Middle of the Worl

Issue 6
March/April 1975
Dodes' Ka-Den by Marty Gliserman
Earthquake. Towering Inferno by Fred Kaplan
Juggernaut by Gerald Peary
The Harder They Come by Julianne Burton
The History Book by John Hess
King Kong by David N. Rosen
Politics of the British docum

Issue 5
January/February 1975
Scenes from a Marriage by Teena Webb
Speaking Directly by Julia Lesage
Notes from practice by Jon Jost
Death Wish by Marty Gliserman
A Woman under the Influence by Barbara and Leonard Quart
Methadone: An American Way of Dealing by Pete

Issue 4
November/December 1974
Last Tango in Paris by E. Ann Kaplan
Return from Africa by Bernard Weiner
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot by Peter Biskind
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad by Nick Seldon
Bay of Pigs by John Hess
Love and Anarchy by William VanWert
King Kong

Issue 3
September/October 1974
Chinatown by James Kavanaugh
Blazing Saddles by Daniel Golden
Parallax View by Fred Kaplan
Zardoz by Frederic Jameson
Chinatown by Murray Sperber
Phillip Marlowe films by William VanWert
Nicholas Roeg films by Chuck Kleinhans

Issue 2
July/August 1974
Shirley Temple and the house of Rockefeller by Charles Eckert
La politique des auteurs, part 2-Truffaut's manifesto by John Hess
Struggles with history in Lucia by Peter Biskind
Thieves Like Us: two essays
-Mississippi dreamin' by Catherin

Issue 1
May/June 1974
La politique des auteurs, part 1 by John Hess
Badlands: shoot first by Michael King
Truffaut's trifle in Day for Night by Marjorie Rosen
Hollywood blacklist, the Cold War and the way they were by Peter Biskind
Editorial: Jump Cut's inaugur

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