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La Revista De Cine

- First issue: 1990
- Published by the "Centro Colombo Americano".
- Bi-lingual (Spanish/English).
- Articles of analysis on cinema related themes, information on new films in production and reports on selected film festivals around the world.
- Published by Centro Colombo Americano
- Website: www.kinetoscopio.com

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6 January 2014

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[Machine translation] Latin American cinema is going through an unusual and welcome boom of women filmmakers. This happy germination caught our attention and we wanted to explore in this issue of Kinetoscope with a footed approach, far from any intention sexist. We say that a movie director does the same whether male or female and there is no need to highlight the gender of the director as the occasion to highlight some quantitative or qualitative difference. But the truth is that traditionally there has always been more directors to directors, and now we see a healthy trend reversal in that we wanted to record the event and explore not so much why most directors had not before, but rather ask what we can expect new and wonderful of the female gaze, usually so sensitive, so detailed, so compassionate and human. There is an intimate and rich universe that we are offering women in these stories that we now have, and that form to observe and watch the world looks and feels even better able to exploit the visual medium of film to overflowing with freedom, to bring out human dramas that benefit from this combination of sensitivity and rigor that characterizes them. Our employees had the opportunity to talk with some of these directors and witness first hand enriches these pages. We looked very good movie wise hands of these young filmmakers. Kinetoscopio aims at achieving further development of his film work, confident in their benefits.

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