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Fanzine from Belgium
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1982-1986
- In French language.
- Editor: Michel Eloy.
- See also: PEPLUM.

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9 March 2019
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CONTENTS: 1982 1983 1985 1986 GALLERIES: 1982 1983 1985 1986 All

Issue 5
April 1986
Spartacus - The Gladiature in Rome.
Elements for an assessment of the gladiatorial theme in cinema and in paralittatures, April 1986, repr. reviewed and corrected November 1986, 138 p.

Issue 4
June 1985
Theodora. Byzantium in the peplum, June 1985, 120 p.

Issue 3
December 1983
Macist in Hell: Serial Mute (1913-1926) to the Sixties' Pepluses - Macist in Hell (Brignone, 1926 - Freda, 1962) - Cabiria, 1913 - Maciste against the Cyclops: The last ones adventures of Ulysses, December 1983, 130 p.

Issue 2
May 1982
Ulysses - The Iliad, the Odyssey, the Aeneid: From the cinematographic historical reenactment to "Ulysses 31", May 1982, repr. October 1983, 58 p.

Issue 1
March 1982
Peplum. Antiquity in the cinema - reissued. October 1983, 68 p.

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