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- First and last issue: 2010-2014
- From Scotland.
- Monstermags remembered, comics, film reviews.
- An 'oldtype' fanzine from Grey Wyler & Cranston McMillan(Cranstonman@o2.co.uk).
- Published by Also Press

United Kingdom

Ceased publication
Last updated:
5 February 2019

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Garry Malvern
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Issue 12
July/August 2014

This is the last issue Cranston McMilan put out under the title “The Best of X and More” so there are a couple of reprint articles from earlier issues and new material.
The content list is:
- Editorial
- Celluloid sins of Sexy Susan (Penhaligon)
- A Girl Called Jules (La ragazza di nome Giulio) review
- Cinema X, A Quick peek at on Old Favourite
- The Wonderful World of Judy Geeson
- Body Count (Camping del terrore) review
- British Horror in a Nutshell
- The Boys From Brazil review
- Bonded, James Bond tie in paperbacks
- Joanna Pettet profile
- Grey Wyler’s Unsung Heroes: Joanna Pettet in Blue

Issue 11
August-September 2013

Issue 10
December 2012

Issue 9
July/August/September 2012

Jonathan Frid special.

Issue 8
May/June 2012

Issue 7
December 2011

Issue 6
October/November/December 2011

Issue 5
July/August/September 2011

Issue 4
March/April 2011

Issue 3
January/February 2011

Issue 2
October/November/December 2010

Issue 1
August/September 2010

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