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aka "Film Fantasy/Movie Magic"
Monthly Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- Each issue is devoted to one musical group or individual celebrity and features in-depth biographical information and tons of up-close photographs.
- Occasionally, there is a version of LIFE STORY sub-titled Movie Magic or Film Fantasy, which focuses on specific genres of films or films like Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Superman Returns, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Twilight.
- Full of information of whatever is featured on the cover, pictures, interviews, information on upcoming movies/books.
- Published 11 times a year.
- Published by Bauer U.S
- Website: www.bauerpublishing.com

Last updated:
9 January 2022
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June 2010

November 2009
Hundreds of photos of the cast, including full-page portraits of Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, as well as on-set photos of the cast making the movie in Vancouver and Italy.
A Complete Guide To The Cast Of New Moon in which you will meet and hear from each vampire, werewolf, and, oh, yes, a couple of humans too!
Exclusive, one-on-one interviews with the director, writer, stunt coordinator and special effects people are also included. Wondering how Taylor morphed into a big hairy wolf? The answer is here! Film Fantasy also scored a super-intimate interview with Bobby Long, an up and coming singer/songwriter who also just happens to be Rob Pattinson's best friend! He knows lots about Rob and has plenty to say!
The romantic lives of the stars of New Moon -who's dating who, who got dumped by whom and all the photos to prove it.
The early scoop on the next film in The Twilight Saga - Eclipse! Photos of the cast, already hard at work on Eclipse are featured, along with some special clues to the ongoing action.

July 2009
Twilight Film Fantasy Collectors Edition
New Moon Rising! Inside Scoop, Collectors Edition Full color,99 Pages of photos,interview and other Twilight Packed Goodies

May 2009
Twilight Tribute Collector's Edition
Portrait collection of pinups and photos, in-depth interviews, details on NEW MOON with pics and story on Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black).

April 2009

April 2009
Exclusive Interviews, Amazing Photos & Secret Inside Info. More INFO about "THE TWILIGHT SAGA" than any other issue to date. EARLY DETAILS ON THE MAKING OF ECLIPSE. MEET JACOBS'S HOT WOLFPACK! EXCLUSIVE NEW MOON PORTRAITS!

February 2009

November 2008
Twilight Film Fantasy Collector's Edition
100 Pages of Information on the movie and lots of photos of the whole cast! Some Features in the magazine: Complete Story of the Making of the Movie, Day by Day Details, Interviews never before seen with Stephanie Meyer, and Tracking Twilight on The Web!! And for those who LOVE Harry Potter, there are some photos from the new MOVIE! And Last but not LEAST, there are also articles on the Other Vampire shows we all love, such as True Blood!!

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Miley - Love Issue

March 2008


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Hilary Duff

March 2004

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