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aka "Psychoholic Slag"
Movies And Music To Mangle Your Mind
Irregular Fanzine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1995-April 2018
- Started as "Psychoholic Slag". Became "Liquid Cheese" in 1995.
- Editor: Dave Kosanke.
- Published by Dave Kosanke
- Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Liquid-Cheese-Fanzine/160299044088480

Last updated:
21 April 2018

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2nd cover

Issue 38

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Issue 37
56 full color pages of movies and music to mangle your mind! The latest and greatest issue features articles on: 2013 convention report to Cinema Wasteland, Days of the Dead and Flashback Weekend, Mike Vraney/Something Weird tribute, The Cult Career of Angelique Pettyjohn spanning her appearance on Star Trek and movies like Mad Doctor of Blood Island, Curious Female, G.I. Executioner, Titillation, Body Talk, Stalag 69, Biohazard, The Lost Empire and Takin' It Off, Killer Kollections interview with Leon Marcelo and the Charnel House Museum, Slasher Dave interview (and cover artwork), Back to the Old House-A look at the making of the Last House on Dead End Street DVD, The Purge...You're Next! comparison/contrast. Also there are numerous reviews of films such as Ants, Vic, Among Friends, I Spit on Your Grave 2, Brutalization, G-String Horror, Dead Kids, Reel Zombies, Thirst, Angel & The Beasts, Erotic Blackmail, How to Seduce a Virgin, The Redeemer, The Snake God, a ton of Nikkatsu releases as well as volumes 9-11 of Schoolgirl Report and much, much more. Also you get reviews of the latest slabs of music from Burning Sons, Cultes Des Ghoules, Drudkh, Gehenna, Horrorfiend, Katatonia, Manii, Morbus Chron, Neon Lushell, Obliteration, Satyricon, Skogr and more! Not to be outdone are reviews of zines like Gorezone, Sleazefiend, Tape Mold and Monster! plus comics like Sleazy Slice and Bela Lugosi's Tales from Grave and finally there is a review for Blood on the Windscreen.

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