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Modern Horror Irregular Fanzine from Erdenheim ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 2008-2015
- Horror and exploitation movies.
- Reviews of rare and out-of-print vhs tapes, as well as original cartoons, articles, and more.
- Creators: Josh Schafer and Ted.
- Published by Lunchmeat Magazine
- Website: www.lunchmeatvhs.com

Last updated:
6 May 2015
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Special thanks for this page goes to:
Scott Matheson
Brian Poynton
Garry Malvern

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Spring 2015

Issue 8
October 2014

Issue 7
July/August/September 2013
50+ pages of video era celebration including in-depth reviews of the analog-only delights Double Trouble, The Shout, Thunder Warrior II, Hunter’s Blood , Tombstone Territory, Project Nightmare, and a whole mess more! No kiddin! Also on the menu for this issue we’ve got interviews with Aussie auteur Brian Trenchard-Smith rapping about his video-only gem The Quest, video era heavyweight Jeffery Obrow tells us all about his expansive genre career with flicks like The Kindred, The Power and The Dorm that Dripped Blood! Character actor extraordinaire Eddie Deezen nerds out with us about VHS tapes and space travel, Sam Sherman gives us the skinny about the history of Super Video and Liane Curtis delivers the low down on what it’s like being everyone’s favorite girlfriend from hell! YES! But wait… there’s more?! MUCH MORE! You’ll also be able to sink your tape-loving teeth into Rob Hauschild’s Christian Scare Edition of Tapes from the Trash (Hallelujah, Videvores!), Matthew Dilts-Williams details the history of Thriller Video complete with a nifty collector’s checklist, and we explore the incredible VHS-oriented documentary Chuck Norris vs. Communism with director Ilinca Calugareanu!

Issue 6
December 2011
We've stacked the slimy slices o' cinema high in LM # 6 serving up in-depth reviews of hard-to-find VHS-only flicks such as Blue Blood, America's Deadliest Home Video, Rockula, and Desert Snow along with a slew of other blood-encrusted video vittles to chew on! Also skulking around in this issue we've got an interview with Daniel Roebuck where he spills his guts about his experience working on Penelope Spheeris' cult-classic punk rock road flick Dudes! Director extraordinaire Gene Quintano gives us the skinny on how 3D films pounced on audiences across the world in the early 80s, and Lunchmeat is absolutely thrilled to present an interview with cult cinema hero George Stover as he details the history of one of the most amazing fanzines you may have never heard of: CINEMACABRE! Also on the menu for LM # 6, we've got Heather Drain expounding on the cavorting and carnality soaked teen sex comedies of the home video era and, as always, we're serving up Rob Hauschild's dumpster diving dish: Tapes from the Trash Bin!

Issue 5
September/October/November 2010
In-depth reviews of hard-to-find flicks such as Jennifer, The Jitters, Night Terror, Thou Shalt not Kill... Except, and Black Devil Doll from Hell along with a heaping helping of other blood-encrusted cinematic treats that are sure to stick to your teeth! Also lurking within the pages, we have an interview with Tony Riparetti about his prolific career as a B-movie film composer and his many collaborations with low-budget maestro Albert Pyun.
Painter extraordinaire Keith Batcheller candidly tells about his career hammering out video covers (House of the Long Shadows, The Tomb) for the releasing companies in the 80s. We're also proud to present an interview with Black Lodge Video out of Memphis, TN: a rental store that's sure to induce time travel, hurling you into VHS days gone by. Speaking of time travel, we've also dug up a bunch of Horror vinyl for you nostalgia hounds to chew on in what we like to call Tales from the Crate! Dig those groovy sounds!
Wait... There's more?!... Much more! Rob Hauschild is back with a slimy box of tapes pulled straight from the trash; Heather Drain shows us she knows her shit when it comes to 80s music videos (and the 80s in general) with a review of Vestron Video's Picture Music, and Putrid gives us his totally amazing one page comic: The Birth of Slithis! And, as always, the Crossword Troll has a challenge for you in the realm of Slasher flicks. Defeat him, and you shall win prizes. That's right: PRIZES! Fantastic ones! We're talking VHS tapes and stuff!! Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=404528101&blogId=538573024#ixzz0zFc0XuBO

Issue 4
Dec./January/February 2010
In-depth reviews of cinematic curiosities such as Blood Salvage, Eyeball, Night of the Living Babes, Enemy Territory, and oodles of other buried gems that simply cannot be ignored! Also skulking around in this issu, an interview with Carl Crew (Blood Diner, Dahmer), Rob Hauschild shares his tapes rescued right from the trash, a Killer Animals cover spread and more

Issue 3
Reviews of cinematic obscurities such as Skullduggery, Mutant Hunt, Zombie Nightmare, The Black Room and lots of other buried gems waiting to be unearthed! This issue also includes an interview with David A. Prior (Killer Workout, Sledgehammer), coverage of Richard Rubenstien's Monsters and more.

Issue 2

Issue 1

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