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Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1990-1995
- Directory of screen publications.
- MotM looks very similar to this site. Unfortunately mine is the bad imitation of Ray Stewart's excellent effort to concentrate all the mags and fanzines which hit the presses every year.
- The last issue (#6) is divided into 2 directories: British and American magazines. There are also tons of zines from both sides of the Atlantic.
- Published annually. 52 black and white A4 pages (#6.)
- Issues one, two and three are about A5, four is a big larger in size (15,5 * 22,5 cm), and only five and six are A4.
- Published by Magazines of the Movies

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Issue 6
Cover picture: Elaine Stewart on Photoplay (UK) February 1954 cover.
Fantastique Voyage: French fantasy magazines.
Covers that open.
In the Village from the Six Of One Appreciation Society.
1994 Magazine Directory.
Readers? Letters.
L?Incroyable Cinema.
Fanzines 1994-95.
Americana U.S. T.V. News .
Back cover: Mel Gibson various magazine covers.

Issue 5
Cover: Monster Mag No 2 (French edition).
Nostalgia from Australia: Reid?s Film Index.
Unravelling the Monster Mag Mystery.
Cover Star: Michelle Pfeiffer.
Secret Monsters of Filmland.
1993 Magazine Directory.
Fanzines 1993.
Modern Monsters feature.

Sample page

Sample page

Sample page

Issue 4
Cover picture: Caroline Munro.
Inside cover: Jayne Mansfield on Photoplay (UK) February 1957 cover.
The Update Column.
Is that the Postman? Readers? Letters.
Cover Star: Caroline Munro, the First Lady of Fantasy Films.
Children of the Night.
1992 Magazine Directory.
Cinema ?57, The World?s first monster magazine.
Fanzines 1992.

Issue 3
Inside cover: Brigitte Bardot on Photoplay (UK) October 1958 cover.
Is that the Postman? Readers? Letters.
Bits and Pieces.
MOTM Book of the Year: Movie Star Memorabilia.
Alan Jones feature.
Doctor Who In-Vision.
Euro Spot: Polish Film Magazines.
Monster Mag.
1991 Magazine Directory.
Fanzines 1991.
1991 UK magazines index.
Sleaze Town USA, US fanzine review.
Advert section.

Issue 2
Front cover: World of Horror issue six (Lon Chaney) and Films and Filming July 1957 (Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe in The Prince and the Showgirl).
Inside front cover: Judy Garland on Films and Filming Christmas 1954 cover.
Is that the Postman? Readers? Letters.
Club Magazines.
Films & Filming.
The World of Horror.
Time Screen, The Magazine of British Telefantasy.
1990 Magazine Directory.
UK Horror Fanzines.
1990 UK magazines index.
Back cover: Picture Show November 24, 1928 cover (John Barrymore and Camilla Horn in Tempest.)

Issue 1
Spring 1990
Inside front cover: Marilyn Monroe on Photoplay (UK) July 1955 cover.
Cinema, The Magazine of Motion Pictures.
Profile of David McGillivray, the Mr. Answers of the film world.
Cover Star: Steve McQueen.
1989 Review of the Year?s Movie Magazines.
Elvis, Tributes to the 'King'.
Shriek, sixties horror magazine.
Advert section.
Inside back cover of Batman & Robin on Films and Filming October 1966 cover.
Back cover: Son of the Sheik in a Picture Show Art Supplement from November 20th 1926.

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