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- First and last issue: 1996-2019 June
- From the beauty to the beastly.
- Behind the scenes of movie making with the top make-up artists and their creations.
- Created by Michael Key.
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Issue 98
September/October 2012
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2nd cover

Issue 97
July/August 2012
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2nd cover
IMATS New York: In a Make-up State of Mind: The second Manhattan show boasts bigger space and a sold-out Saturday. By Stephanie Brooks
Back in Black: Rick Baker and team salute B-movie aliens in Men in Black III. By Joe Nazzaro
Groovy Ghoulies: Joel Harlow joins Tim Burton's camp revamp of '70s-era classic Dark Shadows. By Joe Nazzaro
The Storyteller: Bruce Grayson's job is to create a narrative-sometimes in just one shot. By Martha Calhoon
Make-up Around the World: As our annual feature makes clear, we're all artists here. By Chris Koseluk and Joe Nazzaro
To Live and Work in L.A.: Agencies dish about making it big in the West-Coast beauty biz. By Julie Loga

Issue 96
May/June 2012
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2nd cover
IMATS New York: In a Make-up State of Mind: The second Manhattan show boasts bigger space and a sold-out Saturday. By Stephanie Brooks
Back in Black: Rick Baker and team salute B-movie aliens in Men in Black III. By Joe Nazzaro
Groovy Ghoulies: Joel Harlow joins Tim Burton's camp revamp of '70s-era classic Dark Shadows. By Joe Nazzaro
The Storyteller: Bruce Grayson's job is to create a narrative-sometimes in just one shot. By Martha Calhoon
Make-up Around the World: As our annual feature makes clear, we're all artists here. By Chris Koseluk and Joe Nazzaro
To Live and Work in L.A.: Agencies dish about making it big in the West-Coast beauty biz. By Julie Loga

Issue 95
March/April 2012
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2nd cover
Good Show in the Great Hall: IMATS London succeeds despite sudden snowfall. By Joe Nazzaro
It's Alive!: Master sculptor Mike Hill's tribute to Jack Pierce + Univeral Pictures' mad make-up scientist. By Shannon Shea
Gory Days: Since movies began, make-up has played a role in ratings. By Chris Koseluk
Beyond Artistry: Damien Dufresne explores all aspects of the make-up industry. By Martha Calhoon
Style Council: New York Fashion Week's fabulous facemakers. By Melissa MacGillivray
Spring Movie Sneak Peek: John Carter: Bill Corso helps bring a literary classic to the big screen. By Joe Nazzaro
Spring Movie Sneak Peek: The Hunger Games: Ve Neill designs the look of a dystopian future. By Joe Nazzaro

Issue 94
January/February 2012
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2nd cover
Good Times in the Great White North: Festive vibe at third annual IMATS Toronto. By Erica Shallow
Spies, Superheroes and a Season of Witches: Oscar Watch 2011, part two. By Joe Nazzaro
Model Maker: Emmy-winning artist Valente Frazier makes up a bevy of beauties. By Martha Calhoon
Top Shop: Millennium FX makes monsters for primetime and goes Gaga at the Grammys. By Joe Nazzaro
A Splash of Color: Artist Lan Nguyen's use of color and texture brighten winter's dreary days.
Brittania Rules!: U.K. sets the scene for Spielberg, Scorsese and Shakespeare films. By Joe Nazzaro

Issue 93
November/December 2011
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Issue 92
September/October 2011
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Issue 91
July/August 2011
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Issue 90
May/June 2011
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Issue 89
March/April 2011
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Issue 88
January/February 2011
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Issue 87
November/December 2010
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Issue 86
September/October 2010
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Issue 85
July/August 2010
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Issue 84
May/June 2010
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Issue 83
March/April 2010
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Issue 82
January/February 2010

Issue 81
November/December 2009
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Issue 80
September/October 2009
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Issue 79
July/August 2009

Issue 78
May/June 2009

Issue 77
March/April 2009

Issue 76
January/February 2009

Issue 75
November/December 2008

Issue 74
September/October 2008

Issue 73
July/August 2008

Issue 72
May/June 2008

Issue 71
March/April 2008

Issue 70
January/February 2008

Issue 69
November/December 2007

Issue 68
September/October 2007

Issue 67
July/August 2007

Issue 66
May/June 2007
Digital Deception Computer retouchers and traditional make-up artists: How do they affect each other's work? We profile Photoshop whiz Amy Dresser ' and find that she can't do her job effectively without the work of skilled make-up artists. By Ron Magid A Pirate's Life for Ve The crew on Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End swims in a sea of scurvy, scars, and hairpieces. Artists Ve Neill and Joel Harlow reflect on the challenges of making two movies simultaneously'and the experience of making up Keith Richards. Arrrr! By Ron Magid Make-up Around the World In our seventh annual look at the international make-up scene, we profile eight artists in countries from Iceland to Wales, each of whom brings a palette of fresh ideas and techniques. By Elizabeth Grattan Detective Work From Frasier to the force: A new police procedural film renders Kelsey Grammer unrecognizable, thanks to make-up design by Matthew Mungle and Jamie Kelman. By Michael Walter

Issue 65
March/April 2007
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2nd cover
T2: A Make-Up Trailer on Steroids Oscar winner Jeff Dawn unveils his second make-up trailer, an artist's dream that's even bigger and better than first. We elbow our way past a long line to get a look inside Dawn's 'monstrous behemoth of technology.' By Elizabeth Grattan Life on Girth Rick Baker and Cinovation reunite with Eddie Murphy to create the comedian's multiple characters in Norbit. Baker juggles a 400-pound body double and an irreversible decision to use foam instead of silicone. Mr. Wong steals the show. By Ron Magid Air Essentials: Redux In this follow-up to our popular airbrushing story from Issue 44, we look at new airbrush make-up lines, the best compressors, and what everyone who wields an airbrush should know. **Special Note: Issue 44 is sold out, but we are offering high quality color copies of Brad Look's original airbrushing article. Check our Back Issue section for more details. A Spectacular IMATS London A report from one of the best International Make-Up Artist Trade Shows ever: Christine Blundell explains the rigors of the glamorous life; Howard Berger calls Stan Winston's house; and the Pan's Labyrinth Pale Man gets stopped by airport security. By Joe Nazzaro

Issue 64
January/February 2007
Apocalypto Gallery Spectacular make-up was an intricate daily ritual on the set of Apocalypto. We bring you six pages of remarkable photos and concept art. Plus: department head Vittorio Sodano's step-by-step instructions for the silicone transfer technique used on the film. All or Nothing Christine Blundell values eclecticism, and has taken on every kind of make-up and hair challenge that piqued her interest ' from punk rockers to Peter Pan to James Bond. The Brit alternates big-budget films with small, and frequently works with unconventional director Mike Leigh. The BAFTA and Oscar winner is currently thinking sci-fi. She'll share her stories onstage at IMATS London. By Joe Nazzaro It's in the Blood Daniel Parker's father told him, 'If you go into films, don't go into make-up.' But Parker did follow in his father's footsteps ('Why not one movie?') and his talent was confirmed with a BAFTA award. Here, he talks about his father, what went wrong with Frankenstein, and lessons he'll teach students at his new school in France. Pros can also learn from the Band of Brothers veteran, who will be a keynote speaker at IMATS London. By Ron Magid Always the 'it' Girl Pati Dubroff creates Oscar season's hottest red-carpet looks, and finds L.A. an ideal locale for her work with A-list actresses. But the native New Yorker has a serious pedigree: spokesperson for Dior Beauty, and former assistant to the great Francois Nars. Includes a Q&A with an artist who finds 'timelessness' in making up Hollywood's girls of the moment. By Shannon Levy

Issue 63
November/December 2006
Golden Opportunity Pros, cons, and photos. From Apocalypto to Pirates of the Caribbean II, the accomplished and varied make-ups in these six films deserve to be considered for an Academy Award. But each has something that could hold it back from nomination. 'Golden Opportunity' is filled with witty, informative interviews. Entering the Labyrinth Exclusive photos of Pan's Labyrinth, a dark fantasy with imaginative creations by Spanish effects shop DDT SFX. The intricate blending of directorial vision and DDT's talents yields extreme creatures that are horrifying, beautiful, and sophisticated. Interview with David Marti and comment from director Guillermo del Toro. The movie opens Dec. 29. Frosty Delight Making the third movie in the series allowed the make-up team of The Santa Clause 3 to finesse its craft. They have confidence and the ability to adapt, and their experience pays off when they encounter Jack Frost, hundreds of elves and a flood. The Man Who Aged Me Tom Hanks worked with make-up artist Dan Striepeke on 17 films. Their dynamic friendship led to one transformation after another, and to an Oscar nomination for Forrest Gump. Striepeke retired this year, and Hanks wrote this tribute to him -- and to make-up artistry -- for The New York Times. Paco Blancas This fashion artist is not afraid to start over. He recently removed a detailed eye make-up because it got in the way of what he really wanted people to see. Blancas brings women's natural features to the fore and celebrates the textures and colors of skin.

Issue 62
September/October 2006
It Started With a Sink and a Table What is it about NBC? The make-up department's legacy boasts artists like Dick Smith, Vincent Kehoe and Carl Fullerton. Working there presented incredible challenges and wonderful opportunities, and the name of the game was adaptation. The department had a knack for attracting maverick artists able to meet the challenges. Artists interviewed include Smith, Kehoe, Bob Laden and Kevin Haney. We follow the history of the NBC make-up department from its 1945 inception to present day. Make-Up in Minutes The Saturday Night Live make-up team does some of the world's fastest make-up work. Department head Louie Zakarien describes the process: 'It's just a flurry of arms. The more you're there, the more you choreograph hands flying in, trying to get it done any way you can.' Francis Kolar, Michael Laudati, Peter Montagna, Kevin Haney and others talk about SNL's 31-year history, the demanding schedule and what they learned. Naturally, because it's SNL, there are some funny stories to tell. Plus: photos from the SNL party, and how SNL and Conan O'Brien are dealing with hi-def. New York Giants We profile 12 amazing East Coast make-up artists ranging from fashion to effects. They've worked with big names and on big productions. Each shares valuable information. Artists include Billy B., Carla White, Victor Callegari and J. Roy Helland. Taylor Made Make-up artists are passionate about color, and for those who specialize in trend forecasting this passion can mean an amazing variety of work. Pamela Taylor develops products, does lush editorial work, and has created her own color mixing technique. She's written a book, teaches courses, and works with the Rolling Stones. Taylor shares techniques and talks about her evolution as a make-up artist.

Issue 61
July/August 2006
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2nd cover
Getting better with Age: Rick Baker on Click In the second part of our interview with Rick Baker, the artist talks about being part of a team committed to doing things right. He discusses the silicone appliance work that is creating so much buzz, and the actors' reactions to being aged. Filippo Ioco's Life in Color To understand the worldwide reach of Filippo Ioco's work, you have only to look at the pictures and sketches in this article. They are colorful, humorous, imaginative, unforgettably beautiful. Ioco has painted swimsuits on models, created a nymph in a forest, and, in one photo, matched a painted yellow-white pattern on a man's body to that of the snake that curls around his neck. Ioco talks about how he became a body painter and about balancing commercial work, print sales, and live body painting. He discusses working with different body types, the role of the model in his art, and where he finds inspiration. The X Factor Kris Evans, make-up department head for X-Men: The Last Stand describes the film as 'the most challenging, rewarding project I've ever worked on.' Her team, put together at the last minute, was challenged with creating lead characters and background mutants that were subtle, 'not Star Trek.' Outstanding effects make-up by Spectral Motion includes the creation of Beast, Juggernaut, and Colossus. News From the Big Show There were thousands of people at IMATS/LA. There were names, classes, events, great products, and chances to network and to talk make-up. There were exhilarating competitions. There was the make-up museum. There were Academy-award winners. Keynote IMATS/LA speakers Nick Dudman, Paul Starr and Trefor Proud made a great thing even better. The whole fabulous weekend is covered here.

Issue 60
May/June 2006
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2nd cover
Special 10th Anniversary Issue! It's our 10th birthday so we're giving you a 'tear it out and pin it on your wall' page of terrific make-ups. Find out what top artists from all branches of make-up think: their favorite products, the important techniques and developments from the last 10 years, and why they read Make-Up Artist. CSI: Peek Under the Sheet If you love the CSI shows and want to get behind the scenes, this is your issue. John Goodwin's story 'Big Apple Bodies' goes behind the gruesome scenes at CSI: New York. Bizarre plots demand imaginative, unpleasant and fascinating make-up. The make-up team's challenge is to keep the details as accurate as possible ' without crossing the line for a TV audience. Learn how the 'CSI shots' ' where the camera seems to go inside the body ' are all about make-up. Click: Getting Better With Age Rick Baker and his team at Cinovation have raised the bar for age make-ups in the new Adam Sandler movie Click. In Part One of a two-part series, we show you exclusive photos of these unbelievable make-ups. You'll also see molds, sculptures, and a gallery of landmark age make-ups from film history. Baker talks about Click in an in-depth Q&A. 'In the pictures of these make-ups, you can zoom in on a pore and make it the full size of your screen, and you can't tell that they're make-ups,' he says. Paul Starr's Blue-Sky Beauties Paul Starr, celebrity make-up artist and author of On Beauty, has a portfolio filled with gorgeous images of actresses and models. His career began 20 years ago with $35 an hour make-up lessons from Oscar-winner Bob Arrollo. Starr has since worked with the best photographers around the world and with avant-garde filmmakers as well. He makes up the most beautiful faces in Hollywood on a regular basis. To name a few: Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Weisz, Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Pfeiffer. Starr will be a keynote speaker at the 2006 International Make-Up Artist Trade Show in L.A. Make-up From Around the World A favorite feature every year. We introduce you to 10 artists from our global search for new talent. Who knew Iceland was so hot

Issue 59
March/April 2006
Creature FX: keeping a clear head and other tales Cliff Wallace and Alan Hedgecock have quietly made Creature Effects into one of the most reliable UK-based companies for everything from photo-realistic body parts to full-size prehistoric creatures. Their recent credits include 28 Days Later, Kingdom of Heaven, The Seed of Chucky, King Arthur and Doom. Read how they got their start, their approach to work, and take a look at photos of some incredible pieces. Warning: Some may disturb you. IMATS/Europe: Collection of fans This year's European show was a rich collage of fresh faces, industry legends and remarkable make-ups. Thousands braved the chilly streets of London in January to be there. The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show introduced its first-ever European student competition, which caused a stir. Top speakers included Michael Westmore, Daniel Sandler, Trefor Proud and Walter Schneiderman. Dig into photos and a fun recap of the show. Lee Pycroft's new classics Fashion make-up artist Lee Pycroft once worked under Mary Greenwell, and had her big break with a Vogue cover of Kate Moss. She is establishing herself as an in-demand artist, and someone to learn from. 'I don't really like to add artificial lines and restructure the face with make-up,' she says. The Brit tells us what she does to create a classical yet edgy feel -- and it's not what you'd think. Pycroft also shares her favorite products, colors and tricks. Look at gorgeous photos from her portfolio. CGI vs. make-up Movies are loading up on computer generated imagery. Are you tired of it, or do you embrace it? Some CG characters are not convincing (remember Jar Jar Binks), but others are quite good. And digital houses are taking care of more and more effects that were once the domain of the make-up artist. In this article, writer Ron Magid stands at the intersection of make-up and CGI and takes a careful look around. Rick Baker, Richard Taylor, Ve Neill and Keith VanderLaan share how they're staying at the top of their craft, and evolving. Movie critic Leonard Maltin gives us the moviegoer's perspective on it all.

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